Our longtime favorites Diorama will release the remix compilation «Fast Advance Fast Reverse» as successor to their 2020 album «Tiny Missing Fragments» - on December 9th, 2022 via Accession Records.

«Fast Advance Fast Reverse» - remix compilation from Diorama

The idea for this release came initially from the outside and grew out of the interest of various artists, eager to collaborate with the band. It quickly became clear that Diorama themselves had something to say as well – they had completely alternative versions of album tracks up their sleeves, ready to see the light of day. The result is a fusion of third party remixes and Diorama's own edits, covering an enormously wide range of styles – from fragile piano and guitar sounds to harsh industrial techno. Therefore, «Fast Advance Fast Reverse» has become much more than just a musical epilogue. It's a stand-alone release providing perfect dancefloor fodder, while also offering straight balladesque moments for those more in love with diorama's earlier works.

«Fast Advance Fast Reverse» offers 9 tracks and contains mixes by Zoodrake, Faderhead, Chrctrs, Broken Spencer and Mental Discipline, combined with 3 alternative versions by Diorama themselves.

Diorama «Reprise Remixes» will available as digital and as Limited CD.

Complete information about Diorama «Fast Advance Fast Reverse» tracklist and formats - here.

Info taken from official Diorama website.

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