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All about CLIENT
Releases 2003

Last updated 15.05.05

[ 1st single: Price of Love | 2nd single Rock And Roll Machine | album: CLIENT | 3rd single: Here And Now ]

«Price of Love»

Client released their first single «Price of Love» on April 7th, 2003 on Toast Hawaii/Mute Records.


«Price of Love» (MCD)
«Price of Love» (MCD)

Cat. no.: CDTH001

[01] Price of Love (Edit)
[02] Client
[03] Leipzig

«Price of Love» (12inch)
«Price of Love» (12inch)

Cat. no.: 12TH001

[01] Price of Love (Extended Mix)
[02] Client (Harder Sex Mix)
[03] Price of Love (Sie Medway-Smith Mix)

«Rock And Roll Machine»

Client released their second single. «Rock And Roll Machine» came out on August 4th, 2003 (in UK, North American release was on July 29th).


«Rock And Roll Machine» (MCD)
«Rock And Roll Machine» (MCD)

Cat. no.: CDTH002

[01] Rock And Roll Machine (Edit)
[02] Daredevil
[03] Pills (Half Dose Mix)

«Rock And Roll Machine» (12)
«Rock And Roll Machine» (12)

Cat. no.: 12TH002

[01] Rock And Roll Machine (Extended Mix)
[02] Rock And Roll Machine (Sound System Mix)
[03] Rock And Roll Machine (Droyds Remix)



The debut album of «Client» was released on August 18th in UK (cat. no. TH003CD) and August 26th in US.


[01] Client
[02] Rock And Roll Machine
[03] Price Of Love
[04] Happy
[05] Diary Of An 18 Year Old Boy
[06] Civilian
[07] Here And Now
[08] Sugar Candy Kisses
[09] Pills
[10] Leipzig
[11] Love All Night
[12] (Data Track)

«Here and Now»

Client's third single, «Here and Now», was released on December 8th on Toast Hawaii label.


«Here and Now» (MCD)
«Here and Now» (MCD)


[01] Here And Now (Radio Mix)
[02] Military Sex
[03] Can't See Me Now
[04] Here And Now (Cicada Mix)
[05] Here And Now (Moonbootica Remix)

«Here and Now» (12inches)
«Here and Now» (12inches)

12" 12TH004

[01] Here And Now (Cicada Mix)
[02] Here And Now (Cicada Vocal Mix)
[03] Here And Now (Moonbootica Remix)
[04] Here And Now (Extended Mix)

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