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Exclusive interview with Lorenz Macke (ex-manager of De/Vision) (November 2003)

Last updated 25.11.03

Lorenz Macke

ALEX: Lorenz, some time ago I asked you to comment that sensational «Statement from De/Vision and Lorenz Macke» (released on 30.06.2003). You answered that you didn't want to talk bad about the band and the situation around it. So you just kept silence.

Now, when you're talking so much about it on various message boards and even in your newsletter... could you add something at the moment?

LORENZ: Sensational for you, but not for everyone. It was the basic idea - no comments to this statement (like agreed). Most of you have read the comments from Thomas and it was the reason for me why I break the silence too.

I didn't thought that Thomas would write or say such things in various interviews. If he don't remember what was agreed, why should I remember what was agreed? The idea of Steffen and me was that we release the statement on June 30th on our web page and then let the people think and do what they would like to think. When Thomas gave the people additional «food», and repeat it again and again, then I should have the right by doing the same. I won't put myself down to the level where Thomas is acting, as you can read in this interview. I will hold on the old De/Vision guideline: «We can't and shouldn't comment anything. Finally it's waste of time, there are better things to do and more important things in the world».

ALEX: What was your vision of De/Vision future, just before your split? Did you have your own ideas being not at the same way as band's plans?

LORENZ: Of course I had my own ideas. I just can help the band, give my impression and information to the band. Finally it was for all 3 of us to decide. Concerning music it was not my job to say anything. My vision was that we find a way that makes us, the record company and the fans happy by finding a good compromise between all the requests that we got. I also thought that everyone works as much as he can. I also would like that De/Vision is more a unit a kind of styled product, that there is something that De/Vision stands for and that other people can understand, a band that follows a line, a band who says: «We want it like this, like that» and not say to other people «Do what you want, if we like it then we take it». At the end there was just one common vision left: «Have enough money».

ALEX: Do you feel down after that statement? I guess your music business was mostly based on De/Vision, and without them it could be in a very difficult situation?

LORENZ: No, I know that I'm working now for myself. I'm there where many times before at the point where I said: «It doesn't make sense anymore». In 1996 when we all quit our job, especially me who had a well paid job as a programmer, and it was great to have no «boss» anymore. Then I started building up other things beside De/Vision. I've done this, because it helped De/Vision, and also that I have a kind of insurance. My Label, Publishing, Mail-order and Management run well. I have much more possibilities and got so many offers, I'm absolute independent, my style is continuous work and I feel that my head is now free.

ALEX: Do you keep any personal relations with guys from De/Vision?

LORENZ: Steffen and me E-Mail sometimes, but only concerning business things. The idea of Steffen and me was also, that we still can talk to each other. As you can imagine when someone left a company, then you have to negotiate. This causes misunderstanding, mistrust and then it comes to the point where you talk with your lawyer and you fight for your rights and you say words that you would never say. Then you find a solution , but this fight has killed a lot and so its difficult to have personal relationship. Steffen and Markus still haven't talked. Stefan and Steffen hadn't talked for a long time. De/Vision and me had no personal relationship since some years. There are only a few business people (bands) where I keep a personal relationship, because its dangerous when you mix personal / private and business to much.

ALEX: Do you want to wish them something, personally?

LORENZ: I had a wish, and this wish is fulfilled [smile]. From OUR financial side I should wish them a huge success with the next release. I wish Steffen that he can control + motivate Thomas. Concerning the open secret that circulates from fan to fan: Thomas should pump his own head with drugs so full that he will stop taking drugs forever.

ALEX: On August 28th, 2003 you began to write your memories, a kind of flashbacks, about your job with De/Vision some years ago. It's a real trip to the past but it looks very strange - why you look back when you must look forward? What was a reason behind your decision to publish it?

LORENZ: The diary of the future of De/Vision can't be written. I just make something that the band haven't done, because Steffen is writing about the present in German, I wrote in English about the past to underline the current slogan of the page: 1988 to 2003. Some people also might understand the music business and me a little bit better. This kind of diary is maybe just the start, I could do much more out of it , I don't know , it's just something that I would like to write and as I see it makes sense.

ALEX: As a big surprise for fans, recently you announced that Stefan (earliest ex-De/Vision member) starts making music again, and Markus (another ex-member) ready to record soon his music material. These are the very nice news! When we could grab our hands on their new releases? Could you tell us some details etc?

LORENZ: Since years I am communicating constantly with Stefan. He is the person that I know since 1985 and with whom I had never problems. We met, we talked a lot and we remember some old times and songs and some old ideas. Since May 2003 he started making music again (maybe motivated by my separation from De/Vision) but very slowly and with small steps. Every artist knows why it takes so long. Right now he is making music for himself and me. When the time is right, we might go the next step and think how other people can hear these songs.

After Markus had left the band he started immediately writing new songs. I found a singer for him, a person that can and has to learn a lot. Then everything didn't went well, Markus had a lot of bad luck and it's a wonder that he is still alive. After surviving the worst month in his life and gets the message that I am separate from De/Vision, I gave him enough perspectives for the future. We see everything quite relaxed, everything will take time and there is no hurry but there is something in progress, professional studio test recordings will happen soon. And when it comes out, you maybe wouldn't know that Markus is behind.

The idea that Markus and Stefan make a remix of «I regret» can't happened, because the deadline for this is 31.12.2003. So someone else will do it, to fulfil the contract.

ALEX: What band in your list will replace De/Vision as main pop act of your activities? Colony 5, or even another yet unknown star?

LORENZ: It is not my attention to replace De/Vision. Right now every band is equal, because every band needs the same attention. Of course there are times when one band needs more attention because of releases or tours or projects. After the work with De/Vision I know what I want to make, how a relationship with a band should be. In the music business you never know what comes next. 2 weeks ago I got a very nice phone call...and maybe we'll find an agreement.

ALEX: All of us know Lorenz Macke as a strong band manager, owner of SPR-Kleefeld record label and Musicment Management. But besides music business is there something that could be interesting for you?

LORENZ: Don't forget the Publishing and Mail-order, but the answer is: not really. There are possibilities but I decided that I will stay in the music business. I am someone who fights for the band's interests, someone who brings results and has also a look for small things. Another thing in the music business would be a work for a company which fights against piracy but the imagination that I could have a «boss» again is not very nice. I have also some private interests: trains, maps, travel, cinema, inline-skating... Sometimes there is time for it. I am helping a lot of people just for pleasure here in and around Hannover, and this is not only related to music. It's of course interested and important for me to talk with people around me which talk to me as to a private person. In the past people always asked «How is it with De/Vision?». Now they ask «How do you do, Lorenz?».

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