Our Bristol synth-pop friends Mesh will release amazing «Touring Skyward - A Tour Movie» - Blu-ray + 2CD Artbook - exciting road movie from their tour in Germany.

«Touring Skyward - A Tour Movie» - artbook release from mesh

«Difficult things take a long time - impossible things a little longer. It’s been a long time in the making but ‘Touring Skyward’ will eventually see its release on January 2022. The Covid pandemic, technical and manufacturing issues all of that contributed to the frustrations of putting this together but now is your chance to get your hands on the Blu-ray.»

Richard Silverthorn (Mesh)

Beside concerts in Hamburg, Königsstein and Cologne, cameras follow band into the backstage, into tour bus, and to other usually restricted or private locations, so you will see stage setups, band and fan interviews and more. Two live CDs with 23 tracks and a Blu-ray with 3 ½ hours playing time, in hardcover 30x30 cm 60 pages artbook, with exclusive artwork and exclusive live pictures.

Complete information about Mesh «Touring Skyward - A Tour Movie» tracklist and formats - here.

Info submitted by Dependent Records label.

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