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All about And One
Concert in Moscow '2002

Last updated 10.06.02

AND ONE concert took place on May 9th, 2002 in «Tochka», club during annual convention of Depeche Mode fans.

Support acts:

[01] Dance group Nirmala Dance (two beautiful girls danced under Depeche Mode music)
[02] Moscow synth-pop duo MODUL (they performed several new songs)

At 10 pm AND ONE appeared on stage.

AND ONE show in «Tochka» Club


Steve Naghavi (vocal)
Gio Van Oli (keyboards)
Chris Ruiz (keyboards)

Jorgen Strandquist (sound engineer)

AND ONE show in «Tochka» Club

And One performed with 2 hour set of best AO hits.

AND ONE show in «Tochka» Club


[01] Uns Gehts Gut
[02] Fur
[03] Metalhammer
[04] Pray
[05] Get You Closer
[06] Second Voice
[07] Sometimes
[08] Wasted
[09] Don't Need The Drugs
[10] Goodbye Germany
[11] The Secret
[12] Technoman
[13] Die Mitte
[14] Deutschmaschine
[15] Take Some More
[16] Nachtschicht In Der Hassfabrik

AND ONE show in «Tochka» Club


[17] Big In Japan
[18] Panzermensch

AND ONE show in «Tochka» Club

Concert was attended by 500 fans.

AND ONE show in «Tochka» Club

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