February 22nd, 2022 NoCut / SPV (DE) Album Digital 2CD Limited 3CD Fanbox 2LP White Vinyl

Eisfabrik - «Life Below Zero» (Album)



01. Mirror
02. Saving Shore
03. Eins mit dem Wind
04. Wait for a Sign
05. Neurodämon
06. Lost in Endless Ice
07. 7even Days of Darkness
08. White Wings
09. Choose
10. Energie
11. Glück auf!
12. Lost Control
13. One More Tale


01 Life Below Zero
02 Ain't Gonna Lie
03 Over and Done
04 Wages of Sin
05 Zeit und Meer
06 Wake Up!
07 Alles still

CD3 (Limited 3CD Fanbox only)

01. Hallucinations
02. Once Before the Devil
03. Never Look Back
04. Strings of Life
05. Immortal Mirth
06. Schrei


A1. Mirror
A2. Saving Shore
A3. Eins mit dem Wind
A4. Wait For a Sign
A5. Neurodämon
B1. Lost in Endless Ice
B2. 7even Days of Darkness
B3. White Wings
B4. Choose
B5. Energie


C1 Glück auf!
C2 Lost Control
C3 One More Tale
C4 Life Below Zero
C5 Ain't Gonna Lie
D1 Over and Done
D2 Wages of Sin
D3 Zeit und Meer
D4 Wake up!
D5 Alles still

Available formats:

- Digital
- Standard 2CD (cat.no.: SPV261452)
- Limited 3CD Fanbox (cat.no.: SPV261459)
- Limited Marbled White/Blue Edition 2x12" Vinyl
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