Depeche Mode 12" vinyl singles project continues with the release of «Exciter | The 12" Singles» on June 10th, 2022 via Sony Music.

Depeche Mode 12 inch vinyl singles - next is «Exciter»

«Exciter | The 12" Singles», a collector's edition Deluxe Box Set, contains eight 12" vinyl discs presenting four singles - «Dream On», «I Feel Loved», «Freelove» and «Goodnight Lovers» - with b-sides, remixes, instrumentals, acoustic versions and other recordings contemporaneous to Depeche Mode's tenth studio album «Exciter» (2001).

Three of the 12" vinyl discs in «Exciter | The 12" Singles» are comprised of tracks first released across CD singles throughout the album campaign. Each of these new discs feature artwork reflecting the original CD single releases, to create newly compiled 12"s visually and musically complementing the initial releases. The collection includes electrifying remixes of Depeche Mode originals and the single version of «Dirt» (The Stooges cover).

«Exciter | The 12" Singles» continue Depeche Mode's tradition of issuing monumental 12" singles to supplement and compliment their album releases. «Exciter | The 12" Singles» includes a replica of the «Dream On» promotional poster and the large format poster that came with the 12" of «Goodnight Lovers».

Complete information about Depeche Mode «Exciter | The 12" Singles» tracklist and formats - here.

Info taken from official Depeche Mode website.

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