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Melotron - Releases '2005

Last updated 08.08.05

[ single: Wenn Wir Wollten | album: CLICHÉ ]

«Wenn Wir Wollten»

«Wenn Wir Wollten»
«Wenn Wir Wollten»

First single from upcoming Melotron album «Cliche» is titled «Wenn Wir Wollten» and set to release on May 2nd, 2005 - via Synthetic (SPV).


[01] Wenn Wir Wollten
[02] Wenn Wir Wollten (Lange Version)
[03] Venus
[04] Menschenfresser (Klub Mix)



Our German electro pop favorites are back with new album! «Cliché» is the title of the brand new fifth regular studio album from Melotron (set to release on June 27th, 2005 via Synthetic Symphony / SPV). Continuing their very own and individual musical path they deliver once more what their fans expect: a simply perfect album of presise melodies and polished electro sounds! As uncompromised as never before «Cliché» sees the German trio composing songs of instant hit potential alongside tracks that expand and evolve their sound, taking in symphonic classical and techno dance influences. Again produced by Olaf Wollschläger, «Cliché» offers parallels in sound-solutions to established electro-heroes such as Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode or Chemical Brothers with their combination of cool electronics and heart-felt German lyrics.

«Cliché» will be released as regular CD (in jewel case) and as Limited Edition in a deluxe digipak including photo-postcards of the individual band members plus a Bonus CD containing one audio and one video track.


[01] Marlene
[02] Halt mich fest
[03] Frei wie das Meer
[04] Menschenfresser
[05] Stirb für mich
[06] Alles gesagt
[07] Wenn Wir Wollten
[08] Lebenslauf
[09] Einfach so
[10] Propaganda
[11] Griechisch/Römisch
[12] Gläserne Zeiten
[13] Sandström

Bonus CD:

[14] Menschenfresser (HECQ Mix)
[15] Brüder (Video Track, Live at Wave-Gotik-Treffen Leipzig 2004)

Music and lyrics: Andy Krüger and Edgar Slatnow published by Arabella Musikverlag/BMG Ufa except «Menschenfresser»: music and lyrics by Rio Reiser published by Sony ATV Music Publishing
Recorded, arranged and produced by Kay Hildebrandt and Olaf Wollschläger at Weltherren Tonstudios Kerpen Buir 2004.
Coproduction: Chuck Mellow
Mastering: John Cremer / Railroadtracks
Guest singer on «Stirb für Mich»: Susanne Adler
English Horn on «Frei wie das Meer»: Bernd Holz
Photos: Dirk Mathesius
Mail to Melotron: Postfach - 101303 - 17033 Neubrandenburg
Artwork: tagwerk, St. Petersburg

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