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Last updated 30.12.08

[ single: Paddy Is My DJ ]

Paddy Is My DJ (single)

«Paddy Is My DJ»
«Paddy Is My DJ»

Steve Naghavi and his band of merry men are playing Santa Claus! This year, And One's fans are in for a special treat: a 7" single «Paddy Is My DJ» in stylish orange vinyl, limited to 500 copies! The a-side of this exclusive goodie is a brand new hit tune «Paddy Is My DJ» from Steves sonic laboratory and another chapter in his quest for the perfect electro-pop-tune and the total Naghavigation of the entire world! This outrageously catchy little song is full of clever twists and turns a synthetic sense of well-being with a patent leg-shaker activation mechanism and a lot of surprises. The b-side is a sparkling and exclusive live cover version of «Timekiller», featuring And Ones glorious SuperDuperCoverLoverMegasound. This track perfectly captures the searing live atmosphere of last years tour. It also hints at the possibility that the release of «Bodypop 1 ½» may be right around the corner. So, keep your eyes open and your ears pricked! This nifty little vinyl single is a formidable little appetizer for things to come.

«Paddy Is My DJ» will released on December 16th, 2008 via Out Of Line.


[01] Paddy Is My DJ
[02] Timekiller (Live in Hamburg)

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