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And One - releases 2006

Last updated 18.12.06

[ single: Military Fashion Show ( lyrics ) | single: So Klingt Liebe | album: BODYPOP | album: BEST OF | single: Traumfrau | single: Frontfeuer ]

Military Fashion Show (single)

«Military Fashion Show»
«Military Fashion Show»

New And One single «Military Fashion Show» ( OUT 222 / SPV CD 320273) will out May 19th, 2006 via their new European label Out Of Line. The title track is an infernal mix of stomping EBM beats, weirdly beautiful synthesizer hooks and highly memorable melodies - addictive Body-Pop at its best! «Military Fashion Show» contains all the ingredients of a typical And One anthem and yet manages to sound fresh, dirty and new at the same time. The two other new tracks on the single do not fail to amaze either: «Beauty Clown» is one of those strange and provocative German electro pop songs with which Steve Naghavi always manages to take the crowds by storm. After that, «Computerstar» revs up the blistering beats to embark on a synthetic transfer from neuro transmitters to computer to dancefloor.


[01] Military Fashion Show
[02] Beauty Clown
[03] Computer Star
[04] Military Fashion Show (Naghavi's Re-Something)
[05] Reklame «So Klingt Liebe»

Steve Naghavi (Music and Voice)
Chris Ruiz (Machines)
Gio Van Oli (Machines)

All Songs written and Produced by Steve Naghavi Recorded in April 2006 in Hamburg at "Bodypop-Tonwerke"
Mastered by Bernd Steinwedel at Studio-Nord Bremen
Special Thanks to Hans Barth
See You at the Big Final Bodypop-Concert in Hamburg 2006
Cover-Picture by Tommy Aigner - Pixelbude. Inside-Picture by ximagination - FOTOLIA Sleevedesign by

All tracks published ny Warner Chappel

«Military Fashion Show»
«Military Fashion Show»

«Military Fashion Show» lyrics:

Cutiest girl behind my door
Everybody's hiding in love from war
The beauty broke down their chains somehow
Who's gonna living on my body now

A growing pain within my pop divine
Will I ever regret the line
Switching on the light
I will not reassign
Girlfriend's girlfriends never could be mine

Drop her white pants wide open warm
Now she's slipping on her uniform
And every second would become so misdefine
Girlfriend's girlfriends never could be mine

What can I do?
What can I say?
Choose your weapon, time to pay
Forget about the second day
We could be friends
With a kiss in flow
Choose your weapon, time to go
A military fashion show

Cutiest girl ask for more
Unfortunately, someone's creeping on my floor
An empty glass, a topless babe, a knock on the door
Girlfriend's girlfriends never could be more

What can I do...

«Military Fashion Show»
«Military Fashion Show»

So Klingt Liebe (single)

Second And One single titled «So Klingt Liebe» and set to release on July 14th. It will available in 3 formats and in total will include 9 live tracks, 3 bonus tracks and 3 remixes.

«So Klingt Liebe» 1 (S)
«So Klingt Liebe» 1 (S)

So Klingt Liebe 1 (S) OUT 232-34 / SPV CD 320350

[01] So Klingt Liebe (Club Hit)
[02] Für (Live)
[03] Recover You (Live)
[04] Metalhammer (Live)
[05] Hardware Conflict
[06] So Klingt Liebe (Radio)
[07] So Klingt Liebe (S-Mix)

«So Klingt Liebe» 2 (E)
«So Klingt Liebe» 2 (E)

So Klingt Liebe 2 (E) OUT 232-34 / SPV CD 320353

[01] So Klingt Liebe (Club Hit)
[02] Second Voice (Live)
[03] Bodynerv (Live)
[04] Sometimes (Live)
[05] Tell Me Lies
[06] So Klingt Liebe (Radio)
[07] So Klingt Liebe (E-Mix)

«So Klingt Liebe»3 (X)
«So Klingt Liebe» 3 (X)

So Klingt Liebe 3 (X) OUT 232-34 / SPV CD 320358

[01] So Klingt Liebe (Club Hit)
[02] Get You Closer (Live)
[03] Deutschmaschine (Live)
[04] Take Some More (Live)
[05] Schmerzengel
[06] So Klingt Liebe (Radio)
[07] So Klingt Liebe (X-Mix)

BODYPOP (album)


We are happy to inform you that new long awaited And One album «Bodypop» will be released on September 1st, 2006 via Out Of Line. Limited Edition will feature special Bonus «Frontfeuer» EP with 5 exclusive tracks!


[01] Mein Anfang
[02] Military Fashion Show
[03] Enjoy The Unknown
[04] So Klingt Liebe
[05] The Sound Of Believer
[06] Body Company
[07] Traumfrau
[08] Stand The Pain
[09] Sexkeit
[10] Love You To The End
[11] The Dream
[12] Dein Ende

Bonus EP (Limited Edition only)

[01] Rearming Strafbomber
[02] Master Master
[03] A Kind Of Deutsch
[04] Steine sind Steine
[05] The Force

BEST OF (album)

«Best Of»
«Best Of»

Brand new double CD collection from our German Body-Pop favorites And One simply titled «Best Of» will released October 2nd, 2006 via Machinery Records. This is an upgraded reissue of a release originally out in 1998. This version includes new artwork and bonus extra tracks (including «So Klingt Liebe» - first And One single for Out Of Line), alongside their earlier hits on Disc 1 while Disc 2 brings together rare remixes and b-side tracks.


Disc 1:

[01] Ego («I.S.T.»)
[02] Schwarz («Aggressor»)
[03] Hall Of Souls («Spot»)
[04] Deutschmaschine («I.S.T.»)
[05] Techno Man («Flop»)
[06] The Secret («I.S.T. » English Version)
[07] Metalhammer («Anguish»)
[08] The Only Guest («I.S.T.»)
[09] Erste Liebe («Flop»)
[10] Sternradio («Aggressor»)
[11] Take Some More («I.S.T.» English Version)
[12] Tanz der Arroganz («Spot»)
[13] Anguish («Anguish»)
[14] Driving With My Darling («I.S.T.»)
[15] Rosario («Flop»)

Disc 2:

[01] Metalhammer (Heavy Metal Mix) («Anguish»)
[02] Natternalarm («Deutschmaschine» Single)
[03] And One (LP Edit) («Metalhammer» Single)
[04] I Wanna Go Home (Through Kuwait) («Aus Der Traum» Single)
[05] Friend Of Stars («Life Isn't Easy In Germany» Single)
[06] Body Nerv («I.S.T.« International Version)
[07] Life Isn't Easy in Germany (Dub Mix)
[08] Second Voice (Teuer Mix) («Techno Man» Single)
[09] Ghama Voodoo («Deutschmaschine» Single)
[10] Techno Man (Hunka Mix) («Techno Man» Single)
[11] Made Of Plastic («I.S.T.» International Version)
[12] Metalhammer (Clubmix) («Metalhammer» Single)
[13] Krieger
[14] Wasted
[15] Get You Closer

Bonus Track:

[16] So Klingt Liebe

Traumfrau (single)


Germans And One will release their third new single «Traumfrau» - it will out December 8th via Out Of Line


[01] Traumfrau (Video Version)
[02] Body Company (Club Hit)
[03] Naghavigationssystem
[04] Tonight
[05] Traumfrau (Mixmix)
[06] Traumfrau (Video)
[07] So Klingt Liebe (Video)

Frontfeuer (single)


On December 11th, 2006 Germans And One released exclusive US single «Frontfeuer» - via Metropolis. The EP's lead song, «Rearming Strafbomber», is the english version of And One's classic «Strafbomber» track.


[01] Rearming Strafbomber
[02] Master Master
[03] A Kind Of Deutsch
[04] Steine Sind Steine
[05] The Force

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