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Latest News - February 2008

Last updated 28.02.08

[ 28.02.2008 ] - «Various Artists - Advanced Electronics Vol. 6»

«Advanced Electronics Vol. 6»
«Advanced Electronics Vol. 6»

The brand new and latest volume of one of the biggest and best of all electro, techno, industrial, electro pop and EBM compilations ever! This time «Volume 6» of the «Advanced Electronics» series delivers 2 discs absolutely packed with the biggest names, such as Nitzer Ebb, IamX, Mesh, Ladytron, Covenant, Skinny Puppy, Diary Of Dreams and many many more, the most cutting edge remixes and the latest exclusives tracks from the electro scene plus a bonus full-length 17 track video-clip DVD. With 34 audio tracks and over 120 minutes of music, «Advanced Electronics Vol. 6» once more delivers a complete and essential package for the true electro fan.



[01] Nitzer Ebb - Payroll (John 0 Mix) 03:10 *
[02] Zeromancer - Doppelganger I Love You (Remix) 05:32 *
[03] Vive La Fete - Mais 03:05
[04] Iamx - Nightlife (Single Mix) 05:00 *
[05] Massiv In Mensch feat. Mind.In.A.Box - Supermassive Gravity 04:34 *
[06] Faderhead - Electrosluts Extraordinaire (Preview Mix) 04:10 *
[07] Scooter - Lass Uns Tanzen (Radio Edit) 03:44
[08] Spetsnaz - Nothing But Black 04:05
[09] Disconnekted - Prayer (Northborn Mix-Edit) 04:15 *
[10] Patenbrigade Wolff - Demokratischer Sektor (Club Mix) 03:59 *
[11] Mind.In.A.Box - What Used To Be (Short Storm) 04:31 *
[12] Cryo - My Wall (Edit) 04:27
[13] The Retrosic - Unleash Hell (Deeper Into Hell 2008) 05:15 *
[14] Grendel - Hate This (X-Fusion Remix) 03:59 *
[15] Amnistia - Self-Defence (Steel-Alloyed Edit) 04:59
[16] Technoir - Dying Star (Mesh Remix) 05:21 *
[17] Ladytron - Weekend (James Iha Mix) 03:58 *
[18] Solar Fake - The Shield (Remix) 04:16 *


[01] Diary Of Dreams - The Plague (Version N4-4) 04:47
[02] Destroid - Friend Or Foe (The Betrayal) 04:00
[03] Feedback Machinery feat. Mortiis - Tainted 03:56 *
[04] Trisomie 21 - Now (Leaether Strip Version) 06:02 *
[05] N.W.R. - Punkstar 04:15 *
[06] Umbra Et Imago - Glaubst Du (Remix) 07:03 *
[07] Der Tante Renate - Psychobot 03:51
[08] Modcom - One Zero (FM Mix) 06:29 *
[09] XP8 - Dreamt Of Blue (Mindless Faith Remix) 04:23 *
[10] Painbastard - Alive 06:07 *
[11] Proceed - Laut 03:30
[12] Santa Hates You - Sugar And Spice 05:59
[13] Xotox - Ewig 03:55 *
[14] Noisuf-X - Hit Me Hard (As Hard As You Can-Mix) 04:23 *
[15] Hocico - About A Dead (Killed By Proceed) 03:14
[16] Heimataerde - Vater (Person Non Grata Version) 04:58 *

* exclusive or rare song / mix


[01] Faderhead - Girly Show
[02] SITD - Plastination City
[03] Diffuzion - Wired Tunes
[04] Arya - My Device
[05] Metallspürhunde - Was Hat Dich Bloss So Ruiniert
[06] Scooter - Lass Uns Tanzen
[07] IamX - Spit It Out
[08] Purwien mit Wit - Alle Fehler
[09] Ladytron - Sugar
[10] Mesh - It Scares Me (Live)
[11] Covenant - The Man (Live)
[12] Skinny Puppy - Haze
[13] Retrosic - Maneater (Live)
[14] Leather Strip - Dirty Little Secret
[15] Funker Vogt - Thanatophobia (Live)
[16] Zeromancer - Doppelganger I Love You
[17] Neikka RPM - Umbra Sub Noctem

«Advanced Electronics Vol. 6» was released on February 22nd, 2008 via Synthetic Symphony / SPV.

Info submited by Music Non Stop online music store.

[ 28.02.2008 ] - «Last Night» tracklisting

«Last Night»
«Last Night»

Moby will release his sixth studio album «Last Night» on March 31th, 2008 via Mute/EMI. The album was recorded in Moby's home studio in Manhattan, NY and features a number of guest vocalists and includes the original MC Grandmaster Caz, Sylvia from Kudu, the UK's MC Aynzli and the Nigerian 419 Squad.

[01] Ooh Yeah
[02] I Love To Move In Here
[03] 257.Zero
[04] Everyday It's 1989
[05] Live For Tomorrow
[06] Alice
[07] Hyenas
[08] I'm In Love
[09] Disco Lies
[10] The Stars
[11] Degenerates
[12] Sweet Apocalypse

«Disco Lies»
«Disco Lies»

Second new single from Moby titled «Disco Lies» and set to release on March 14th, 2008 via Mute/EMI.


[01] Disco Lies
[02] Clef
[03] Disco Lies (Spencer and Hill Remix)
[04] Disco Lies (Eddie Thoneick Dynamic Dub)
[05] Disco Lies (Discocaine Fried Chicken Mix)
[06] Disco Lies (Jacques Renault Remix)
[07] Disco Lies (The Dusty Kid's Fears Remix)
[08] Disco Lies (Video)

Info submited by official Moby web site.

[ 15.02.2008 ] - «Elektrisch! Vol. 3»

«Elektrisch! Vol. 3»
«Elektrisch! Vol. 3»

«Elektrisch! Vol. 3», new great comppilation of unreleased and rare club mixes from our favourite artists will out on March 14th, 2008 via Major Records. Even more than its two predecessors, this compilation shows the variety of the electronic genre: representatives of the dark side such as Oomph! or [:SITD:] meet 80's chart heroes Yazoo and Kim Wilde, ambient master Moby and electroclash by Ladytron. Futurepop veterans Apoptygma Berzerk and Covenant contribute for the first time on «Elektrisch! Vol. 3». The promising insider favourites include Mind.In.A.Box, Universal Poplab and Emmon. Look at tracklisting:

[01] Rotersand - Lost (Re:Streched)
[02] Moby - Slipping Away (MHC Extended Remix)
[03] Apoptygma Berzerk - Mourn (Mesh Remix)
[04] Kim Wilde - Loved (Full Length Club Version Pulsedriver vs. Beam Remix)
[05] Oomph! Feat. Marta Jandová - Träumst Du ([:SITD:] Remix)
[06] Covenant - Happy Man (Happiness Remix by Seb)
[07] Assemblage 23 - Sorry (Retro Electro Mix)
[08] Yazoo - Don´t Go (Todd Terry Freeze Mix)
[09] Boytronic - Living Without You (Foreland Version by Ronan Harris of VNV Nation)
[10] [:SITD:] - Kreuzgang (Dolorosa Version by Angels And Agony)
[11] Ladytron - Sugar (Jagz Kooner Mix)
[12] IAMX - Nightlife (People Theatre´s Trip To Berlin Mix)
[13] Diorama - Exit The Grey (elektrisch!)

Bonus CD (Limited Edition Only):

[01] Mind.In.A.Box - What Used To Be (Peter Rainmans Turning Point Mix)
[02] Diary Of Dreams - The Plague (Ver.N4-4)
[03] Edge Of Dawn - Pray For Love (Remix)
[04] Obscenity Trial - My Mind Your Mind (Darkstar Music Club Mix)
[05] Don Juan Dracula - Take Me Home (Emmon Remix)
[06] Universal Poplab - Soma Generation (Menichal Servants Remix)
[07] Janosch Moldau - Sweetest Heart (People Theatre Presence Mix)
[08] Thermostatic - The Box (Tigerbaby Extended Mix)
[09] Syrian feat. Marian Gold - Supernova (Extended Version)
[10] The Promise - Hold On (Club Mix)
[11] Jaw - Creature Of Masquerade (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix)
[12] Mechanical Cabaret - See Her Smile (Radiophonic Mix)
[13] Emmon - Frenzy Eyes (Emmon Remix)
[14] Ultima Bleep - Back (Club Remix)

You have a chance to get your copy very cheap (16,99 euro instead of 21,99 euro) - and if you are one of the first 200 persons who pre-order «Elektrisch! Vol. 3» here, you'll get a free CD from Major Records for free!

Info submited by Major Records.

[ 15.02.2008 ] - «Buried Again» - new Colony 5 album

«Buried Again»
«Buried Again»

New Colony 5 album «Buried Again» set to release on February 29th, 2008 via Infacted. Look at tracklisting:

[01] Ghost
[02] Knives
[03] Imaginary Girl
[04] Absolute Religion
[05] End Of Desperation
[06] Fanatic
[07] Heart Attack
[08] Closure
[09] Too Young
[10] Commitment
[11] Get Off My Back
[12] There'll Be A Time
[13] Pills

Info submited by official Colony 5 web site.

[ 15.02.2008 ] - De/Vision 20th Anniversary Party

20th Anniversary Party
20th Anniversary Party

Our big German friends De/Vision invites everybody to join them on their 20th Anniversary Party on May 17th, 2008 at the Berlin club «Maria». They would like to spend an unforgetable evening with companions, friends and fans. Their only German concert in 2008 will take place on this evening and De/Vision will perform an «Electronic Set», which has been arranged especially for this evening.

Tickets can already be ordered for 17 Euros plus shipping at

Info submited by official De/Vision web site.

[ 15.02.2008 ] - New Hocico album

«Memorias Atras»
«Memorias Atras»

Mexican electro maniacs Hocico are back with new album «Memorias Atras» - on February 29th, 2008 via Out of Line. With this album Erk and Racso return to the raw and straight-in-the-face sound of their early days, but darker, more massive and way more intense. It contains 12 assured and striking club assauilts - direct and brutal, but catchy and memorable at the same time. The band's sound has matured, Hocico have enhanced their music with a lot more insane sonic experiments, multi-layered rhythms and menacing atmospheric pads than in the past.

Limited Edition of «Memorias Atras» is 2CD version in a Deluxe Digipak with 3D-front cover and includes the bonus CD «The Day the World Stopped» which comes complete with 2 unreleased songs and 4 remixes.


Disc 1 «Memoria Atras»

[01] A Fatal Desire
[02] The Shape Of Things To Come
[03] Stop My Madness
[04] About A Dead
[05] Fed Up
[06] Metamorphous
[07] Spirals Of Time
[08] Doomed To Perish
[09] Blindfold
[10] Taste The Waste
[11] Drowning
[12] Escapando De Los Recuerdos

Disc 2 «The Day the World Stopped»

[01] The Day the World Stopped
[02] Poisoned and Silenced
[03] The Shape of Things to Come (Rabia Sorda Remix)
[04] Blindfold (Spetsnaz Remix)
[05] Fed Up (Tannhauser Remix)
[06] A Fatal Desire (Life Cried Remix)

Info submited by Music Non Stop online music store.

[ 15.02.2008 ] - Kraftwerk will headline Coachella

Kraftwerk Live
Kraftwerk Live

Electronic heros Kraftwerk will headline Coachella Festival in Indio, California (April 25-27th). Other well-known names are Portishead, Fatboy Slim and Junkie XL.

Info submited by official Kraftwerk web site.

[ 15.02.2008 ] - «A&E» details


New Goldfrapp single «A&E» released February 11th, 2008 via Mute Records as CD, LCD and 7". Look at tracklistings:

Cat. No.: CDMUTE389

[01] A&E (Single Version)
[02] Clowns (Super 8)

Cat. No.: LCDMUTE389

[01] A&E (Single Version)
[02] A&E (Gui Boratto Remix)
[03] A&E (Gui Boratto Dub)
[04] A&E (Hercules and Love Affair Remix)

Cat. No.: MUTE389

[01] A&E (Single Version)
[02] A&E (Maps Instrumental Mix)

Info submited by Mute Records.

[ 15.02.2008 ] - New single and album from Psyche


Our long time friends Psyche returns in March with brand new material for the first time since the «Unveiling The Secret 2.0» EP. To celebrate 25 years of their musical existance band has covered Joy Division's «Disorder» as single for their forthcoming album. Single will available as Limited Edition 7" (individually hand numbered 500 copies) and CD EP. 7" will include live track «Eternal» as the b-side recorded on December 21st, 2007 at Zeche Bochum in Germany. CD EP will contain Radio Edit of «Disorder», and some new acoustic versions of Psyche classics. New Psyche album will be double CD and will out at the end of September.

Info submited by official Psyche web site.

[ 15.02.2008 ] - After five years Chandeen returns with new vocalist

«Teenage Poetry»
«Teenage Poetry»

New studio album from German band Chandeen in over 5 years is titled «Teenage Poetry» and will out March 28th, 2008 via Kalinkaland Records. This work presents new vocalist, Julia Beyer (Technoir). Unfortunately, neither Antje Schulz nor Caitrin Mallon appear to be part of this CD.

Chandeen are often credited with the creation of the «heavenly voices» style and originally existed as a four piece who split in 1994 after the release of the band's second album «Jutland». Oliver Henkle and Caitrin Mallon both emerged from the split under the moniker of Edera, releasing one album in 1995 before vanishing. Harald Lowy and Antje Schulz soldiered on with a new vocalist Stephanie Harich to release 2 additional albums in the 90's before slimming to just a duo for their final album «Echoes».

Info submited by official Chandeen MySpace page.

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