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Latest News
Latest News
Latest News - September 2002

Last updated 30.09.02

[ 30.09.2002 ] - New De/Vision album titled «DEVOLUTION»!

DEVOLUTION is the revolution of DE/VISION’s evolution or DEVOLUTION is the evolution of DE/VISION’s revolution?

The new DE/VISION album will be called «DEVOLUTION». Release date will be January 6th, 2003 (Drakkar/BMG, Germany). There will be no single before the release and no videoclip.

Some album credits:

Music written by Steffen, lyrics written by Thomas, both published by Kleefeld / Hanseatic
Produced by Josef Bach
Mixed by Arne Schumann, Josef Bach
Programmings, keyboards, arrangments: Josef Bach, Steffen
Guitars: Josef Bach, Lars Baumgardt
Piano: Josef Bach
Drums: Achim Farber
Recorded at Mikrokosmos-Studio in Summer 2002.

In other news: german tour is scheduled for April 2003. There are no concert dates confirmed.

Info submitted by official De/Vision site.

[ 30.09.2002 ] - Melotron: live in Moscow!


German synth band Melotron announced some live dates, including Moscow:

06.09 - Schwerin - Thalia
02.10 - Hamburg - Markthalle
19.10 - Mannheim - DEMONSTRATION im Club MS Connexion
02.11 - Hannover - Musiktheater BAD
09.11 - Rostock - Party im MAU-Club
07.12 - Krefeld - Kulturfabrik
15.12 - Moscow - Tochka Club
26.12 - Neubrandenburg - Musiktheater Alter Schlachthof
27.12 - Hanau - Audion

Complete information about Melotron's Moscow gig will printed soon!

Info taken from official Melotron site.

[ 30.09.2002 ] - Ramones tribute - new release date

As written in Rolling Stone magazine, new release date for the Ramones tribute album will be November 12th (instead of November 5th, a week later), by Columbia Records. The tracklisting is:

[01] Red Hot Chili Peppers - Havana Affair
[02] Rob Zombie - Blitzkrieg Bop
[03] Eddie Vedder w/Zeke - I Believe In Miracles
[04] Metallica - 53rd & 3rd
[05] U2 - Beat On The Brat
[06] KISS - Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio?
[07] Marilyn Manson - KKK Took My Baby Away
[08] Garbage - I Just Want To Have Something To Do
[09] Green Day - Outsider
[10] Pretenders - Something To Believe In
[11] Rancid - Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
[12] Pete Yorn - I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
[13] The Offspring - I Wanna Be Sedated
[14] Rooney - Here Today,Gone Tomorrow
[15] Tom Waits - Return of Jackie % Judy

Limited edition will include bonus track on all initial pressings:

[16] Eddie Vedder w/Zeke - Daytime Dilemma(Dangers Of Love)

Info taken from various sources.

[ 30.09.2002 ] - Mesh news

Long awaited information about second mesh single, «Friends Like These». There will be 2 CD's, both containing a video («Leave You Nothing» on one and «Friends Like These» on the other) as well as several mixes of the single and a brand new track «Can You Mend Hearts?».

Tour dates 2002

10.10 - Greece - Athens - Gagarin 205
11.10 - Greece - Athens - Gagarin 205 (2 nights!!)
12.10 - Greece - Salonica - Club Ydrogeios
09.11 - UK - London - New Marquee Club
30.11 - Mexico - Mexico City
05.12 - Germany - Frankfurt - Batschkapp
06.12 - Holland - Tilburg - Club 013
07.12 - Germany - Krefeld - Kulture Fabrik
08.12 - Germany - Braunschweig - Meir Music Hall
09.12 - Germany - Berlin - ColumbiaFritz
21.12 - Germany/France border - Lahr Universal Dog Festival

Tour dates 2003

02.03 - Belgium - Gent - Kuipke

There are still gigs being discussed at the moment including France, Scandinavia, USA and Eastern Europe.

Info submitted by official mesh web site.

[ 30.09.2002 ] - «Die Another Day» - album and single

«Die Another Day» Poster
«Die Another Day» Poster

Soundtrack for «Die Another Day» (new James Bond movie) will released by Warner Bros on November 11th in UK and Australia, November 12th in US and Canada (Cat. No. 9362 48389-2) Soundtrack will include song «Die Another Day» performed by Madonna, «James Bond Theme» remixed by Paul Oakenfold and original music composed by David Arnold. This CD will enhanced with video «Die Another Day» and some footage from video shot.

Radio promo single for «Die Another Day» will start rotated on October 7th in Europe and on October 15th in US. Promo video will launched on MTV worldwide on October 10th. Commercial version of this single will out on October 28th in UK. It will include remixes from Dirty Vegas, Thunderpuss, Felix de Housecat and Humpty Vission.

By the way, «Die Another Day» movie will be premiered in Russia on December 20th.

Info taken from various sources.

[ 30.09.2002 ] - New live DVD from Soft Cell

«Soft Cell Live In Milan» DVD
«Soft Cell Live In Milan» DVD

The «Soft Cell Live In Milan» DVD and video from Eagle Vision is due to be released on October 7th, 2002 (October 22th in America, DVD only). The video is VHS PAL format, the DVD is Region 0 and features Dolby Surround Sound 5.1, Digital Stereo, 16:9 letterbox (widescreen) format. The DVD also features bonus material of an exclusive interview with Marc and Dave backstage.

Tracklisting for the DVD and video is:

[01] Memorabilia
[02] Monoculture
[03] Heat
[04] Divided Soul
[05] Last Chance
[06] Youth
[07] Best Way To Kill
[08] The Art Of Falling Apart
[09] Somebody, Somewhere, Sometime
[10] Baby Doll
[11] Torch
[12] Bedsitter
[13] Tainted Love
[14] Where Did Our Love Go
[15] Say Hello Wave Goodbye
[16] Martin
[17] Sex Dwarf

Info submitted by official Marc Almond site.

[ 30.09.2002 ] - «Feuer Frei!» - tracklisting

As said Rammstein management, the mixing and mastering of the tracks is far more time-consuming than supposed. Therefore, the release date was pushed back for one week - October 14th. There are also news about single's tracklisting. According to special requests from the band, cover versions of Rammstein's «Klavier» and «Buck Dich» from tribute «Battery» will be released with the single, as well as a remix from Junkie XL, who is currently present in any chart list around the world with his version of the Elvis classic «A little less conversation».

So final «Feuer Frei!» tracklisting is:

[01] Feuer Frei! (Album Version)
[02] Feuer Frei! (Rammstein vs. Junkie XL Remix)
[03] Feuer Frei! (Rammstein Remix 130)
[04] Feuer Frei! (Rammstein Remix 95)
[05] Du hast (Cover Version by Battery «A Tribute to Rammstein»)
[06] Buck dich (Cover Version by Battery «A tribute to Rammstein»)

Info submitted by official Rammstein Fan Area.

[ 30.09.2002 ] - Unofficial DM news

Some unofficial info from Depeche Mode. As Andy Fletcher told one fan, he hopes the band will start to look into making a new album in April. Mute will release a double album of DM remixes next year. «101» is coming out on DVD with new footage, unseen clips, plus Pennabaker (director) has reinterviewed the band and the fans who were in it.

The band are to be given a special award at the Q awards (UK magazine), it's like a «life time achievement» but not as Fletch said «that's for old foggies», both Dave and Martin are coming over to London for it. It will take place on October 14th.

Some details about Martin's solo album - Fletch said he has heard Martin's songs, and the are «so dire very depressing, and very dark»! Dave's stuff, he hasn't heard anything, and when he was asked about playing live, he said Dave would like to do that, but you have to take everything that Dave says with a pinch of salt. But he added that he expects Martin to play some shows.

Info taken from HALO fan site.

[ 25.09.2002 ] - New Bjork video

A new video to «It's in our Hands» was shot on location in England a few weeks ago. The video is directed by Spike Jonze. Video will premiered on Bjork official site in early October.

In other news: «Royal Opera House» DVD was delayed so it could be released as Dolby 5.1. A new release date has not been set yet for this DVD.

Info taken from Bjork official site.

[ 11.09.2002 ] - Till Lindemann's book goes on sale!

Till Lindemann - «Messer»
Till Lindemann - «Messer»

Collection of poems from... Till Lindemann!!! Titled «Messer», will out soon. You can pre-order it on Exclusive Till's photos were taken by Jens Rîtzsch specially for this book!

Info taken from RAMMSTEIN.RU fan site.

[ 11.09.2002 ] - New Project Pitchfork - album and singles!

Great news from Project Pitchfork! They will release new album «Inferno» on September 30th, 2002 in Europe (WEA) and November 5th in the US (Metropolis). First new single from this album, with 5 non-album tracks will out on October 28th, and second - with 5 non-album tracks - on November 25th.



[01] Momentum
[02] The Deepest Place
[03] Souls in Ice
[04] (Mehr Als) Der Absprung
[05] Lead & Feather
[06] Zeitfalle
[07] A Cell
[08] Awakening
[09] Lightwave
[10] I Am (A Thought In Slowmotion)
[11] Sinus
[12] Your Cut Feather
[13] The Spoken Mirror
[14] Crepusculum

Info taken from official Project Pitchfork site.

[ 11.09.2002 ] - Layout of «Feuer Frei!» single

«Feuer Frei!» front cover

«Feuer Frei!» back cover
«Feuer Frei!» front and back cover

We have just received the layout for the back side of the new single - which features an image of Oli taken at the video shot of «Ich will» in Berlin August 2001. The finale tracklisting has not yet been confirmed to us - that is why the back side of the single still mentions «Feuer Frei!» as the only track. We will keep you updated as soon as we receive more information on this.

Note that «Feuer Frei!» will be released with cover artwork by N.Y. based artist Robert Longo and does not continue the Conserving series of the «Mutter» album and the first singles.

Info submitted by official Rammstein Fan Area.

[ 11.09.2002 ] - «Shut Your Mouth» in 3 formats!

«Shut Your Mouth» will be released in UK on September 23rd as 3 commercial CD singles, each limited to 5000 copies. There will be three new b-sides: «Sex Never Goes Out Of Fashion», «April Tenth» and «I'm Really Into Techno». Detailed info - here.

Also Garbage on September 16th will released «beautifulgarbage - tour edition» (Cat. No. MUSH95CD). Tracklisting of this album will be same as «beautifulgarbage». Released to coincide with Garbage's October 2002 for M-One, this limited tour edition comes with a special slipcase with embossing, foiling, is individually numbered and lists the tour dates.

Info taken from Garbage Box fan site.

[ 09.09.2002 ] - New Melotron album.


New Melotron's album titled «Weltfrieden» set to release on September 16th. Album features 14 tracks (limited edition of album will contain bonus CD with 20-min. track «Weltschmerz»).


[01] Der kleine Unterschied
[02] Welt Du bist so still
[03] Gib mir alles
[04] Wach auf
[05] Wir sind!!!
[06] Digital
[07] Folge mir ins Licht
[08] Lilienthals Traum
[09] Bruder
[10] Stille
[11] Reich aus Glas
[12] Ich tanz die Welt fur Dich
[13] Wohin?
[14] Glucklich

Info submitted by official Melotron web site.

[ 09.09.2002 ] - «Fragmente 2» from Mesh.

Today, September 9th, Mesh released «Fragmente 2» - 24 Track double CD collection of remixes, b-sides and rarities for less than the price of a single album! Detailed information about this release - here. You can purchase it in online shop on their site.

«Fragmente 2»
«Fragmente 2»

By the way, MTV Russia currently have «Leave You Nothing» on rotation and Moscow music FM radio Maximum have «Leave You Nothing» in their play-list too.

Info submitted by official mesh web site.

[ 09.09.2002 ] - Ex-FLA member remixes Virtual Server.

Michael Balch, ex-Front Line Assembly, has made remix for the Virtual Server project . The song being remixed is named «Save Me» and is a product of collaboration between DJ RAM, Alan Levesque (Voice Industrie) and Chrissy Franklin (The Echoing Green). Michael's remix will be included on the bonus CD of Virtual Server's debut «Installed». The bonus itself will be issued as limited edition with remixes of different groups and some exclusive tracks. Plans are for DJ RAM to remix songs of Michael's new project.

Info submitted by official Virtual Server web site.

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