British electro-pop quartet Ladytron just announced their highly anticipated seventh studio album «Time’s Arrow» - set to release on January 20th, 2023 via Cooking Vinyl.

Ladytron announced seventh studio album «Time’s Arrow» in 2023

New single Ladytron «City of Angels» (released October 14th) is their first new music released since 2019. Over insistent analogue backing, the song inverts sensuous imagery into a vision of a near future with a collapse of cultural memory.

«It’s about forgetting how fragile it is …not about one particular place or other, but a merging of them.»

Daniel Hunt, Ladytron

Beauty, disposability and fragility of the culture that surrounds us, and the exhilaration of freeing yourself from those structures… these are themes Ladytron return to on «Time’s Arrow». Crystalline melodies enveloped in icy textures and rippling arpeggios, shoegaze, disco, and industrial sounds that combine in their signature electro pop style.

Check new Ladytron «City of Angels» official video - here.

Complete information about Ladytron «Time's Arrow» tracklist and formats - here.

Info taken from official Ladytron website.

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