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Last updated 12.02.09


Our favorite British Client are back! The stylish ladies with their skilful hands for electronic music are plunging us headlong into an addictive maelstrom of groovy minimal disco, mingled with the coolness of new wave and an unerring pop sensibility. Compared to the big scale cinemascope-sound of «Heartland», Client have returned to their very essence: «Command» is a raw and straightforward production dominated by analog synthesizers and minimal electro arrangements with full, club-friendly beats. Following the credo that less very often equals more, the trio has conjured up a highly versatile album from these basic ingredients. Bare bone dance tracks such as «Believe In You» or «Satisfaction» breathe the foggy air of trendy clubs, the sinister «Donít Run» is a gripping little sonic angst scenario and songs like «Can You Feel» are perfect pop tunes.

«Command» will be released March 6th, 2009 via Out Of Line. The first Limited Edition comes as a double CD with Bonus CD.




Client A

Client A (Kate Holmes) - keyboards, back vocals

Client B

Client B (Sarah Blackwood) - lead vocals

and since Autemn 2005

Client E

Client E (Emily Strange) - bass

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