Erasure announced that last part of their The Neon project will be an album entitled «Day-Glo (Based On A True Story)» which will be released on August 12th, 2022 via Mute Records.

«Day-Glo (Based On A True Story)» - last part of  Erasure The Neon project

An unexpected bonus record, «Day-Glo (Based On A True Story)» was born out of Vince Clarke’s lockdown experimentation when he kept himself occupied by manipulating the sound files that he had produced for «The Neon» in new directions, leading him to discover another album hidden within the folds of the original. But although you can hear snatches of the original album from time to time «Day-Glo (Based On A True Story)» bears little resemblance to «The Neon». As Vince unravelled «The Neon» he brought Andy in to provide new vocals and, where «The Neon» was mostly an upbeat dance record, «Day-Glo (Based On A True Story)» is more atmospheric and introspective.

Erasure «Day-Glo (Based On A True Story)» will be available as CD and fluorescent Green Vinyl as well as Digital.

Complete information about Erasure «Day-Glo (Based On A True Story)» tracklist and formats - here.

Info taken from official Erasure web site.

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