Four years after their latest album, gothic legends Lacrimosa are present new one titled «Leidenschaft» just before Christmas 2021.

«Leidenschaft» - new album from gothic legends Lacrimosa

«Originally, the album was supposed to be finished and released a little earlier, but due to the restrictions of the last few months, a lot of work had to be postponed and plans had to be changed. Digital networking makes a lot possible, but some production steps, such as orchestral recordings, can ultimately only be carried by all musicians coming together in one recording hall, playing together. But now the work is done and completed and the long awaited album comes out still in 2021!»


«Leidenschaft» is much more than just a new 14th album, it is a magical culmination of extraordinary band with 30 years history, combining gothic with metal in stunning classical orchestrations.

Complete information about Lacrimosa «Leidenschaft» tracklist and formats - here.

Info submitted by Hall of Sermon label.

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