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Melotron :: Concert in Concert in Neubrandenburg [26.12.2002]

Last updated 29.01.03

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Special Report: And One Live in Neubrandenburg (Germany) [26.12.02]

I did not see any concert posters promoting this concert in Neubrandenburg except in the entrance hall and inside the Schlachthof venue. A lot of thanks to F. who ripped off a poster for me inside the club ;-) - I didn't dare doing it.

We and about 20 other people were already queueing at the counter at 9 pm. There seemed to be a very curious and mixed audience. One girl even asked me after Melotron's performance what kind of music And One made. Both concerts started very late, Melotron at around 11 pm and And One at 1 in the morning!

Well what I can tell about And One perfomance?

Most of the audience screamed when Steve was entering the stage (except me). I think 2 new songs were played.

The song «Pleasure and Pain» was performed again and now I have heard it over the years 3 times live. The other song sounded very hard (Front 242/EBM styled). Steve dropped accidently the microphone twice, climbed on stage and later went into the gogo dancer cage hanging next to the stage. This spectacle was over pretty soon, luckily my 2nd camera was quick this time to memorize this moment! ;-)

And this time I grabbed a piece of paper sheet with «Get You Closer» lyrics which Steve usually «needs» for singing this song. At the end of this show Steve drank beer on stage and poured the rest of it over his head. Chris took a volvic water bottle and showered us in the first row.

Steve also mentioned that «Aggressor» would come in 2 or 3 months but could not exactly tell when.

There was also a journalist/photographer sitting almost on the stage, she changed her photo lenses a lot and and even asked other people if they could tell her the title of the songs. Steve also saw this and commented it by saying something like someone is doing his homework here: I cannot tell exactly what Steve said as I did not write it down ;-)

The concert was finished at around 2 in the morning! I was quite exhausted then after standing and waiting there for 4 hours in first row. I nearly died of thirst. Also my friends and I were walking in the afternoon/early evening around the city centre 3 times! We must have been crazy but Neubrandenburg seems not to have many cafes or restaurants.

But as we were the first fans there, we could hear something of the soundcheck in the afternoon from outside the venue.

Chris and Gio were also dancing with all other people at the aftershow party. But the majority of the people left the club after the concert.

At 4 in the morning we were walking again: around 1 kilometre again to the train station and waiting for the first train taking us back to Berlin.

Exclusively for

by Angela Pilidis

January 2003

MELOTRON set list:

[01] Intro - Der kleine Unterschied
[02] Welt du bist so still
[03] Gib mir alles
[04] Wohin
[05] Wir sind!!
[06] Schlaflos
[07] Du bist es nicht wert
[08] Der blaue Planet
[09] Tanz mit dem Teufel
[10] Kindertraum
[11] Folge mir ins Licht
[12] Brüder

AND ONE set list:

[01] (New track)
[02] Pleasure And Pain (New track)
[03] Für
[04] Metalhammer
[05] Pray
[06] Sometimes
[07] Get You Closer
[08] Secret
[09] Wasted
[10] Wet Spot
[11] Anguish
[12] Deutschmaschine
[13] Sitata Tirulala
[14] Techno Man
[15] Don't Need The Drugs
[16] Take Some More
[17] Nachtschicht In Der Hassfabrik
[18] Panzermensch

[ Special report | Photos ]

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