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All about CLIENT
Our exclusive interview with CLIENT (March 2004)

Last updated 22.03.04


Some intro questions

Alex: Hi girls! After my first and super quick interview with you in Moscow (December 2003), I would like to talk more relaxed and now it's finally happened. First question: what's in hot news from Client camp at the moment?

Kate: We are mixing our new album for a September release.

Alex: As I could imagine, 2003 was a difficult year for you. Releases, gigs, promotion. Are you satisfied with achieved results?

Kate: Profile - wise yes. Sales - wise No!!



Alex: What was in idea to call your band as Client?

Kate: Short, androgynous, double meaning.

Alex: So who is real clients at the moment: you or your fans?

Kate: We are the client's I think!

Alex: You hided your persons at the Client beginning. Now your faces are well known by public. Do you miss your past mystery?

Kate: Yes! We like being anonymous - but it was time to reveal more!

Alex: You were the only band on Toast Hawaii for a long time. Now you're not alone: Andy signed second artist recently. Do you notice any changes in close relationships between Client and him?

Kate: Not yet!



Alex: Your music reminds early 80's: simple electro pop sound plus very simple lyrics. Why you choose it as your own style? Is it linked to current fashion for 80s?

Kate: We prefer bands like DAF and Joy Division.

Alex: How do you think, is it right when your band have been sectioned under the Electroclash act by the various music press?

Kate: We are not really termed Electroclash in the UK - we are not part of that scene at all. This is just lazy journalists who don't listen to our music properly.

Alex: Girls, how you can describe your music in few words?

Kate: Sleazy electro.

Alex: Kate, I noticed that you often play on the keyboards one handedly... is it your way to perform?

Kate: Yes - I learnt the flute at school and taught myself keyboards. I guess I find this the easiest way to play it!

Alex: Sarah, your voice in Client tracks is filtered from human emotions and even vibrations. Strangely enough - it stays to be very sexual and dramatic any way. Senseless electronics is full of love and tenderness?

Sarah: I hope so!


New album

Alex: I heard your new track, «Telephone Sex». For me it has more deep feeling and more underground look than your last year stuff. Does it mean that you become more darker with your new album?

Kate: The new album is bleaker, darker but a lush more developed sound.

Alex: Do you have any plans to change something in your music, maybe even radically?

Kate: Just the drums - real drums (still programmed) not drum boxes.

Alex: Public are waiting for new club hits from Client and I guess, their dream will come true?

Kate: We have white labels for the clubs now of our new single «In It For The Money».

Alex: Could you open for a bit your secret of work in studio? How are you preparing your delicious music? Maybe again on Client A's laptop?

Kate: Laptop with Joe Wilson from Sneaker Pimps/Trashmoney programming and co-producing. Mixing in the big studio at Mute (we used the small one for the last record!)



Alex: Do you like live appearances? Can it be said that you prefer concerts more than work in studio, or contra versa?

Kate: I think I prefer concerts now after such a great touring year in 2003.

Alex: Client on stage looks very minimalistic - no bizarre decorations, wide screens, bright lights. Instead of these all the show concentrates on two a little bit shy girls. Is it hard to you - to perform in such conditions?

Kate: We will develope the live stage presence with maybe slides or films but at the moment we like to keep it minimal.

Alex: You use some additional musicians for your shows. Tell us something about their background?

Kate: Scott Fairbrother - guitar/bass - he is a friend I have known on the music scene in London for 7 years - he is from Totonto. Joe Wilson we met at our club Being Boiled.

Alex: In 2001 you performed with Depeche Mode as Technique, last year you supported on some shows another electronic legend - Karl Bartos (ex-Kraftwerk). You are lucky newcomers, do you think so?

Kate: We are always pinching ourselves - yes we are lucky.

Alex: You are permanently performing on Being Boiled Parties in London. Quite interesting, what public are ordinary visit such kind of parties?

Kate: Anybody can come down - we play electroncic music, play live and Andy Fletcher DJ's too! We have slides and lots of interesting people come and hang out!

Alex: Last year you came Moscow and St. Petersburg, and did live gigs on private parties. Your feelings and impressions? Must be said, most of your Russian fans were very sad, 'cos they had no ability to visit these shows.

Kate: We love the vibe and people in Russia. We want to come back.


Some politics

Alex: Are you interested in politics? Do you watch news on TV (beside weather)?

Kate: I am interested in Politics. I studied Modern History at university (specialising in Russia after 1900).

Alex: It's very interesting to hear your own opinion: your lyrics are free from politics or no?

Kate: We don't really write about politics in our music. But our lyrics and image are pretty anti-establishement don't you think?!

Alex: Is it make any sense that you are from England? On your music, your band image, your own life?

Kate: Sarah is from the north and her lyrics and way of thinking are very «kitchen sink drama» like the famous english films of the 1960's like «A Taste of Honey».

Alex: Can it be said that something changed in your mind after September 11th?

Kate: Yes of course. The worlds is much less safe.


Computer, Internet

Alex: You use PC, Mac or both?

Kate: It has to be a Mac!

Alex: How much time you spend with computers? And maybe you even play computer games after all?

Kate: I spend alot of time making music on my Logic 6. I never play games though!

Alex: I heard from Andy that Kate spends a lot of time in Internet. Kate, do you like to surf it?

Kate: Yes I love to surf - anyplace, anywhere!

Alex: Sarah, and how about you?

Sarah: I can't use the Internet!

Alex: Your fans are very lucky, because they have an ability to communicate with you, girls, via forum on your web site. I just wonder how you can read all the messages?

Kate: Yes we do - I open I for her too!

Alex: I noticed that you're trying to promote your music via Internet spreading some Client tracks in MP3 form - free download from your web site. People involved in music business (first of all record companies) are still scared by MP3 illegal distribution. What you think about it?

Kate: I think the music business has much more to fear from burning, copying, bootlegging than people downloading a few tracks from the Internet! That is why we give some away for free - to get people interested and hopefully they will then buy the album.

Alex: What's your future plans with Client web site? Any improvements, new features?

Kate: We will be updating all the images on the site with the «new Look» in the next few weeks.


Personal questions

Alex: Your stage clothes looks like uniform. Starched gray shirts, knee-length skirts and red shoes. What you prefer to wear in regular life?

Kate: We always dress like Client.

Alex: What music you listen recently? And what artists are amongst your all time favorites?

Kate: Mogwai, Air, DAF, Trashmoney, Outkast. No rubbish manufactured pop!

Alex: What perfume you choose at the moment?

Kate: We both love Chanel no. 5

Alex: Kate, tell some details about your first musical experience, Frazier Chorus?

Kate: It was fun - I was very young and naive.

Alex: Sarah, you sang in the now defunct Dubstar, band reached the UK Top 40 in the Summer 1995. Must be said your hit «Stars» was very popular even here in Russia. Was it hard for you to creatively move from it, step forward with another band?

Sarah: I am allowed into the musical process with Client - I write lyrics and am involved in making the records. In Dubstar I was often shut out of this so I am happier now.

Alex: Very delicate question: are you married, girls? Many guys around will excited if you say no.

Kate: That's a secret.


Miscellaneous questions

Alex: Do you like attempt electronic/underground parties at clubs? Just for fun?

Kate: Yes - we love anything underground!

Alex: Girls, do you have driver license?

Kate: Yes.

Alex: I guess you heard something about Russian girl band TATU. Well do you ever listen Russian synth-pop bands?

Kate: We played with TATU in Istanbul - that was fun.

Alex: Would you like to visit Russia again? With concerts or just like tourists?

Kate: I would love to go back to St. Petersberg for a few days and visit the Hermitage.


Some final questions

Alex: OK, finally - your huge plans for year 2004?

Kate: We will just keep making records and tour again.

Alex: I sure that all your plans come true. Would you like to wish something to SHOUT! Online readers and all your Russian fans?

Kate: Come and see us when we come back and do a non-private gig!

Alex: That's all at the moment. THANK YOU for your answers!!!


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