Canadian industrial hero Bill Leeb known as frontman of Front Line Assembly will release debut solo album «Model Kollapse» on September 13th via Metropolis Records.

Bill Leeb is starting his first solo project with debut album «Model Kollapse»
Photo by Bobby Talamine

«We are proud to announce that Metropolis Records has signed Bill Leeb for his first solo project. Bill Leeb has had a prolific career as a founding member of Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly and Delerium. His music has been highly influential, and we are excited to see what this new chapter in his career will bring for him and his listeners. I'm honored to fulfill My father's (Dave Heckman) life long vision and to be doing this project with a lifelong family friend I can honestly call family (Bill leeb). This project is near and dear to all of our hearts here at Metropolis and I know it would make my father proud.»

Nina Heckman of Metropolis Records

«Model Kollapse» marks Leeb’s very first solo venture since the mid-80s days of Front Line Assembly, when he used to make recordings in his bedroom and released them on limited edition cassette format. Almost four decades on, his new album was recorded and produced in Vancouver, Toronto and Los Angeles with assistance from Vancouver/Toronto-based production duo Dream Bullet. This album also involves his Front Line Assembly and Delerium partner Rhys Fulber, mixing engineer Greg Reely, Actors’ frontman Jason Corbett, and LA artist Mimi Page.

«The album explores the intricacies of artificial intelligence and the survival of humanity itself. As virtual agents become more complex and interactive, humans may come to view them as essentially like other humans. We forge forward on an unprecedented technological scale, it makes me wonder how much longer humankind can stay in control of various aspects of our lives. Automation has already taken over many industries. With technology running the world, plus hackers potentially holding us hostage in the future, will the entire planet be vulnerable to a [AI] Model Kollapse? What will we do if there is no electricity, for example? Chaos would surely ensue.»

Bill Leeb

The first single «Terror Forms» features Shannon Hemmett from Actors and will be out on July 9th.

Check Bill Leeb feat. Shannon Hemmett - «Terror Forms» official video - here.

Check complete information about Bill Leeb - «Model Kollapse» details and track list - here.

Info submitted by Metropolis Records.

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