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Latest News
Latest News - March 2002

Last updated 28.03.02

[ 28.03.2002 ] - Exciter (Live In Paris 2001) - already onsale.

Bootlegers did it again ;) - «Exciter (Live In Paris 2001)» VHS can be found around Moscow from last week. This is a record from Pay Per View TV broadcast known as «One Night In Paris, The Exciter Tour», you can purchase it for 200 rubles (6.5 USD).


[01] The Dead Of Night
[02] Dream On
[03] Waiting For The Night
[04] Enjoy The Silence
[05] I Feel You
[06] In Your Room
[07] It's No Good
[08] Personal Jesus
[09] Never Let Me Down Again

Total time: 55 mins

As you can see this is NOT full live show in Paris so don't buy this crappy bootleg, just wait for official DVD release, it will be soon - possibly in May!

Info taken from our own sources.

[ 28.03.2002 ] - Cool artists on «Resident Evil» soundtrack.

As we already inform you (see here), the «Resident Evil» movie soundtrack is released in Europe om March 12th (by Roadrunner Records). It includes Depeche Mode's «Dirt», Rammstein's «Halleluja», Fear Factory's «Invisible Wounds», Marilyn Manson's «The Fight Song» and more.

Note that Marilyn Manson was key composer for this soundtrack, collaborated with Marco Beltrami. Manson recently contributed to the «Queen of the Damned» movie soundtrack and is continuing work on his band's new studio CD with the help of Tim Skold (KMFDM).

Info taken from various sources.

[ 28.03.2002 ] - «Leave You Nothing» - new MESH video and single!

MESH have just returned to Bristol after filming the video for the first single «Leave You Nothing». The video was shot in Berlin and has been directed by David Incorvaia. Video will be shown on some European TV channels, for example on ONYX.


Also reported that new single «Leave You Nothing», the first from the new album «Who Watches Over Me?» will be released on April 15th, 2002. Tracklisting can now be confirmed as:

[01] Leave You Nothing (radio edit)
[02] Leave You Nothing (Snare's good old fashioned extended 12")
[03] Leave You Nothing (Jorg Mager Suo Mix)
[04] Leave You Nothing (The Clinical Brothers Remodelling)
[05] Let Them Crush Us

«Let Them Crush Us» was recorded only a few weeks ago and has been re-arranged for the single. It has been played live a couple of times last year.

info taken from official MESH site.

[ 28.03.2002 ] - KMFDM not to play with Rammstein...

As recently reported, KMFDM canceled their European Tour in order to start their American Tour more earlier. So unfortunately they will not support Rammstein in UK.

Info taken from official KMFDM site.

[ 23.03.2002 ] - Second single from «TWO» and Unplugged EP

Second De/Vision single from «TWO» album is track «Lonely Day». Some of german radio stations already have this single (radio promo only), and depending on results of radio rotation, the single probably will be released commercially.

«Lonely Day»
«Lonely Day»

[01] Lonely Day (Cut of Album Version)
[02] Lonely Day (Album Version)
[03] Lonely Day (Unplugged Version)

De/Vision - Unplugged
De/Vision - Unplugged

Unplugged EP (see here and here) will be one week earlier: April 22nd. Plus De/Vision announced 2 live dates in close future:

31.03 - Germany - Neubrandenburg
19.05 - Leipig - Wave Gotik Treffen

Steffen and Thomas are still working on the new CD, set to release in the beginning of year 2003.

Info taken from official De/Vision site.

[ 14.03.2002 ] - AND ONE will perform in Russia!

Steve Naghavi
Steve Naghavi

Recently, AND ONE announced some live shows in spring 2002:

16.03 - Berlin - DJ Steve Naghavi im Glashaus (Arena-DM-Party)
13.07 - Woodstage/Glauchau - Exclusive open air concert
31.03 - London, England
09.05 - Moscow, Russia
29.06 - Toronto, Kanada

On May 9th, And One will perform in Moscow, Russia in «Tochka» Club! All details - soon!

Info taken from official AND ONE PROPAGANDA mailing list.

[ 14.03.2002 ] - End of Bong Magazine...

The production of Bong Magazine will be ending with issue 52, set to be printed in June. As written in press release, «the band's website has become an instant source of official information, reaching far more people than currently subscribe to Bong, and gradually outdating the concept of a quarterly magazine.» Bye-bye, BONG!

Info taken from official Depeche Mode site.

[ 14.03.2002 ] - Wolfsheim: new DVD and tour

On April 16th german synth band Wolfsheim will release long awaited «Kompendium» DVD.

Kompendium DVD - front cover
Kompendium DVD - front cover



(recorded live in Dresden at the Alten Schlachthof, March 6th, 1999)

[01] Intro
[02] A Look Into Your Heart
[03] Leave No Deed Undone
[04] A Million Lovesongs
[05] Now I Fall
[06] The Sparrows And The Nightingales
[07] A New Strasystem Has Been Explored
[08] This Time
[09] It's Not Too Late
[10] Real
[11] Once In A Lifetime
[12] Touch
[13] Love Is Strange
[14] Heroin She Said
[15] Sleep Somehow
[16] Read The Lines
[17] It's Hurting For The First Time
[18] Kunstliche Welten
[19] Annie
[20] Upstairs
[21] Ruby
[22] Elias
[23] Old Man's Valley
[24] Ubers Jahr


[01] Kunstliche Welten
[02] Closer Still
[03] Now I Fall
[04] The Sparrows And The Nightingales
[05] It's Hurting For The First Time
[06] Once In A Lifetime
[07] A New Strasystem Has Been Explored



Wolfsheim will go to extended tour in September. There are some dates:


10.05 - Barcelona, Spain - sala bikini
11.05 - Madrid, Spain - sala arena
05.09 - Hamburg - Grosse Freiheit
06.09 - Bremen - Pier 2
07.09 - Dresden - Schlachthof
09.09 - Mainz - Eltzer Hof
10.09 - Furth - Stadthalle
11.09 - Munchen - Babylon
13.09 - Erfurt - Thuringenhalle
14.09 - Magdeburg - AMO
15.09 - Berlin - Columbiahalle
17.09 - Hannover - Capitol
18.09 - Koln - E-Werk
20.09 - Zurich - X-tra
21.09 - Wien - Planet Music

The DVD release and tour will be prelude to a brandnew album and single, set to release later this year.

info taken from official Wolfsheim web site.

[ 12.03.2002 ] - Rammstein will tour in Russia again!

Cool news! Rammstein will do 2 shows in Russia - we'll see them again! Remember these dates: 17.06, St. Petersburg (St. Petrovsky Stadion) and 19.06, Moscow (Tushino Airfeld). All hot details of this great upcoming event here soon.

info taken from official Rammstein web site.

[ 12.03.2002 ] - KMFDM will support Rammstein in UK!

As KMFDM recently announced, they will be do UK Tour in May, and few dates they will be supporting Rammstein! Look at some confirmed dates:

14.05 - Glasgow - SECC (w/Rammstein)
16.05 - London - Docklands Arena (w/Rammstein)
17.05 - Manchester - Evening News Arena (w/Rammstein)
18.05 - Manchester - Evening News Arena (w/Rammstein)

Info taken from official KMFDM site.

[ 12.03.2002 ] - Ministry: new label, releases and tour.

Classic industrial band MINISTRY signed to Sanctuary Records (UK) last month. They will release live CD titled «Sphinctour» on March 18th. Ministry plans to promote new release with tour this summer.


[01] Psalm 69 (live at Elysee Monmatre, Paris)
[02] Crumbs (live at Congress Centre, Stuttgart)
[03] Reload (live at Convention Centre, Albuquerque)
[04] Filth Pig (live at Varsity Arena, Toronto)
[05] Just One Fix (live at Aragon, Chicago)
[06] NWO (live at The Palladium, Los Angeles)
[07] Hero (live at Gaswerk, Hamburg)
[08] Thieves (live at Mercer Arena, Seattle)
[09] Scarecrow (live at Jesolo Beach Festival, Venice)
[10] Lava (live at Dour Festival, Brussels)
[11] The Fall (live at Brixton Academy, London)

A DVD/VHS is to be released on April 8th with the addition of two tracks not included on the CD version: «So What» and «Stigmata».

Currently Ministry are recording their upcoming album «Animositisomina».

Info taken from various sources.

[ 09.03.2002 ] - Tracklisting «One Night In Paris».

As seems to be true, new live «One Night In Paris» DVD (to be released later this year) features the following tracks:

[01] Intro
[02] The Dead Of Night
[03] The Sweetest Condition
[04] Halo
[05] Walking In My Shoes
[06] Dream On
[07] When The Body Speaks
[08] Waiting For The Night
[09] It Doesn't Matter Two
[10] Breathe
[11] Freelove
[12] Enjoy The Silence
[13] I Feel You
[14] In Your Room
[15] It's No Good
[16] Personal Jesus
[17] Home
[18] Condemnation
[19] Black Celebration
[20] Never Let Me Down Again

Some details about «One Night In Paris» DVD. This is double DVD, first disc will contain the live performance itself, second disc will contain 8 audio tracks as well as some videos (probably interviews etc.). Mute plans to release DVD and VHS version only - no audio CD or LP are planned. More details will be available on April 2nd.

Info taken from various unofficial sources.

[ 07.03.2002 ] - Martin Gore and Dave Gahan - solo albums!

As was written in article on CDNOW website, Martin Gore begin work on a solo album of covers, in his home recording studio in California. According to Gore, Dave Gahan is also using the year to finish the recording of his debut solo album. In the interview to NY radio station WLIW Dave confirmed that he has 15 demos already recorded. He will go in studio in May 2002, and hopefully an album will out in spring next year.

Info taken from various sources.

[ 02.03.2002 ] - «Breaking Up The Girl» single in UK.

«Breaking Up The Girl» single is to be released in the UK on Mushroom Records on April 8th, and will include some new b-sides and remixes by Timo Mass and Brothers In Rhythm. The single will come out in the same time as the UK tour, to promote it.

Info taken from Garbage Box fan site.

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