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Latest News
Latest News - July 2003

Last updated 31.07.03

[ 31.07.2003 ] - New De/Vision single will out on October 6th

New De/Vision single, «I Regret 2003», set to release on October 6th via Synthetic Product Records. Final tracklisting:

[01] I Regret (Colony 5 Remix)
[02] Bleed Me White (Backlash Remix)
[03] Try To forget (DJ Ram Remix)
[04] Blue Moon (Live 2003)
[05] I Regret (Live 2003) (taken from CD Live 2003)
[06] I Regret (VNV Nation Remix)
[08] I Regret (HMB Remix)
[09] I Regret (JAB Remix (taken from CD Remixed)
[10] I Regret (Multimedia - the videoclip)

Info submitted by Synthetic Product Records web site.

[ 31.07.2003 ] - «I Need You» - new video from David Gahan

New video from David Gahan is already launched! «I Need You», new music video for his second solo single, has its Internet premier on July 28th, 2003. You can see it on Dave Gahan's official web site. Video was directed by Arni and Kinski in Mt. Wilson Observatory, Los Angeles, CA.

Info taken from official David Gahan web site.

[ 31.07.2003 ] - Psyche: new single and album

«The Quickening»

As we already informed you, on June 13h our German electro friends Psyche released their brand new single, «The Quickening». This 65 minute long, 11-track CD-Maxi single is available on Accession Records (Germany). Tracklisting:

[01] The Quickening (Club Mix : Remi.X)
[02] The Quickening (Factory Mix : Sushiboy)
[03] Anonymous Skin (Prevention Of Disharmony Mix)
[04] The Quickening (Negative Format Mix)
[05] The Quickening (Megadump Mix)
[06] The Quickening (Lost In Space Mix : Dr. Minimal)
[07] The Quickening (Headscan Mix)
[08] The Quickening (Marcus Geltner Mix)
[09] Anonymous Skin (Spacefish Mix)
[10] The Quickening (Memory mix : Technoir)
[11] Anonymous Skin (Original Version)

«Babylon Deluxe»

On September 5th, 2003 they will release their 10th official album, «Babylon Deluxe» on Accession Records (in Germany). Tracklisting:

[01] The Quickening
[02] X- Rated
[03] Gods And Monsters
[04] Edge Of 17
[05] Sacrament
[06] Nobody Superstar
[07] Equinoxe
[08] Final Destination
[09] Stormtrooper
[10] Snow Garden
[11] Nightwalk Theme

Psyche's North American label ART OF FACT RECORDS will release the album in US as a double CD package adding «The Quickening» CD single as a bonus!

Artists on album: Darrin Huss (vocalization, samples) and Remi Szyszka (soundtrack, beats and fx). Also for the first time ever you will hear a guest vocalist known as MS. POLY-ESTER

Info submitted by official Psyche web site.

[ 26.07.2003 ] - «Aggressor» tracklisting!

As now exactly known, And One will release their new album, «Aggressor», on August 25th. Now you can see its front cover and tracklisting:


[01] kein anfang
[02] schwarz
[03] krieger
[04] sternradio
[05] speicherbar
[06] fehlschlag
[07] für immer
[08] einstieg
[09] strafbomber
[10] tote tulpen
[11] fernsehapparat
[12] kein ende

Info submitted by Virgin Germany.


DE/VISION - CONCERT IN MOSCOW!!! [4.10.03, «ROXY» club]

Russian Synth Community presents first ever and only one concert in Moscow of one of the most famous and popular synth-pop bands in the world - DE/VISION. This long awaited event will take place on October 4th, 2003 in «ROXY» club. Support band - russians MODUL.


[20.00] Doors open.
[21.30] Live performance MODUL.
[22.30] DE/VISION concert.
After DE/VISION concert there will be Synth/Future/Electro Music Party, with set from DJ RAM.

Ticket price for DE/VISION concert – 800 rubles.
Ticket price for Synth/Future/Electro Music Party only — 150 rubles.
Order your ticket:
Call for information: 509-26-72.
Order your table in «ROXY»: 261-61-74 / 261-47-64

Unfortunately 'cause of limited capacity of «ROXY» club there will be only 500 tickets available for DE/VISION concert. Tickets will go onsale on August 1st.

Address: m. «Baumanskaya», ul. Staraya Basmannaya, d.20.

Informational support: some online and offline editions, incl.

Info submitted by Russian Synth Community.

[ 22.07.2003 ] - «I Can`t Feel you» - new Camouflage single!

«I Can`t Feel you»
«I Can`t Feel you»

Camouflage are ready to release second new single from their recent album, «Sensor». It's choosen a track «I Can`t Feel You» and set to release on August 25th. It will contain remixes from such artists as Mesh, Kai Tracid and Beborn Beton. It will released as 2 CD Maxi singles plus 12" and DVD.

Info taken from various official sources.

[ 22.07.2003 ] - Some news from David Gahan

Rumours come true! As officially announced, David Gahan has added a third (and final) leg to his Paper Monsters Tour! Preliminary details are up now:

November 2003

01 - Frankfurt, Germany - Jahrhunderthalle
02 - Berlin, Germany - Arena
10 - Vienna, Austria - Gasometer
11 - Munich, Germany - Zenith
13 - Erfurt, Germany - Thuringenhalle
14 - Dusseldorf, Germany - Philipshalle
15 - Magdeburg, Germany - Stadthalle
17 - Hannover, Germany - Stadionsporthalle

In other news: David Gahan has recently signed to Universal Music Publishing, as a writer. This does not affect his relationship with Mute Records or Depeche Mode.

Info taken from official David Gahan web site.

[ 16.07.2003 ] - Rammstein will release video collection on DVD!

Great news! Rammstein will release a new DVD before Christmas 2003. It will contain all of their music videos and the «Making Of...» some of them. Exact release date are still undefined, possibly it will be out in September-October.

Info taken from official Rammstein web site.

[ 16.07.2003 ] - «Devolution» - Russian special edition!

Recent De/Vision album, «Devolution», was officially released in Russia on July 7th by Art Music Group under DRAKKAR Records license. Russian edition includes 4 bonus tracks.

(Cat. no.: AMG 107)

[01] Sadness
[02] When The World Disappeares
[03] Miss You More
[04] Drifting Sideways
[05] A New Dawn
[06] Far Too Deep
[07] Digital Dream
[08] You Say
[09] Mary Jane
[10] The Day's Not Done

bonus tracks:

[11] Drifting Sideways (T.O.Y. mix)
[12] Sadness (The Sad Death of Mix by John Fryer)
[13] The Day's Not Done (Telekommander mix)
[14] Digital Dream (remix by Icon of Coil)

There are 1000 copies only.

Info submitted by Art Music Group.

[ 16.07.2003 ] - Kraftwerk comeback!

«Tour de France 2003»
«Tour de France 2003»

Fathers of electronics Kraftwerk comeback! On July 7th they released new single «Tour de France 2003». Tracklisting:

[01] Tour De France '03 (Version 1)
[02] Tour De France '03 (Version 2)
[03] Tour De France '03 (Version 3)
[04] Tour De France '03 (Long Distance Version 2)

«Tour de France Soundtracks»
«Tour de France Soundtracks»

New album titled «Tour de France Soundtracks» set to release on August 4th (on Capitol Records in Europe). This is a first album with new material for the 17 years! Tracklisting:

[01] Prologue
[02] Tour de France Etape 1
[03] Tour de France Etape 2
[04] Tour de France Etape 3
[05] Chrono
[06] Vitamin
[07] Aero dynamik
[08] Titanium
[09] Elektro Kardiogramm
[10] La Forme
[11] Regeneration
[12] Tour de France

Info taken from various official sources.

[ 16.07.2003 ] - Official release date of «Krieger»

Virgin Germany officialy announced that «Krieger», new single of And One, will out on August 11th!



[01] krieger (Naghavi Mix)
[02] krieger (Supersoft-Mix) by Oomph!
[03] krieger (Mofuture-Popmix) by Olaf Wollschlager
[04] krieger (Radio Edit)

By the way, there are some infos that And One will play two live shows in Spain in January 2004: on 30.01.2004 at Sala Bikini, Barcelona and on 31.01.2004 at Sala Caracol, Madrid.

Info taken from Virgin Germany web site and our own sources.

[ 16.07.2003 ] - Cool news from Mute release shedule!

As said in Mute Records release shedule, new second single single from David Gahan - «I Need You» - will finally released on August 18th. There will be 3 commercial formats: CD (CDMUTE301), LCD (LCDMUTE301) and DVD (DVDMUTE301).

«I Need You» (CD)
«I Need You» (CD)


[01] I Need You (Radio Mix) 3:40
[02] Closer (Single Version) 4:05
[03] Breathe (Single Version) 4:50


[01] I Need You (Ladytron detoxxMixx)
[02] I Need You (Gabriel & Dresden Unplugged Mix)
[03] I Need You (Jay's Summerdub)


[01] Black And Blue Again (Acoustic - Video)
[02] I Need You (Ladytron detoxxMixx) (Instrumental)
[03] Dirty Sticky Floors (Lexicon Avenue Dirty Sticky Dub)

By the way, in same day,August 18th, Client will released their debut album «Client» (Cat. no.: TH3CD, by Toast Hawaii).

Third Dave Gahan's single seems to be «Bottle Living/Hold On» (Cat. no.: MUTE310), in 3 commercial formats again. Rumoured, it set to release on October 13th, but release is still unconfirmed.

If for Martin L. Gore - he's not planning to release any new single from «Counterfeit²» at the moment.

Also cool news - «101» as DVD (Cat. no.: DMDVD3, working title for this re-release «101²») will be released on October 6th. Rumoured that this release will contain two disks, with some bonus material.

Info received from Mute Records managers.

[ 06.07.2003 ] - De/Vision split with manager Lorenz Macke

Lorenz Macke and Steffen (DE/VISION)
Lorenz Macke and Steffen (DE/VISION)

In recent statement from De/Vision and Lorenz Macke, dated June 30th, both parties announced that after 15 years of partnership, the members of De/Vision and their manager have decided to part ways. The reason for the split is said to be that «a common vision is no longer possible» (you can read full statement here)

We asked Mr. Lorenz Macke for some comments. He said following: «The musical development of the band and their management were not on the same level. The personal development of the band and their manager were no longer reconcilable. The expectations of the market were too differential and didn't allow for a realistic partnership. Misunderstandings between band and management were too often to be negotiated.»

So seems that De/Vision really will continue without any management (like many synthpop bands). We hope to know some news soon from band and their new official web site

As for Lorenz Macke, he's planning to sign new bands next year, because this year he will push forward the bands that he already have, especially Colony5, L'image, L'avantgarde and 2 ex-De/Vision members.

Info taken from various official sources.

[ 06.07.2003 ] - Hot news from And One!

And One
And One

As written on German site e-lectric, new And One single was titled «Krieger» and set to release in July. Maxi CD will contain two remixes, incl. one from Oomph!.

Also as was written in recent Orkus magazine, in their studio report, new AO songs are very danceble, sound like «Nordhausen» or «I.S.T.». Steve recorded some new songs where he sings English, but now the record will be in German only 'cause he wants not to sound like Mr. Bush.

Info taken from e-lectric web site and our own sources.

[ 06.07.2003 ] - New Melotron releases in US!

«Klangkombinat» / «Weltfrieden»
«Klangkombinat» / «Weltfrieden»

Melotron will release on US label A Different Drum limited edition album «Klangkombinat», their hits collection. It will include such songs as «Dein Meister», «Der Blaue Planet», «Kindertraum», «Tanz Mit Dem Teufel», «Du Bist Es Nicht Wert», «Bruder», «Folge Mir Ins Licht», «Gib Mir Alles» and more. Also their recent album «Weltfrieden» will re-released on A Different Drum as special US tour edition with the same tracklisting but with new album cover.

Info taken from A Different Drum info list.

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