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Releases 2007

Last updated 28.02.07

[ single: Zerox Machine | single: Drive | album: HEARTLAND ]

«Zerox Machine» (single)

«Zerox Machine»
«Zerox Machine»

Electro pop trio Client will release a new single «Zerox Machine», a version of the Adam & The Ants classics. It will out in UK on the January 15th, 2007 via Loser Friendly Records. Produced by Youth at Olympic Studios, «Zerox Machine» features Simon Tong (Verve, Gorillaz) on guitar.


[01] Zerox Machine (N-Joi Remix)
[02] Zerox Machine (IDC Remix)


[01] Zerox Machine (N-Joi Remix)
[02] Zerox Machine (Jonny Slut Atomizer Remix)
[03] Zerox Machine (IDC Remix)
[04] Zerox Machine (Original Version)

«Zerox Machine» will be released in USA via Metropolis in February 2007 with an exclusive b-side «Suicide Sister».

«Drive» (single)

On February 23th, 2007 our favorite UK girls Client will release their new single «Drive» from upcoming album, «Heartland». Dark lyrical contents fuse with pure pop melodies performed with the stylish attitude that makes Client stand out from the crowd: minimal, electronic coolness, enhanced with a tad of subversive vitality, and intertwined with melodic bass lines that seem to originate straight out of a classic New Order. This single will be released in 2 different versions, each one containing an exclusive b-side and remixes.

«Drive (1)»
«Drive (1)»

Drive (1)


[01] Drive (Radio Edit)
[02] I'm Lost
[03] Drive (Lexy & K-Paul RMX)
[04] Drive (Dobro lovemix (gtr one) by Boosta)
[05] Drive (Thomas Gold mix)

«Drive (1)»
«Drive (1)»

Drive (2)


[01] Drive (Radio Edit)
[02] 6 In The Morning (3AM Def-Disco Mix)
[03] Drive (Venus Mix (The Vocal One) by Boosta)
[04] Drive (Martin Eyerer Mix)
[05] Drive (Housemeister «B-B-B-Backstreet Mix»)

«Drive (maxi)»
«Drive (maxi)»

Drive (download maxi)

Swedish record label SubSpace will release «Drive» as download maxi-single on March 6th, 2007 (cat. no.: ISSC 59).


[01] Drive (Single Version)
[02] I'm lost, I'm lonely
[03] Drive (Boosta Venus remix)
[04] Drive (Eyerer and Namito remix)
[05] Drive (Thomas Gold remix)
[06] Drive (Warboy remix)
[07] 6 In The Morning (Nick Leman's 3am def-disco mix)

Also there are available in Germany only two Limited 12 Vinyl - Part 1 & 2.

Limited 12" Vinyl (Part 1)

[01] Drive (Lexy & K-Paul Remix)
[02] Drive (Michael Hooker Mix)
[03] Drive (Thomas Gold Dub)
[04] Drive (Venus Mix by Boosta)

Limited 12" Vinyl (Part 2)

[01] Drive (Eyerer & Namito Remix)
[02] Drive (Housemeister B-B-B-Backstreet Mix)
[03] Drive (Warboy Remix)
[04] Drive (Fuchs Und Horn Remix)

«HEARTLAND» (album)


Third Client album «Heartland» produced by Youth (Verve, Killing Joke) and Stephen Hague (Pet Shop Boys, New Order) will be released on March 21st, 2007 in Germany via Out Of Line and on April 10th, 2007 in the USA via Metropolis. Limited Edition will contain Bonus DVD with Client promo videos.



[01] Heartland
[02] Drive
[03] Lights Go Out
[04] It's Not Over
[05] Zerox Machine
[06] Someone To Hurt
[07] 6 In The Morning
[08] Where Is The Rock And Roll Gone
[09] Köln
[10] Monkey On My Back
[11] Get Your Man
[12] Heartland Reprise


[01] Drive
[02] Lights Go Out
[03] Zerox Machine
[04] Pornography (feat. Carl Barat)
[05] Radio
[06] In It For The Money
[07] Here And Now
[08] Rock And Roll Machine

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