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All about CLIENT
Our interview with CLIENT (Moscow, December 2003)

Last updated 04.01.04

CLIENT (Moscow 2003)

On December 18th Alex from SHOUT! Online and two charming girls from CLIENT, Kate and Sarah, were sitting together in Moscow restaurant «Belladjio». Girls did a trip to Moscow, where they had to perform live at 50th Anniversary Playboy Party. We had just ten minutes to talk... so let's start:

ALEX: I saw you as Technique in 2001 - you were support act for Depeche Mode during their Exciter Tour. Why you changed your band's name from Technique to Client?

KATE: Technique was my band. The girl I sang with she couldn't come to the gigs, and I found Sarah, and the result was new band, with new image, with everything new.

ALEX: It was your idea to call it Client, or idea of Fletch?

KATE: Ohhh.. yeah, Fletch.

ALEX: As I could understand music of Technique and Client is very close...

KATE: I think, Client is much harder, it's quite sexual and underground. Technique was very pop, Client is pop too, but it's much darker, better songs I think., it's better.

ALEX: Who writes lyrics?

KATE: I write some, and Sarah write some.

ALEX: Who help you on stage? Two girls - maybe somebody else?

KATE: We have guitarist, and we have guy from Sneaker Pimps, Joe, he do all mixing.

ALEX: Maybe, Fletch on keyboards?... [smile]

KATE: Ohhh, no-no! [laugh]

ALEX: He is only DJing?

KATE: Yeah.

ALEX: Today he will DJ here too?

KATE: Yeah, he's DJ, it's very good really.

ALEX: I read in various interviews about relationships between you and Fletch, seems you like each other...

KATE: Yeah, I think we really like each other, because we really work together.

ALEX: He is a boss for you?

KATE: No. We are both partners. He has a record label, and we did everything together.

ALEX: It's very specific because he has the only band, so it's very good for you.

KATE: We've got undivided attention [laugh]

ALEX: I heard, you plan a new album next year?

KATE: We hope, album will out until September next year.

ALEX: Unfortunately we have no time...

KATE: Yeah, we gonna go onstage...

ALEX: I wanna wish you good luck!

KATE, SARAH: Oh, thank you!

ALEX: Have a nice trip to St. Petersburg! [smile]

KATE: We hope so [smile]

ALEX: See you!

KATE, SARAH: Sure!!!

We wanna thanks promoter group Caviar Lounge and Playboy magazine for bringing Client to Russia, Gala Records for help in organizing of interviews.

CLIENT (Moscow 2003)
CLIENT (Moscow 2003)

CLIENT (Moscow 2003)
CLIENT (Moscow 2003)

CLIENT (Moscow 2003)
CLIENT (Moscow 2003)

Alex and CLIENT (Moscow 2003)
Alex and CLIENT (Moscow 2003)

Some backstage photos:





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