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Shout! Issues
Shout! Issues :: Issue #1

Last updated 03.12.02

Shout! #01


News : Long awaited BONG #28 was not printed at all - Instead subscribers received combined biography with discography of Depeche Mode / radio program «Technoromantics» left from air / Unexpectedly for everybody legendary russian synth band TECHNOLOGY appeared from nowhere
What's happened with Depeche Mode?

Tragedy events standing beside Depeche Mode / Probability of split : 100% / Confession of Gahanogolic
Dave Thompson - some great reward : Chapter 1 / «Which One of Those Drugs Do You Want?»
New Wave Hystory

Spandau Ballet. How it all started.
ElectroCity :

Funny Stories

Simple guide, when and how to listen certain Depeche Mode songs

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