On Friday October 13th, our German friends In Strict Confidence released a very special compilation «Mechanical Symphony» that showcases their greatest hits in an entirely new light.

«Mechanical Symphony» - new reinterpreted compilation from In Strict Confidence

All the songs have been completely reinterpreted in a fascinating orchestral film music soundtrack. They remain unmistakably recognizable, yet have been recreated in a monumental symphony. «Zauberschloss», «Seven Lives», «Morpheus», or «Forbidden Fruit» are just a few of the classics that have been firmly rooted in the scene and among the fans for years.

As a bonus, you’ll find the entire work again on the second CD as an instrumental version, providing another listening pleasure. In total, there are 24 tracks that constitute a musical experience and are a must-have for every fan and lover of gripping music.

You can check official videos - In Strict Confidence - «Zauberschloss (Mechanical Symphony)» and In Strict Confidence - «Forbidden Fruit (Mechanical Symphony)».

Complete information about In Strict Confidence «Mechanical Symphony»» tracklist and formats - here.

Info submitted by official In Strict Confidence web site.

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