Markus Reinhardt aka Renard (ex-Wolfsheim) and Marian Gold (Alphaville) released soulful video for song about depression and dark side of life.

Markus Reinhardt and Marian Gold in project againt depression

Life is sometimes colourful, sometimes black, sometimes white, sometimes black and white. Talented musician Markus Reinhardt (Renard, ex-Wolfsheim) and the photographer / video artist Ronny «wieglas" Zeisberg captured that feelings in an impressive music video. Actors Oliver Korittke, Sandra Quadflieg, Hans Peter Korff, Christiane Leuchtmann, Melina Juergens, David Bennent, Lambert Hamel and André Eisermann show the dark side of life.

Marian Gold, singer of the legendary German pop band Alphaville, wrote and sang the lyrics for «Damn Happy» - song of the Renard project by Markus Reinhardt. A soulful, dark and encouraging electronic ballad at the same time with the unmistakable singing of Marian Gold. Reinhardt and Ronny Zeisberg have set themselves the goal of making human suffering and depression through the protagonists tangible and visible in all its facets in the video. The result is strong black-and-white images and sequences that are reduced to the essentials and are therefore very emotional. «Damn Happy» taken from recent Renard album «Waking Up in a Different World» (2020).

The video was premiered at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen festival in Leipzig.

According to statistics, around 5.3 million people suffer from depression in Germany every year. There has long been talk of a «widespread disease» - but there is still a lot of educational work to be done so that depression is seen for what it is: a serious illness for which one does not need to be ashamed or hide. Zeisberg and Reinhardt support the work of the Deutsche Depressions Liga (German Depression League) - voluntary association fights for those affected at all levels, supports projects for education, help and self-help since 2009. They also donate the proceeds from the streaming of the video and the merchandising (shirts and more) for «Damn Happy» to the DDL.

Check new Renard «Damn Happy» video - here.

Info submitted by official Renard web site.

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