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Latest News
Latest News - July 2005

Last updated 26.07.05

[ 26.07.2005 ] - Melotron announced their Cliché Tour

Our German synth-pop favorites Melotron just announced their Cliché Tour. Look at some confirmed dates:

14.08.05 - Hildesheim, Germany - Flugplatz (Mera Luna Festival)
17.09.05 - Glauchau, Germany - Alte Spinnerei
01.10.05 - Zandaam, Holland - Kade
07.10.05 - Hannover, Germany - Capitol
09.10.05 - Moscow, Russia - B2 Club
15.10.05 - Halle, Switzerland - Volkspark
28.10.05 - Göteborg, Sweden - Trädgär’n
03.11.05 - Augsburg, Germany - Kantine
04.11.05 - Frankfurt/Main, Germany - Nachtleben
12.11.05 - Görlitz, Germany - Kulturbrauerei
18.11.05 - Krefeld, Germany - Kulturfabrik
17.12.05 - Bremen, Germany - Club Moments

Info taken from official Melotron web site.

[ 26.07.2005 ] - New Iris album


On August 29th, 2005 American electro-pop band Iris will release third regular studio album «Wrath» - via Infacted Records.


[01] Lands of Fire
[02] Appetite
[03] Imposter
[04] No One Else To Lose
[05] Guide On Raging Stars
[06] 68
[07] It Generates
[08] Hellïs Coming With Me
[09] Intercede Light
[10] You're The Delivered One

Info submited by Music Non Stop online music store.

[ 26.07.2005 ] - Armageddon Dildos are back!


Electro-pioneers Armageddon Dildos returns on August 22nd, 2005 with new maxi single «Sangreal» (via Ausfahrt). Featuring the brand new tracks «Conversion» and «Dark Obsession» alongside exclusive mixes from E-Craft, Rector Scanner, Implant and The Fair Sex, «Sangreal» comes packed with EBM highlights: a mixture of hard punishing electronics combined with energetic and muscular electro destined for alternative dancefloors everywhere!


[01] Dark Obsession
[02] Conversion
[03] Life Llike This (Remixed by E/Craft)
[04] Gotter Der Nacht (Null Device Mix)
[05] Rausch (Eisrausch Mix)
[06] Der Letzte Zarte Kuá (Extented Dildo Mix by Rector Scanner)
[07] Tanz Auf Dem Vulkan (Remixed by Inertia)
[08] Traurige Nation (The Happy Few Mix by Implant)
[09] Raus (X-Edit Version)
[10] Vergiá Nicht (Remixed by The Fair Sex)

Info submited by Music Non Stop online music store.

[ 26.07.2005 ] - «Hau Ruck» - new KMFDM album

«Hau Ruck»
«Hau Ruck»

Our ultra-heavy-beat favorites KMFDM presenting their brand new album «Hau Ruck» - set to release September 13th, 2005 via Metropolis. Translated from German as «Heave-Ho», album deliver an lesson in musical exhibitionism getting to work with ultra-heavy guitars, dance inducing synths and hard, aggressive beats. Further enhanced by distinct vocals (Lucia unleashes a spectrum of styles while Sascha K spews forth his own trademark bad-ass attitude) «Hau Ruck» prooves to be both lyrically thought provoking, yet humorously ironic, as KMFDM skewer the world and themselves with each stab.

Throwing out all misconceptions of the band and the genres they are associated with «Hau Ruck» is posibly the most powerful and innovative album that KMFDM have ever created. KMFDM produced and mixed «Hau Ruck» themselves and were even involved in the mastering process guaranteeing a sonic redefining of their signature sound. From the spoken introduction of the album to the closing track «Auf Wiederseh'n» (sung in German), KMFDM show exactly how it is done...


[01] Free Your Hate
[02] Hau Ruck
[03] You're No Good
[04] New American Century
[05] Real Thing
[06] Every Day's A Good Day
[07] Mini Mini Mini
[08] Professional Killer
[09] Feed Our Fame
[10] Ready To Blow
[11] Auf Wiederseh'n

Info submited by Music Non Stop online music store.

[ 26.07.2005 ] - Duran Duran on tour

Still alive new wave classics Duran Duran are on the road right now. Check their current tour dates:


26 - Dayton, US - Fraze Pavilion For The Perf. Arts
27 - Baltimore, US - Pier 6 Pavillion
29 - Atlantic City, US - House Of Blues
30 - Homdel, US - PNC Bank Arts Center
31 - Wantagh, US - Jones Beach Amphitheatre


02 - Pittsburgh, US - Chevy Amphitheatre
03 - Portsmouth, US - NTELOS Pavilion Harbor Center
13 - Tokyo, Japan - Summer Sonic Festival
14 - Osaka, Japan - Summer Sonic Festival
15 - Tokyo, Japan - Studio Coast


16 - Glasgow, UK - SECC
17 - Birmingham, UK - The NEC Arena
18 - Manchester, UK - Manchester Evening News Arena
21 - London, UK - Earls Court Olympia

Info taken from official Duran Duran web site.

[ 26.07.2005 ] - Double DVD from Front Line Assembly

Front Line Assembly will release «The Videos / Live Wired» double DVD in October 2005.

DVD1 - The Videos [01] Body Count (1988)
[02] No Limit (new)
[03] Iceolate (1990)
[04] Virus (1990)
[05] Mindphaser (1992)
[06] The Blade (1992)
[07] Laughing Pain (1992)
[08] Intermix - The Process (1992)
[09] Intermix - Monument (1992)
[10] Millennium (1994)
[11] Circuitry (new)
[12] Plasticity (1996)
[13] Comatose (new)
[14] Prophecy (new v3.0)
[15] Epitaph (2001)
[16] Everything Must Perish (new)
[17] Vanished (new)

and some bonuses

DVD2 - Live (Re)Wired

01 Mortal
02 Vigilante
03 Circuitry
04 Bio Mechanic
05 Resist
06 Surface Patterns
07 Modus Operandi
08 Liquid Seperation
09 Gun
10 Overkill
11 Millennium
12 Mindphaser
13 Body Count


- Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber 1995 Interview
- Jed Simon 2005 Interview
- Adrian White 2005 Interview

and more bonuses

Info taken from Front Line Assembly fan site.

[ 26.07.2005 ] - Fixmer/McCarthy in new movie

Cool! You will able to see Fixmer/McCarthy in a new movie «Between The Devil And The Wide Blue Sea» by Romuald Karmakar! The movie will have its premiere at this year's 58th International Film Festival in Locarno (Switzerland). The festival takes place from 3rd till 13th of August.

Movie features live performances from various electronic artists such as Alter Ego, Captain Comatose, Cobra Killer, Fixmer/McCarthy, Lotterboys, Tarwater, T.Raumschmiere, Rechenzentrum and Xlover. It shows – without interviews or commentary – diverse strategies of presentation of computerbased music in the season 2004/05, and ethnographic view on European subculture that has turned into an international subsystem.

Some movie info:

Director, Camera: Romuald Karmakar
Sound: Hirbod Aminlari
Editior: Robert Thomann, Uwe Klimmeck, Patricia Rommel
Production Company: Pantera Film GmbH, Berlin
Germany, 2005, 90 min, ratio: 4:3, color, Stereo

Info taken from official Fixmer/McCarthy web site.

[ 26.07.2005 ] - a-ha and Alphaville are working on new albums

The new a-ha studio album is now in the mixing process. The band is in London to mix the album with the renowned producer and engineer Flood.

At the same time Marian Gold & Co. have been busy working on the new Alphaville album. Some of the new songs had even been presented at the concerts this year («Gallery», «Around The Universe», «My Very Blood» and «Sweet Dreams»).

There are no definite release dates yet for these long awaited albums.

Info taken from various official sources.

[ 18.07.2005 ] - Funker Vogt with their «Navigator»


On September 5th, 2005 electro band Funker Vogt return with brand new album «Navigator» - via Synthetic Symphony. Taking its cue from lead single «Fallen Hero», this new album sees them fixing their crosshairs firmly on the dancefloor with a mixture of political insight fused with their bombastic, pumping electro - with tracks such as «Friendly Fire», «Rejects» and «Stronghold» delivering that patented euphoric Funker Vogt sound - an avalanche of direct, melodic electro anthems, rousing choruses and pummeling synthetic basslines. Elsewhere more personal and direct songs such as «The End», «House Of Sorrows», «No Tomorrow» and «For You» show a diverse and welcome edge to Funker Vogt - always melodic, but with slightly more complex arrangements (even utilising intensified guitar on tracks «Forward!», «Starfighters» and «No Tomorrow») and positive sound elements attatched to their driving structures.

Limited Edition version comes as special metal tin CD packaging with 3 bonus tracks.


[01] Killing Ground
[02] Fallen Hero
[03] No Tomorrow
[04] Friendly Fire
[05] Navigator
[06] House of Sorrows
[07] Thoughts of a Soldier
[08] Stronghold
[09] Starfighters
[10] Reject
[11] The End
[12] Für Dich
[13] Vorwörts!

Bonus Tracks (Only Limited Edition)

[14] Fallen Hero (Video Clip)
[15] Controlled Minds (Exclusive Track)
[16] Fallen Hero (Risen)

Info submited by Music Non Stop online music store.

[ 18.07.2005 ] - Cool compilation from Warner

Warner Music will release new complilation on September 27th, 2005. Entitled «Future Retro», it's a compilation of remixes from influential bands over the last twenty years.


[01] The Cure - The Walk (Infusion Mix) (5:36)
[02] Yaz - Situation (Richard X Remix) (5:50)
[03] Echo & The Bunnymen - Lips Like Sugar (Way Out West Remix Edit) (4:52)
[04] INXS - Need You Tonight (Static Revenger Mix Edit) (4:19)
[05] Depeche Mode - Shake The Disease (Tiga Remix) (6:47)
[06] Erasure - A Little Respect (Electrospect Mix) (6:35)
[07] Howard Jones - New Song (Peter Black & Hardrock Striker Mix Edit) (3:29)
[08] Alphaville - Forever Young (Hamel Album Mix) (5:04)
[09] New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle (The Crystal Method Extended Mix) (6:04)
[10] Grandmaster Flash - White Lines (Elite Force Mix) (7:39)
[11] Devo - Girl U Want (Black Light Odyssey Mix)(3:42)
[12] B-Movie - Nowhere Girl (Adam Freeland Mix) (7:31)
[13] Book Of Love - Boy (DJ Irene Rockstar Mix) (4:28)
[14] Morrissey - Suedehead (Sparks Remix) (6:36)

Double LP:

[01] The Cure - The Walk (Infusion 12" Remix) (8:59)
[02] New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle (Richard X 12" Mix) (7:04)
[03] Depeche Mode - Shake The Disease (Tiga Remix)(6:47)
[04] B-Movie - Nowhere Girl (Adam Freeland Mix) (7:31)
[05] INXS - Need You Tonight (Static Revenger Mix) (6:41)
[06] Echo & The Bunnymen - Lips Like Sugar (Way Out West Remix) (7:32)
[07] Howard Jones - New Song (Peter Black & Hardrock Striker Mix) (7:42)
[08] Grandmaster Flash - White Lines (Elite Force Mix) (7:39)
[09] Yazoo - Situation (Future Funk Squad Remix) (6:38)
[10] Alphaville - Forever Young (Hamel Club Mix) (7:41)

Info taken from official Depeche Mode web site.

[ 18.07.2005 ] - APB is returning!

«In This Together»
«In This Together»

On August 16th, 2005, after a three-year break, the Norwegian electro-pioneers Apoptygma Berzerk will release their brand new single, «In This Together» - via Gun Supersonic label. Band leader Stephan Groth used the creative break to do some stylistic fine tuning: in comparison to their last release, «Harmonizer» (2002), whose dancefloor grooves and atmospheric dark wave sounds rocketed it to the top of the European club charts, «In This Together» has a rockier character.

The return of guitarist Anders Odden, who was previously in the line-up until 1999, has clearly affected the sound: the triumvirate of sounds, integrating expansive synth soundscapes, cool guitar riffs and the unmistakable voice of Stephan Groth, opens a new chapter in the career of Apoptygma Berzerk transporting the band from EBM to industrial, trance and dancefloor and continuing on to electro rock.


[01] In This Together (Single Version)
[02] Faceless Fear
[03] Until The End Of The World (Acoustic)
[04] In This Together (Flipside Club Mix)
[05] In This Together (Voltage Controlled Music Remix)

Info taken from official Apoptygma Berzerk web site.

[ 08.07.2005 ] - A lot of Goldfrapp news

The electronic pop band Goldfrapp release their brand new single «Ooh La La» on August 8th, 2005. This is followed by their new album, «Supernature», released on August 22nd, 2005. Goldfrapp's third album «Supernature» follows their Mercury Prize nominated debut release «Felt Mountain» in 2000 and 2003's' «Black Cherry». «We've made an electronic, glam cross between Berlin, New York and north-east Somerset.» explains Alison. The new album is the sound of Goldfrapp breaking through their own crash barrier - a strident, psychedelic, 100% uncompromising creative force at the top of their very own game.


«Supernature» tracklisting:

[01] Ooh La La
[02] Lovely 2 C U
[03] Ride A White Horse
[04] U Never Know
[05] Let It Take You
[06] Fly Me Away
[07] Slide In
[08] Koko
[09] Satin Chic
[10] Time Out From The World
[11] Number 1

Goldfrapp Live dates:


23 - London, UK - Finsbury Park - Big Gay Out


08 - Cambridge, UK - Junction
09 - Sheffield, UK - Leadmill
10 - Liverpool, UK - Academy
13 - Cuevas del Amanzora, Spain - Playa de Villaricos - Creamfields-Andalucia
19 - Hasselt-Kiewit, Belgium - Pukkelpop
20 - Stafford, UK - V2005
21 - Chelmsford, UK - V2005
24 - Cologne, Germany - Gloria
26 - Paris, France - Rock En Seine
27 - London, UK - TDK Cross Central


03 - Dublin, Ireland - Portlaoise - Electric Picnic


02 - Bristol, UK - Carling Academy
03 - Brighton, UK - Dome
05 - Norwich, UK - UEA

Info submited by Mute Records.

[ 08.07.2005 ] - One more single from «Hotel»

«Dream About Me»
«Dream About Me»

As we just informed, Moby are going to release new single from «Hotel» album, «Dream About Me», on August 1st. It will available in 3 commercial formats: CD (cat. no.: CDMUTE355), 7" (cat. no.: MUTE355) and 12" (cat. no.: 12MUTE355). Complete tracklistings:


[01] Dream About Me (Radio Mix)
[02] Feeling So Real (Live in London)


[01] Dream About Me
[02] Dream About Me (The Shortwave Set Pick 'n' Mix)


[01] Dream About Me (Sebastian Ingrosso Remix)
[02] Dream About Me (MHC Extended Remix)
[03] Dream About Me (Booka Shade Remix)

Info submited by Mute Records.

[ 08.07.2005 ] - «Archives» DVD from EM

On July 15th, 2005 Swedish synthpop pop act Elegant Machinery will release their «Archives» DVD, with exclusive footage and never-seen-before performances, collecting together rare and unseen material from EM history. It includes over 2 hours of unmissable nostalgia!


Virtual X-Mas '98
(originally released in 1999 on video, it has been entirely re-edited and re-formatted for this DVD)

[01] Black Town
[02] Save Me
[03] Things I'm Saying
[04] Hard to Handle
[05] Words Of Wisdom
[06] Myself With You
[07] Process
[08] To Live
[09] Restrain
[10] Watching You

Shattered Grounds
(Mejeriet, Lund, December 14th, 1996)

[11] Black Town
[12] Flag of Truce
[13] Shattered Grounds
[14] Restrain
[15] Save Me
[16] Watching You


- Helsingbord Synthfestival 1998
- National Swedish TV Interview 1998, mixed with live shots
- Video-Clip «Black Town» (1991)
- Interview during Festival in Lund 1998
- Interview at SynthCon01 Los Angeles/USA 2001

Record Label: ERDV
Picture Format : PAL
Region Code : 0 (all regions)

Info submited by Music Non Stop online music store.

[ 08.07.2005 ] - Second single from NIN

On July 25th, 2005 Trent Reznor and Co. will release UK only second single «Only» from their latest masterwork «With Teeth». Single will out via Interscope in 3 formats: CD, DVD and 9" Vinyl.

«Only» CD
«Only» CD


[01] Only
[02] The Hand That Feeds (DFA Remix)
[03] Love Is Not Enough (Live At Rehersals)

«Only» DVD
«Only» DVD


[01] Only (Video)
[02] Only
[03] Love Is Not Enough (Live At Rehersals)

Technical Information
Picture Format: PAL
Region Code: 0 (all regions)

«Only» Vinyl
«Only» Vinyl

9" Vinyl:

[01] Only
[02] The Hand That Feeds (DFA Remix)

Info submited by Music Non Stop online music store.

[ 08.07.2005 ] - «Playing The Angel» - new DM album!

Depeche Mode
Depeche Mode

This week our long time favorites Depeche Mode have announced the title of their upcoming album. The album will be called «Playing The Angel» and will out on October 17th.

There are no full album tracklisting yet, but already confirmed songs are «Precious», «Sinner in Me», «Suffer Well», «John the Revelator», «Macrovision», «A Pain That Im Used To», and «I Want It All».

Album will be preceded by the single «Precious» to be released in early October.

Info submited by official Depeche Mode web site.

[ 08.07.2005 ] - «Reise, Reise (Vol.2)» - in October!

Good official news: Rammstein are currently working on a «Reise, Reise» successor, which will have a title «Reise, Reise (Vol.2)» and set to release in October. They are already playing new song «Benzin» on their recent concerts, possibly this track will be first single from new album.

Info taken from official Rammstein web site.

[ 08.07.2005 ] - NamNamBulu is dead, Reaper is alive

As written on the official NamNamBulu web site, singer Henrik Iversen has announced he is to quit the band. His departure also means the end of NamNamBulu as a duo and as a band. Infacted Records issued a statement later on saying that the band was dissolved due to internal conflicts between the two members Henrik Iversen and Vasi Vallis. Vasi from his side will continue producing music under the name Reaper. Debut Reaper release titled «Angst EP» and will out via Infacted on August 15th.

«Angst EP»
(cat. no. fact 3038-5)


[01] Jagd
[02] Angst
[03] Daemon
[04] Totengraeber (Club Edit)
[05] Angst (Soman Remix)
[06] Totengraeber (Original edit)
[07] Daemon (Gudfried Remix by Heimataerde)
[08] Weltfremd
[09] Verloren

Check more information at official Reaper web site.

Info taken from various official sources.

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