UK synthpop heros Soft Cell followed up 2022’s acclaimed Top 10 long player «*Happiness Not Included» with the release of two expanded editions - «*Happiness Now Completed» and «*Happiness Now Extended» - via BMG on July 28th.

«*Happiness Now Completed» and «*Happiness Now Extended» - Soft Cell released two expanded editions for «*Happiness Not Included»

«*Happiness Now Extended» is Limited Edition double vinyl album (only 1000 copies), featuring longer versions of all twelve tracks from the original May 2022 release, and including the singles – airplay smash «Purple Zone» (with Pet Shop Boys), «Bruises On All My Illusions» and «Nostalgia Machine». It also sees the inclusion for the first time on vinyl one of the album’s highlights «Nighthawks», with New York performance artist CHRISTEENE.

«*Happiness Now Completed» beside original album features ten brand new Marc Almond and Dave Ball tracks, plus unreleased mixes, remixes and single-only tracks. The new 78-minute set fits snugly into to the rear section of the original «*Happiness Not Included» CD book format, with no versions on the vinyl duplicated on the CD.

The album also includes a newly re-recorded version of fan favourite «Last Chance», with the addition of a full brass section, plus cover versions of Fad Gadget’s «Back To Nature» and X-Ray Spex’s «The Day The World Turned Day Glo». Lead track «First Hand Experience in Second Hand Love» was originally recorded by Giorgio Moroder, a huge influence on Soft Cell.

Complete information about Soft Cell «*Happiness Now Completed» tracklist and formats - here, «*Happiness Now Extended» tracklist and formats - here.

Info taken from official Soft Cell website.

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