Iconic Depeche Mode film collection directed and filmed by Anton Corbijn finally will be released for the first time ever on DVD and Blu-Ray - via Sony Music Entertainment on Friday, December 8th.

Depeche Mode's «Strange» and «Strange Too» to be released for the first time ever on DVD and Blu-Ray

Previously available as individual titles in VHS and Laserdisc formats (now out-of-print and highly collectible), «Strange» (1988) and «Strange Too» (1990) are compilations of the provocative and visionary short films created by master photographer/director Anton Corbijn, in collaboration with Depeche Mode, started a new visual iconography for the band and their music.

Available for the first-time in DVD and Blu-ray formats and as a single collection, «Strange/Strange Too» presents 11 Depeche Mode music films, newly restored from original Super 8 sources, alongside 6 previously unseen outtake vignettes from the Depeche Mode archives.

«Anton Corbijn's photography and art direction have played an indispensable part in the evolution of the Depeche Mode aesthetic. «Strange» and «Strange Too» are essential titles in both the Depeche Mode and Anton Corbijn catalogues, and are the perfect example of Anton's unique ability to capture the spirit of DM on film.»

Depeche Mode

«Strange/Strange Too» DVD and Blu-ray variants come in a digipack with a 16-page concertina booklet featuring photographs and new liner notes penned by Anton Corbijn.

«To be seen as 'strange' in a creative field is no bad thing as it probably means 'different' which I find is a very positive description of one's struggle to be just that. The idea to make this into a connected series of little films and fake interviews came late into the process of shooting these. I was shooting all the films myself on Super 8 film. We put all this together on a shoestring budget; those were that kind of days. We have to look at these films in the light of us being young; we were experimenting and I am happy we were given that space at the time by Daniel Miller.»

Anton Corbijn

«Strange/Strange Too» will be released through SME worldwide, excluding USA, Canada and Mexico (where the it will be released through Warner Music Group).

Complete information about Depeche Mode «Strange/Strange Too» tracklist and formats - here.

Info taken from official Depeche Mode website.

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