30-е сентября 2022 London Records (UK) Альбом Digital CD Vinyl LP / Limited LP Limited Edition Cassette

Blancmange - «Private View» (Альбом)

Трек лист:

Digital / CD

01. What's Your Name
02. Some Times These 03:31
03. Reduced Voltage
04. Here We Go Go
05. Chairs
06. Who Am I
07. Everything Is Connected
08. I Tried to Be You
09. Private View
10. Take Me

Vinyl / Cassette

A1. What's Your Name
A2. Some Times These
A3. Reduced Voltage
A4. Here We Go Go
A5. Chairs

B1. Who Am I
B2. Everything is Connected
B3. I Tried To Be You
B4. Private View
B5. Take Me

Доступные форматы:

- Digital
- CD (номер по каталогу: LMS5521738)
- Black Vinyl (номер по каталогу: LLMS5521737)
- Limited Edition Orange Vinyl (номер по каталогу: LMS5521759)
- Limited Edition Cassette

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