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All about De/Vision
De/Vision - releases 2002

Last updated 18.07.02

[ live EP: Unplugged | live DCD: Live 95 & 96 | remix album «REMIXED» ]

«Unplugged» live EP was released on April 22nd, 2002.

Unplugged (2002)
Unplugged (2002)

«Unplugged» EP tracklisting:

[01] Drifter (4:27)
[02] Lonely Day (5:07)
[03] Self-Deception (5:21)
[04] A Prayer (5:15)
[05] Heart-Shaped Tumor (4:46)
[06] We Might Be One For A Day (4:42)
[07] Back In My Life (5:09)
[08] Remember (4:21)


[09] Heart-Shaped Tumor (3:53)

Recorded and mixed on August 16th, 2001 in Cologne, Germany by VIVA 2 during unplugged session for «Overdrive».

Guitar: Lars Baumgardt
Drums: Achim Farber
Piano: Josef Bach
Keyboard: Thomas
Vocals: Steffen


Photos (booklet): Caroline Traitler /
Original photos on cover: Silke Jochum
Layout: Peter Lohde

«Lonely Day» and «Heart-Shaped Tumor» taken from CD «TWO» (Drakkar Entertainment)

«Drifter», «We Might Be One For A Day» and «Back In My Life» taken from CD «Monosex» (Wea Records)

«Self-Deception», «A Prayer» and «Remember» taken from CD «Void» (Wea Records)


All songs written by DE/VISION
Mastered by Michael Schwabe at monoposto MASTERING / Dusseldorf
Video filmed by Andreas Richter (BMG Studios) in Austria, August 2001

(p) & (c) 2002 Drakkar Records.

«Live 95 & 96» double CD was released on May 21st, 2002 (on Synthetic/Indigo).

Live 95 & 96 (2002)
Live 95 & 96 (2002)

«Live 95 & 96» tracklisting:


01. Free From Cares
02. Call My Name
03. Dinner Without Grace
04. Soul-Keeper
05. Dress Me When I Bleed
06. Moments We Shared
07. Your Hands On My Skin
08. Love Me Again
09. Like A Sea Of Flames
10. Blue Moon
11. Get Over The Wall
12. Try To Forget
13. Endlose Träume
14. Hunters


01. Intro
02. Today's Life
03. Keep Your Dreams Alive
04. I Regret
05. Like The Sun
06. Sweet Life
07. Bleed Me White
08. Harvester
09. Scars
10. Daydreamin'
11. Take Me To The Time

This double CD is same as packages of live CDs «Live Moments We Shared» (1995) and «Fairylive» (1996)


On July 30 DE/VISION will release the new CD titled «REMIXED» (Set to release by SPR, cat. no. SPR026, will disributed by Indigo). It featured 11 songs from 1993-96 years, remixed by Jose Alvarez Brill (well known as producer of early DE/VISION albums) with re-recorded vocals. The CD contains the long awaited previously unreleased single version of «Blue Moon 99». The first (limited) release comes as a double CD with additional remixes from various electronic bands. As promo single the T.O.Y remix of «Your Hands On My Skin» will be released in July.



[01] Bleed Me White (come of age mix)
[02] Take Me To The Time (timewarp mix)
[03] I Regret (sonnet j.a.b. mix)
[04] Moments We Shared (nocomment mix)
[05] Endlose Träume (insomnia mix)
[06] Get Over The Wall (the brick mix)
[07] Free From Cares (swarf mix)
[08] Dress Me When I Bleed (undressed mix)
[09] Your Hands On My Skin (sonnett shuttle mix)
[10] Try To Forget (never 4get 2mix)
[11] Blue Moon 1999 (radio edit)

Bonus CD:

«REMIXED» (Bonus CD)
«REMIXED» (Bonus CD)


[01] Endlose Traeume (C5 Remix)
[02] Your Hands On My Skin (Harmony Is Everything Remix)
[03] Dress Me When I Bleed (Day By Day Mix)
[04] Moments We Shared (Subconcious Mix)
[05] Try To Forget (Telekommander.Electro.Funk.Remix)
[06] Free From Cares (Freedom's Rising Mix)
[07] Endlose Traeume (Frequently Dreamed Mix)
[08] Your Hands On My Skin (Spanish Green-Space Mix)
[09] Get Over The Wall (South Side Mix)
[10] Take Me To The Time (Memphis Mix)

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