English indie-pop band Dubstar just announced new studio album «Two» set to release May 6th, 2022 via Northern Writes.

Indie-pop heros Dubstar are back with new album «Two»

«Two» is the second album from Dubstar since Sarah Blackwood and Chris Wilkie reunited in the mid-2010s, and the first since their seminal 90s albums «Disgraceful» and «Goodbye» to be produced by New Order and Pet Shop Boys collaborator Stephen Hague.

«I fell off the world, I guess I’d been holding on too long..»

Sarah Blackwood, Dubstar

This reunion with Hague, ushers in a record of full-spectrum megapop, swooning synthesised orchestras, acutely observed kitchen sink dramas, and outright bangers.

A mere 26 years since «Stars» and «Not So Manic Now» announced them as something disturbing and different in the pop firmament, Dubstar are themselves again – only more so.

Complete information about Dubstar «Two» tracklist and formats - here.

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Info submitted by official Dubstar web site.

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