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Latest News - October 2009

Last updated 20.11.09

[ 12.11.2009 ] - «Rocket Heart» of Santa Hates You

«Rocket Heart»
«Rocket Heart»

The creative strength of Peter Spilles is inexhaustible. With the brilliant Project Pitchfork album «Dream, Tiresias!» still ringing in our ears, he follows it up with the «Rocket Heart» EP from his unconventional project Santa Hates You.

Stomping beats, driving sequencers and apocalyptic sounds are skilfully mixed with dark, aggressive vocals. Peter Spilles and his Italian partner Jinxy give us, in an unexpected and seductive way, a musical kick up the arse which lends the whole an unnaturally sexy character.

Santa Hates You are loud, aggressive, dark, rebellious, threatening, danceable, moving, passionate and intelligent. An alluring yet wild playground of electronic music, upon which the protagonists let off steam with lascivious poses and innocent expressions in order to clobber the listener around the ears with the concentrated strength of their beats and sounds, which nearly take your breath away.

The EP is packaged in an elegant digipak and is strictly limited to 2.000 copies. In addition to a cover version of the And One hit «Deutschmaschine», it also contains remixes from Straftanz, Soman and Reaper plus a bonus track.

«Rocket Heart» EP will out December 4th, 2009 (cat. no.: TRI381) via Trisol.


[01] Rocket Heart
[02] Rocket Heart (Straftanz Remix)
[03] Rocket Heart (Axxl E. Remix)
[04] Rocket Heart (Skyla Vertex Remix)
[05] The Bonus 1.0
[06] Rocket Heart (Soman Remix)
[07] Rocket Heart (Reaper Remix)
[08] Deutschmaschine

Info submited by Infrarot online music store.

[ 12.11.2009 ] - !distain ready to Best Of

«Anthology 1992-2010»
«Anthology 1992-2010»

German synth-pop band !distain will release best of double CD titled «Anthology 1992-2010» - it will out on January 15th, 2010 via Deep Symmetry (rough trade).

It will contain best hits from all their albums, single/radio versions, demos and remixes, plus 4 promo videos.



[01] Dance In Heaven
[02] Strange Affection
[03] Confession
[04] Conversation Overkill
[05] Remote Control
[06] I Beg For You
[07] Promises
[08] Tears Of Joy (Radio Mix)
[09] Goddess Of Spring
[10] America (Radio Edit)
[11] Sex'n'Cross (Single Edit)
[12] The City
[13] SynthPopGirl
[14] Mandragore
[15] Love Machine
[16] Hole In The Moon (Feat. Sonictune/Elephant & Castle)
[17] Dunkle Zeit (Feat. Elektrostaub)
[18] Confession 2009 (!distain Vs Elektrostaub)


[01] Reincarnation (feat. Seyhan)
[02] 1618-1648 (feat. MGSundayS)
[03] The City II (feat. Tania Murray)
[04] Conversation Overkill 2009 (!distain Vs. Intuition)
[05] Coming Down (Different Version)
[06] Perfect Moment (Demo)
[07] Hurt
[08] Eines Tages
[09] I Want You
[10] Phantom Lover (Demo)
[11] Together (Demo)
[12] Time (Demo)
[13] Another Day (Demo)
[14] At The Gates (Arsine Tibé feat. Tania Murray/Remix)
[15] Mandragore (video)
[16] Conversation Overkill (video)
[17] Tears Of Joy (video)
[18] Whispering Love (video)

Info submited by official !distain web site.

[ 12.11.2009 ] - New EP from Waiting For Words

«The Curve»
«The Curve»

French electro-pop band Waiting For Words will release new «The Curve» EP on December 4th, 2009 via Foundry Records. Tracklisting:

[01] The Curve (Single Version)
[02] For All My Sins
[03] By Your Side
[04] A.M.D.
[05] Cause I Do Believe (Creature Club Extended Remix)
[06] The Curve (People Theatre Remix)

Info submited by official Waiting For Words web site.

[ 12.11.2009 ] - Second digital single from «Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction»

«My Secret Friend»
«My Secret Friend»

IAMX will release second digital single from his third album, «Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction». «My Secret Friend» ( MET 640) will see light of day on January 5th, 2010 via Metropolis in US.


[01] My Secret Friend (Radio Version)
[02] My Secret Friend (Omega Man Remix)
[03] The Unfall (Broken Waltz Rework)

Info submited by official IAMX web site.

[ 12.11.2009 ] - New release from Blutengel

German dark wave band Blutengel release new «Soultaker» EP - on November 27th, 2009 via Out of Line.

Their newest outing sports an addictive title tune that has all the potential to become one of the band's all-time greatest hits, plus three more catchy new songs, topped off with eight unreleased remixes and alternative versions (including strong reworkings of «Engelsblut» and «Behind the Mirror».)

Limited 2CD Digipak as a special bonus goodie includes the «Live in Berlin» CD, featuring a blazing recording of the Berlin show from the Schwarzes Eis Tour.


Disc 1 - «Soultaker»

[01] Soultaker
[02] Addicted to the Night
[03] World of Ice
[04] Why Do Even Angels Have to Die?
[05] Engelsblut (Fallen Angel Remix)
[06] Engelsblut (Eternal Life Remix)
[07] Behind the Mirror (Shadow Remix)
[08] The Princess (Princess of Ice Remix)
[09] City Lights (City Nights Remix by Ashbury Heights)
[10] Soultaker (Black Soul Remix)
[11] Soultaker (Lost Area Remix)
[12] World of Ice (Club Mix)

Disc 2 - «Live in Berlin»

[01] Behind the Mirror
[02] Dreh Dich Nicht um
[03] Kind der Nacht
[04] The Dream
[05] The Only One
[06] Dancing in the Light
[07] Winter of My Life
[08] My Nightmare
[09] Soul of Ice
[10] Lovekiller
[11] Schneekönigin
[12] Engelsblut
[13] Vampire Romance

Info submited by Out of Line.

[ 12.11.2009 ] - First new release from Delerium!

«Dust In Gravity»
«Dust In Gravity»

Delerium will release new single «Dust In Gravity» on November 24th via Nettwerk. It will feature Kreesha Turner on vocals. The single is the first new outing from the band since the «Silence» EP. Upcoming full-length Delerium's album will contain acoustic versions of their hits and two new songs.


[01] Dust In Gravity (Radio Edit) 3:34
[02] Dust In Gravity (Album) 3:59

Info submited by official Delerium web site.

[ 12.11.2009 ] - «Fragile Tension / Hole To Feed» long-awaited details

«Fragile Tension / Hole To Feed»
«Fragile Tension / Hole To Feed»

On December 7th, 2009 (in Europe), Depeche Mode will be releasing double A side single - «Fragile Tension» / «Hole To Feed» - via Mute. It will available as CD, Double 12" and Digital Download Bundles.


Cat. No.: CDBONG42

[01] Fragile Tension (Radio Mix) 3.36
[02] Hole To Feed (Radio Mix) 3.27
[03] Perfect (Roger Sanchez Club Mix) 7.24
[04] Come Back (SixToes Remix) 4.56
[05] Fragile Tension (Laidback Luke Remix) 7.52
[06] Hole To Feed (Popof Vocal Mix) 8.42
[07] Fragile Tension (Peter Bjorn And John Remix) 3.45
[08] Hole To Feed (Joebot Remix) 6.43

Double 12" Single
Cat. No.: 12BONG42

[01] Fragile Tension (Stephan Bodzin Remix) 9.14
[02] Fragile Tension (Kris Menace's Love On Laserdisc Remix) 6.24
[03] Hole To Feed (Popof Vocal Mix) 8.42
[04] Hole To Feed (Paul Woolford's Easyfun Ethereal Disco Mix) 9.24
[05] Perfect (Roger Sanchez Club Mix) 7.24
[06] Perfect (Ralphi Rosario Dub) 8.26
[07] Peace (Herve's 'Warehouse Frequencies' Remix) 5.10
[08] Peace (Sander Van Doorn Remix) 8.02

Digital Download Bundles
Cat. No.: iBONG42

[01] Fragile Tension (Radio Mix) 3.36
[02] Hole To Feed (Radio Mix) 3.27
[03] Come Back (SixToes Remix 4.56
[04] Perfect (Ralphi & Craig Club Remix) 8.49
[05] Fragile Tension (Stephan Bodzin Remix) 9.14
[06] Hole To Feed (Paul Woolford's Easyfun Ethereal Disco Mix) 9.24
[07] Perfect (Roger Sanchez Club Mix) 7.24
[08] Fragile Tension (Solo Loves Panorama Remix) 6.10
[09] Hole To Feed (Popof Vocal Mix) 8.42

iTunes Bundle
Cat. No.: LiBONG42

[01] Fragile Tension (Radio Mix) 3.36
[02] Hole To Feed (Radio Mix) 3.27
[03] Come Back (SixToes Remix 4.56
[04] Perfect (Ralphi & Craig Club Remix) 8.49
[05] Fragile Tension (Stephan Bodzin Remix) 9.14
[06] Hole To Feed (Paul Woolford's Easyfun Ethereal Disco Mix) 9.24
[07] Perfect (Roger Sanchez Club Mix) 7.24
[08] Fragile Tension (Solo Loves Panorama Remix) 6.10
[09] Hole To Feed (Popof Vocal Mix) 8.42
[10] Perfect (Ralphi & Jody Club Remix) 7.39

Info submited by official Depeche Mode web site.

[ 12.11.2009 ] - Nitzer Ebb on tour: solo and with Depeche Mode!

Industrial Complex 2009
Industrial Complex 2009

EBM pioneers Nitzer Ebb is on tour again. Industrial Complex 2009 kick off on November 7th at Centro de Convenciones Tlatelolco Salon Lerdo in Mexico City. Look a further dates:



07 - Mexico City, Mexico - Salon Lerdo
17 - Los Angeles, USA - Key Club
18 - San Francisco, USA - Slims
20 - Portland, USA - Berbatis Pan
21 - Seattle, USA - El Corozan
22 - Vancouver, Canada - The Venue
24 - Salt Lake City, USA - Urban Lounge
25 - Denver, USA - Bluebird Theatre
27 - Minneapolis, USA - Varsity
28 - Chicago, USA - Double Door
29 - Cleveland, USA - Peabody’s


01 - Toronto, Canada - Mod Club
02 - Montreal, Canada - Les Foufounes
03 - Boston, USA - Paradise
04 - New York, USA - Gramercy Theatre
05 - Philadelphia, USA - The Starlight
06 - Fairfax, USA - Jaxx
08 - Jacksonville, USA - Jackrabbit's
09 - Orlando, USA - Firestone
10 - Atlanta, USA - Masquerade
11 - New Orleans, USA - The Hangar
12 - Houston, USA - Meridien
15 - Tucson, USA - The Rock
16 - Tempe, USA - Marquee Theatre
17 - San Diego, USA - Brick By Brick
18 - Ventura, USA - Majestic Ventura
19 - Santa Ana, USA - Galaxy

Setlist ICT2009

[01] Promises
[02] Let Your Body Learn
[03] Shame
[04] Hearts And Minds
[05] Once You Say
[06] Lightning Man
[07] I Give To You
[08] Payroll
[09] For Fun
[10] Hit You Back
[11] Blood Money
[12] Godhead
[13] Ascend
[14] Never Known
[15] On Your Knees
[16] Murderous
[17] Control I'm Here
[18] Join In The Chant

[19] Getting Closer
[20] I Am Undone

Other related Nitzer Ebb news: in January - February 2010 Nitzer Ebb will support Depeche Mode during their Tour Of The Universe

Info submited by official Nitzer Ebb web site.

[ 12.11.2009 ] - In Strict Confidence return with new EP

«My Despair»
«My Despair»

After years of silence, Germans In Strict Confidence finally return with the new «My Despair» EP - on November 20th, 2009 via Minuswelt. This EP acts as a taster for the new album coming in 2010.


[01] My Despair (Single Version) 3:32
[02] My Despair (Clubmix) 6:02
[03] Feelings 5:14
[04] My Despair (Sono Remix) 5:52
[05] Constant Flow 3:58
[06] My Despair (Slowdive) 6:21
[07] My Despair (Extended Version) 8:09
[08] My Despair (Video) 3:47

Info submited by official In Strict Confidence web site.

[ 12.11.2009 ] - «Wait For Me» as Deluxe Edition Box set

«Wait For Me» (Deluxe Edition)
«Wait For Me» (Deluxe Edition)

On November 2nd, 2009 Moby released «Wait For Me» as Deluxe Edition (Box set) - via his own label Little Idiot.

. This new 3 disk set includes:

- The original «Wait For Me» album with 2 brand new bonus tracks added - «One Time We Lived» and «Stay Down»

- A brand new full length «Wait For Me Ambient» album - an ambient version of the original album, including 16 brand new interpretations of the original tracks, re-interpreted and re-recorded by Moby.

- A video DVD including live highlights from Moby’s 2009 summer European festival dates, as well as an animated EPK and interview with Moby, plus five videos for songs from «Wait For Me», including David Lynch’s animation for «Shot In The Back Of The Head». Also included on this DVD are 16 «blips» (30 second animations for each of the tracks on the original album).


Disc 1

[01] Division
[02] Pale Horses
[03] Shot In The Back Of The Head
[04] Study War
[05] Walk With Me
[06] Stock Radio
[07] Mistake
[08] Scream Pilots
[09] Jltf 1
[10] Jltf
[11] A Seated Night
[12] Wait For Me
[13] Hope Is Gone
[14] Ghost Return
[15] Slow Light
[16] Isolate
[17] One Time We Lived
[18] Stay Down

Disc 2

[01] A Seated Night (Ambient)
[02] Study War (Ambient)
[03] Pale Horses (Ambient)
[04] Stay Down (Ambient)
[05] Hope Is Gone (Ambient)
[06] Wait For Me (Ambient)
[07] Division (Ambient)
[08] Mistake (Ambient)
[09] Walk With Me (Ambient)
[10] Isolate (Ambient)
[11] Shot In The Back Of The Head (Ambient)
[12] Slow Light 1 (Ambient)
[13] Ghost Return (Ambient)
[14] Scream Pilots (Ambient)
[15] Jltf3 (Ambient)
[16] Slow Light 2 (Ambient)

Disc: 3

[01] Raining Again
[02] Bodyrock
[03] Pale Horses
[04] Sitboth
[05] Mistake
[06] We Are All Made Of Stars
[07] Feeling So Real
[08] Go
[09] Life Me Up
[10] Walk With Me
[11] Moby At Matter
[12] Animated Q&A
[13] Shot In The Back Of The Head
[14] Pale Horses
[15] Mistake
[16] Mistake
[17] Mistake
[18] Blips

Info submited by official Moby web site.

[ 12.11.2009 ] - «Christmas» EP from Pet Shop Boys


Pet Shop Boys will release a new EP, «Christmas», on December 14th via Parlophone Records/EMI. Tracklisting:

[01] It Doesn’t Often Snow At Christmas (New Version)
[02] My Girl
[03] All Over The World (New Version)
[04] Viva La Vida/Domino Dancing
[05] My Girl (Our House Mix)

«All Over The World» is a new version of the track from Pet Shop Boys’ latest album, «Yes». Also included is a new version of «It Doesn’t Often Snow At Christmas», originally an exclusive Christmas single issued to members of the Pet Shop Boys fan club in 1997. Both new versions are produced by Marius de Vries and Pet Shop Boys, based on the original tracks, and have orchestral and choir arrangements by Matt Robertson and Marius de Vries.

Pet Shop Boys’ arrangement of the Madness classic, «My Girl», was originally performed with Suggs and Carl of Madness at «Can You Bear It?», last year’s charity benefit for the family of Chris and Neil’s former assistant and close friend, Dainton Connell, who was tragically killed in a car accident. The EP also includes the medley of Coldplay’s «Viva La vida» and Pet Shop Boys' «Domino Dancing» which has been a highlight of the current PSB World Tour. This studio version is produced by Stuart Price. The EP is being released on CD and Digital Download.

Info submited by official Pet Shop Boys web site.

[ 12.11.2009 ] - «Green Queen» - second new single from APB

«Green Queen»
«Green Queen»

Norwegian synth-rockers Apoptygma Berzerk will release second new single «Green Queen» on November 13th, 2009 via Columbia/Sony Music Entertainment. Single is download only and available via iTunes, Amazon etc.


[01] Green Queen (Radio Edit) 3:50
[02] Apollo (Live On Your TV) (Flipside & Parsberg RMX) 5:24
[03] Green Queen (Client Remix) 3:40
[04] Green Queen (Recepteur Mondial Bouncing Remix) 5:02
[05] Green Queen (Dkdent Remix) 3:55

Total time: 21:51

Info submited by official Apoptygma Berzerk web site.

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