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All about Melotron
Melotron :: PROPAGANDA

Last updated 28.02.07


From Moscow to Washington, from Buenos Aires to Tel AvivMelotron are Germany’s most successful export when it comes to German-language electro pop; and have been for a full 6 years, actually. What nobody would have dared to believe, never mind propagate, is happening at last: German music is on its way to gaining international acclaim and acceptance again.

While sceptics still suspect that German is only important on a national level, Melotron have probably just boarded yet another plane to perform one of their legendary shows somewhere on this globe.

Melotron are an exceptional band, not only on the electro scene. They switched genres for a month only recently, working up the audience for German pop chanteuse, Marianne Rosenberg, revealing that the grande dame of German pop is a major Melotron fan at heart.

Only two weeks later, Melotron were the only German act on stage with Howard Jones in Gothenburg, Sweden at the annual SAMA festival, and another two days later they headlined the Wave Gotic Treffen in Leipzig, where they were celebrated enthusiastically by the audience. There can be no doubt about it – Melotron inspire their fans.


Founded by Andy Krüger, Edgar Slatnow and Kay Hildebrandt in a small town in Germany’s East, they started their musical career at an early age. But unlike many of their colleagues, the three decided early on to communicate their message in their mother tongue, and while English-language bands sprang up like mushrooms all over the country, Melotron set about paving the way for German lyrics. Record companies soon started to take note, and offers began to pour in from various quarters.

But Melotron took their time, waiting until 1998 before signing a deal with Zoth Ommog, a label run by none other than techno icon Talla 2 XLC. The release of their debut album, «Mörderwerk», which caused a stir on the music scene, earned the band their first success. They toured with EBM heroes Front 242, supporting their 1999 tour. 2000 saw the arrival of their second offering, «Fortschritt», and the EPs «E.p.sode 3» and «Brüder», out on the newly founded indie label, Bloodline. The first European shows followed!


The band signed with SPV in 2002, releasing their «Weltfrieden» album, on which Melotron discovered other musical genres for the first time, demonstrating impressively that electronic music can definitely sound diverse and contemporary at the same time. Their fourth album, «Sternenstaub», arrived at the stores one year later. Following an extensive tour of the States and Canada, a distribution partner was found in Metropolis Records, America’s biggest independent label. Their tour took Melotron through Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Israel and many other countries, long having become the most successful act of their genre. The fifth album «Cliché» was out June 2005.

Now «Propaganda», the sixth album release by these likeable musicians, is ready for release. Open your mind and ears for new musical revolution - it's time to «Propaganda»!


Andy Krüger
Andy Krüger

Name: Andy Krüger
Job in the Band: Singer, Composer
Date of Birth: ?
Eyes Color: brown
Hair Color: dark blond :-)
Favorite Music: Melotron, Depeche Mode, Vivaldi
Favorite Melotron Song: all my songs
Favorite Drink: beer, water, red wine, tomato juice
Likes: dreaming and Love
Dislikes: working, working, working!
Dreams: I have everything, I'm a lucky man

Kay Hildebrandt
Kay Hildebrandt

Name: Kay «Hilde» Hildebrandt
Job in the Band: Keyboards, Computers, Productions
Date of Birth: Secret
Eyes Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Favorite Music: hmmm... Torfrock
Favorite Melotron Song: Welt du bist so still
Favorite Drink: hmmm... I think... Beck's beer
Likes: Computers without Windows eg. with Linux
Dislikes: Computers with Windows
Dreams: Peace

Edgar Slatnow
Edgar Slatnow

Name: Edgar Slatnow
Job in the Band: write the lyrics
Date of Birth: secret too
Eyes Color: blue-green-grey
Hair Color: no hair
Favorite Music: Leonard Cohen
Favorite Melotron Song: außer Kraft
Favorite Drink: everything with alcohol
Likes: every new day
Dislikes: the day after
Dreams: wet

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