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Latest News
Latest News - November 2002

Last updated 25.11.02

[ 25.11.2002 ] - «Friends Like These» tracklisting!

Cool news from mesh! They will release long awaited «Friends Like These» single on January 27th, 2003. The radio and club promotion is starting already so you will get a chance to hear things very, very soon.

«Friends Like These»
«Friends Like These»


[01] Friends Like These (Video Edit)
[02] Friends Like These (Icon of Coil Xenomorph Mix)
[03] Friends Like These (Schiller Remix)
[04] Friends Like These (Decoder & Substance Remix)
[05] Friends Like These (Tom Wax Remix)
[06] Friends Like These (mesh/ biNARy_giRL Edit)
[07] Friends Like These (Hello2ufriendmix (biNARy_giRL))
[08] Leave You Nothing (Mesh 120 Club Mix)
[09] From This Height
[10] Leave You Nothing (Video)
[11] Friends Like These (Video)

As you can see, with this single band try to offer the best value for money so that fans can be persuaded to buy it and not download it free in some form. Also they decided not to put copy protection on the CD as this is an inconvenience to the listeners. Thank you very much, mesh guys!

Info taken from official mesh web site.

[ 25.11.2002 ] - AND ONE live one more time

As we're informed recently, And One will be guest band on Cyberline cybergothic event at Tivoli in Utrecht (Holland). Other live bands at Cyberline are Nebula H and Project X. SUICIDE COMMANDO will be special guest and DJ at the after party starting right after the concerts.

Info taken from Cybergothic web site.

[ 22.11.2002 ] - Joke Jay on new Funker Vogt's single!

Joke Jay
Joke Jay

German EBM band Funker Vogt released their new album «Survivor» in three different editions a month ago. The next release will be «Red Queen» single. One mix will contain the voice of Joke Jay, formerly the second vocalist and drummer of And One.

Info taken from Release Magazine web site.

[ 22.11.2002 ] - AND ONE & MELOTRON live in concert


And One have confirmed that they will play as special guests at the Melotron Christmas concert in Neubrandenburg on December 26th. The band will perform with their new line-up and play some material from the forthcoming And One album «Agressor».

Info taken from Release Magazine web site.

[ 11.11.2002 ] - New Ministry album in February 2003

Ministry completed their «Animositisomina» recording sessions. Sanctuary Records (Germany) has confirmed the release date to be February 17, 2003 through Mayan Records. The CD comes two weeks earlier to the US market, on February 4th. Album is produced by Hypo Luxa.

Album tracklisting is:

[01] Animosity
[02] Unsung
[03] Piss
[04] Lockbox
[05] Broken
[06] The Light Pours Out Of Me
[07] Shove
[08] Impossible
[09] Stolen
[10] Leper

The band is expected to begin touring early next year. In related news, MTV recently reported that Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen married his girlfriend Angelina Lukacin in late September in Memphis, USA.

Info taken from various sources.

[ 11.11.2002 ] - De/Vision announced Devolution Tour '2003

Hot news! De/Vision just announced dates of their Germany Tour in 2003. There are confirmed dates and cities:



08 - Bielefeld - PC 69
09 - Munchen - New Backstage
10 - Koln - Live Music Hall
11 - Dresden - Bunker (*)
12 - Erfurt - Gewerkschaftshaus (*)
13 - Frankfurt - Batschkapp
15 - Bochum - Zeche
16 - Braunschweig - Jolly Joker
17 - Hamburg - Markthalle
18 - Rostock - Mau Club
20 - Berlin - Columbia (**)
21 - Leipzig - Werk II (**)

Support act: carpe diem F.A.Q

(*) additional band: L'image
(**) additional band: Colony5

De/Vision started ticketsale through their onlineshop. Ticket presale price : 14 Euro + postage. Tickets at the doors (if they will be available) : 19 Euro.

In other news: German music magazines will be contain in their December issues an extra CD with some bands, one of the band will be De/Vision. Zillo will have «Miss You More» and Sonic Seducer will have a remix of «Drifting Sideways».

The «DEVOLUTION» CD will be released on January 5th, 2003, with a 16 page booklet and a bonus cd with following remixes:

[01] Drifting sideways: (Toy Mix)
[02] The Day's Not Done (De/Vision & Josef Bach Mix)
[03] Sadness (John Fryer Mix)
[04] Digital Dream (Mesh Mix)

Info taken from official De/Vision site.

[ 11.11.2002 ] - Till Lindemann's book was released!

Till Lindemann
Till Lindemann

Finally Till Lindemann (Rammstein frontman) released his book of poems titled «MESSER» on Eichborn Verlag. It can be purchased at online shop (for EUR 29,90), but be aware it is in German. Its ISBN is 3821809272, in case you wish to attempt to get your local book store to order it.

Info taken from Herzeleid fan site.

[ 05.11.2002 ] - A lot of releases from Bjork

There a full tracklisting of upcoming Bjork releases:

Greatest Hits (TPLP359CD)
release: November 4th, 2002

Greatest Hits»
«Greatest Hits»

[01] All Is Full Of Love
[02] Hyperballad
[03] Human Behaviour
[04] Joga
[05] Bachelorette
[06] Army Of Me
[07] Pagan Poetry
[08] Big Time Sensuality
[09] Venus As A Boy
[10] Hunter
[11] Hidden Place
[12] Isobel
[13] Possibly Maybe
[14] Play Dead
[15] t's In Our Hands

Volumen 1993 - 2003 / Greatest Hits DVD
release: December 2nd, 2002

[01] Human Behaviour
[02] Venus As A Boy
[03] Play Dead
[04] Big Time Sensuality
[05] Violently Happy
[06] Army Of Me
[07] Isobel
[08] It's Oh So Quiet
[09] Hyperballad
[10] Possibly Maybe
[11] I Miss You
[12] Joga
[13] Bachelorette
[14] Hunter
[15] Alarm Call
[16] All Is Full Of Love
[17] Hidden Place*
[18] Pagan Poetry*
[19] Cocoon*
[20] It's In Our Hands
[21] Nature Is Ancient

* Tracks with Surround Sound 5.1.

Family Tree (TPLP365CD)
release: November 4th, 2002

Family Tree»
«Family Tree»

CD1 - greatest hits as chosen by bjork

[01] Venus As A Boy
[02] Hyperballad
[03] You've Been Flirting Again
[04] Isobel
[05] Joga
[06] Unravel
[07] Bachelorette
[08] All Is Full Of Love
[09] Scatterheart
[10] I've Seen It All
[11] Pagan Poetry
[12] It's Not Up To You

CD2 - roots 3" cd

[01] Sidasta Eg (1984)
[02] Glora (1980)
[03] Fuglar (1983)
[04] Ammeli (1986)
[05] Mama (1987)

CD3 - roots 3" cd

[01] Immature (1996)
[02] Cover me (1995)
[03] Generous Palmstroke (2000)
[04] Joga (Strings & Vocals) (1996)
[05] Mother Heroic (2001)

CD4 - beats 3" cd

[01] The Modern Things (demo) (1991)
[02] Karvel (1994)
[03] I Go Humble (1995)
[04] Nature Is Ancient (1997)

CD5 - strings 3" cd *

[01] Unravel
[02] Cover Me
[03] Possibly Maybe
[04] The Anchor Song
[05] Hunter

* A mixture of live & studio recordings with the Brodsky Quartet

CD6 strings 3" cd *

[01] All Neon Like
[02] I've Seen It All
[03] Bachelorette
[04] Play Dead

* A mixture of live & studio recordings with the Brodsky Quartet

BOOKLET words - bjork's own favourite lyrics

[01] All Is Full Of Love
[02] Aurora
[03] Cocoon
[04] Cover Me
[05] Headphones
[06] Human Behaviour
[07] Hyperballad
[08] Joga
[09] Pagan Poetry
[10] Pluto
[11] Scatterheart
[12] The Anchor Song
[13] The Modern Things
[14] Unravel
[15] Venus As A Boy
[16] All Neon Like

Volumen Plus (BJORK515DVD2)
release: December 2nd, 2002

[01] Alarm Call
[02] All Is Full Of Love
[03] Hidden Place *
[04] Pagan Poetry *
[05] Cocoon *
[06] It's In Our Hands
[07] Nature Is Ancient

* 5.1 Surround-Sound

Live At The Royal Opera House
release: November 18th, 2002

[01] Frosti
[02] Overture
[03] All Is Full Of Love
[04] Aurora
[05] Undo
[06] Generous Palmstroke
[07] An Echo, A Stain
[08] Hidden place
[09] Cocoon
[10] Unison
[11] Harm Of Will
[12] It's Not Up To You
[13] Pagan Poetry
[14] Possibly Maybe
[15] Isobel
[16] Hyperballad
[17] Human Behaviour
[18] Joga
[19] It's In Our Hands
[20] Bonus - 30 minute tour documentary

It's In Our Hands (366TP7CD1) (+ miniposter)
release: November 25th, 2002

[01] It's In Our Hands (Master)
[02] Cocoon (Retangled By Ensemble)
[03] All Is Full Of Love (Live In Brussels) *

* taken from the forthcoming album Vespertine Live

It's In Our Hands (366TP7CD2) (+ miniposter)
release: November 25th, 2002

[01] It's In Our Hands (soft pink truth mix)
[02] It's In Our Hands (arcade mix)
[03] So Broken (Live On Jools Holland) *

* live 16-10-98

It's In Our Hands (366TP7DVD) (+ miniposter)
release: November 25th, 2002

[01] It's In Our Hands (video)
[02] Harm Of Will (Live In Barcelona) *
[03] undo (Live In Barcelona) *

* taken from the forthcoming album Vespertine Live

It's In Our Hands (366TP12)
release: December 2nd, 2002

[01] It's In Our Hands (Soft Pink Truth Mix)
[02] It's In Our Hands (Arcade Mix)

Info taken from official Bjork web site.

[ 05.11.2002 ] - Second new single from Melotron


«Folge mir ins Licht» will be the upcoming Melotron single. It will be released in two different versions on end of January, 2003. Each CD will contain 2 brand new non album tracks.

In other news: Melotron played at the legendary Tinitus Festival in Stockholm, Sweden on November 2nd. The boys headlined the evening along with Covenant and Front 242.

Info taken from official MELOTRON web site.

[ 05.11.2002 ] - Final part of new PP trilogy


The third part of «nun» (new trilogy of Project Pitchfork) will be released on November 25th, 2002. The second single entitled «trialog», will include 5 new non-album tracks:

[01] Behind The Fog
[02] Tal der Dornen
[03] Inferno
[04] Radiolarie
[05] Trialog

Title track will have a videoclip.

Info taken from official Project Pitchfork web site.

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