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De/Vision - «TWO» - Lyrics

TWO (2001)

[01] all i ever do
[02] silent moan
[03] drowning soul
[04] heroine
[05] blindness
[06] heart-shaped tumor
[07] state of mind
[08] escape the world
[09] uncaring machine
[10] lonely day

single b-side

[11] home

all i ever do

All I ever do
I steal myself away from you
where love was destined to decay
just disappeared away
all I have to do
I pack my bag and walk out
on you hold on to something new
I'll take whatever comes my way
whatever I've said and done
the trouble my dear has just begun
your heart so warm
I never meant to do you harm
I promised the world to you
there comes a day
when you feel
it was all in vain
I never meant to cause you pain
all I ever do
I dream myself away from you
where skies were never blue today
I'll blow it all away
all I have to do
I pour my hate all over you
your room without a view today
you'll disappear away

silent moan

Here I stand
I close my eyes
I can faintly hear my thoughts
a mental suicide
this is it no compromise
I'm trying to catch a glimpse
of where my future lies
all alone
I'd rather be here with you
now on my own
a ticket to a world unknown
my love silent moan
I' m wailing where the willows weep
the cold wind blows and the world's asleep
all I do I wait for you
and when the day is done
I'm fading with the sun
no I'm not holding on
to a world that's gone
mine mine forever mine
until the end of time
pure love is hard to find
in a world unkind

drowning soul

Just keep breathing for me
the stars are out for you tonight
keep on breathing baby
it feels so good to be alive
it's a beautiful world
we got so much to do
this life is a grace
and you know
that it's true
the sky ever blue
such a wonderful day
forget all your sorrow
and come out to play
and we slip and we slide
two drowning souls collide
I watch her creeping before me
I know we're running out of time
as we' re sinking slowly
we're dreaming of the days gone
by under a fateful moon
we got nothing to lose
this world is the place
and somehow we pull through right now
is the time let go yesterday
don't think of tomorrow
we live for today

TWO (2001)


Can't you hear the thunder
roaming through the skies
with every breath
another piece of me dies tonight
we're heading for the eye of the storm
we keep each other warm
I'm not trying to cleanse myself
of any sin I've gladly killed for you
my heroine
we keep on running
for the eye of the storm
and keep each other warm
cause the night is my lover
yeah tonight better run for cover
what lies ahead is quite clear to see
it spells disaster for you and me
we' re moving closer to the eye of the storm
we keep each other warm


Wrapped in the pain
that you gave to me
I got lost inside
the maze of my memory
deep in my heart
I die without cease
for my lover ran away
to find release
and if I had to do it again
would I make it right
and if I had to lose it again
would I hold you tight
forgive me I was blind
to the world outside
I was unkind
to the world outside of me
feed me the right words
dead to the world for days
on end I cried for my little girt
scattered my ashes all over
the sea curled up in the debris
you left of me
and if I had to do it again
would it turn out fine
and if I had to lose it again
would I call you mine
to dream of a world made for me
and you was such a lovely thing to do

heart-shaped tumor

I suffer from a tumor
here inside my chest
I gotta lay to rest
a strange kind of humor
the grin on your face
soon leaves without a trace
now I'm out of love
noone can fill this heart of mine
I ran out of love now
I'm out of put an end to yourself
and you'll be closer
closer the world is
but a tumor
the cold light of day
won't turn the night away
humanity's a rumor
unless my soul reacts
the whole world my collapse
now I'm out of love
noone can heal this heart of mine
I've run out of love
now I'm out of

TWO (2001)

state of mind

Can't you feel it
it's easy to find
heaven is a state of mind
can't you feel it
your eyes are too blind
heaven is a state of mind
your heart is yearning
but the world keeps turning
your heart is aching
but the world's not waiting baby
oh come with me
I can set you free
there's so much for you to be
we' II go on a trip tonight
at the speed of light
we will tumble through the tide
your heart is burning
and the world keeps turning
your heart is breaking
but the world's not waking
baby oh stay with me
come and lay with me
from here to eternity
hold me but not so tight
it will be alright
when we step into the light
you can't see it
you can't hear it
you can't touch it
baby you must be it

escape the world

Wherever you go my friend
one thing I know
you' II never reach the end
no matter how far you fly
too many reasons
why and maybe you'll try
real hard to keep the pace
but never leave a trace
and maybe you're all alone
a long long way from home
escape the world today
take the time and chase the fear away
escape the world today
lick your wounds and wipe your tears away
whatever you do my friend
stick to your guns
you know it's never done
no matter how hard you try
it's no secret why
and maybe you're living
for the life to come
a place where you belong
and maybe we're all alone

uncaring machine

Karma coma supernova
rest upon my broken shoulder
bones break easily bones break easily
karma coma supernova
lift me up and drag me under
suck me in too deep
suck me in too deep
get it out of me
your love is killing me
karma coma supernova
someone hand me my revolver
love kills silently
love kills silently
karma coma supernova
bleeding on a plastic sofa
hold me while I sleep
hold me while I sleep
uncaring machine

lonely day

Hold me
you said
hold me closer to your heart
so lonely
it seems we fall apart
don't let it fall apart
on a day
on a lonely day
like today
I awoke
the sky was grey
we were born dead
I'm waiting for the day
the day we rise again
on a day
on a lonely day
like today
I awoke
the sky was grey
deadly pale as you
slowly slip away
one day we'II rise again
my lovely
a glimmer in the dark
so lonely
can't help but break apart
no glue to mend this heart
I always fall
I always fall apart
don't hold on to me
my love won't set you free
as empty as can be
I wander aimlessly


You float on desire
to light up my heart
come down and lift my soul much higher
you aim to inspire
a glow in the dark
you`ve come to set my world on fire

the one I admire
you tear me apart
you know quiet well what I require
your flesh I desire
to feel just a spark
of life before my life expires
that secret spell of you enchanted me
oh how it moves me when I see
your beauty timeless like a tragedy
my love for you`s an endless dream

I`ve finally reached my home
I`ll never be alone
never in this life

TWO (2001)
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