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Last updated 09.11.04


Client are wilfully oblique and seductively elusive. This female electro duo prefer to be known simply as Client A and Client B. Their sound is a stark and sexy brand of electronica grounded in classic song writing foundations. Influenced by Joy Division, Kraftwerk, DAF, The Smiths and the Northern song writing tradition, Client are the perfect antidote to anodyne cookie cutter pop.

Client formed on the road supporting Depeche Mode in Eastern Europe in 2002 and have been writing, producing, touring and DJ-ing ever since. Signed to Andy Fletcher's record label, Toast Hawaii, Client released their self-titled debut album in 2003. The album was defined by off kilter, deceptively naive beats, a lyrical wit and a distinctive vocal style all their own. In Europe, the album proved a hit with audiences and critics alike, even inspiring a German devotee of Client to develop an installation piece entirely based around their debut album. In the UK, the single «Rock and Roll Machine» attracted the attention of film-maker Nick Love who features the duo and the song on his forthcoming film «Football Factory».


Their follow up album, «City», co-produced by Joe Wilson (Sneaker Pimps) due for release, September 20th promises to be much darker. According to Client, «The first album was about pills, sex and prostitution. The new album will be darker, bleaker and more lush».

New single, «In It For the Money», released June 14th on Toast Hawaii/Mute is a typically witty and incisive response to the cynicism of popular culture and is an instant electro classic. The single's B-Side, «Down To The Underground» features a guest vocal performance from Pete Doherty (The Libertines). Other guest vocals on the new album include Depeche Mode's Martin Gore and Carl Barat (The Libertines).

In addition to supporting Depeche Mode, Client have opened for Karl Bartos (ex-Kraftwerk) on three of his UK dates last year and have toured extensively in Europe. Bartos describes Client as «witty, electro pop coming from creative minds. And they're doing it in style. So if you're into real people with attitude you should listen to this».

On their preference for anonymity, Client point to the extreme overexposure of modern pop stars and the erotic force of a faceless image, «We want to be judged on our music alone: as Client, plus we do enjoy flirting with anonymity and androgyny». Favouring a tailored look inspired by institutional uniforms; part Eastern European secretary/air hostess, part dominatrix Client's look is as enigmatic as their music is infectious. Their aesthetic also mirrors the various themes of voyeurism, fetishism and illicit sexual encounters which run throughout their work.


Client's very first gigs, supporting Depeche Mode in Eastern Europe were to audiences of over 15,000 Depeche fans. This time proved to be a formative period for Client as both performers and songwriters. «It was insane, intense but completely amazing». One of Britain's hardest working bands, in 2003, Client completed three European tours including dates in France, Germany, Scandinavia, Russia and Spain, Mexico, New York. They also have a regular DJ spot playing at «Being Boiled» every second Tuesday of the month at the Notting Hill Arts Club. They are heading out on the road again this year supporting former Clash star, Mick Jones's new project Carbon/Silicon on a European tour kicking off May 11th in Colchester.

Effortlessly capturing the bleakness but also the perverse beauty of dilapidated emotional and physical landscapes to create electronica that is cerebral but austere, austere but rich, Client are unique and very special.


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