Daniel Miller and Gareth Jones, after four decades of friendship, writing and remix collaboration, have announced debut album «Electronic Music Improvisations Volume 1» of their project Sunroof.

Daniel Miller and Gareth Jones release debut album of their project Sunroof
Photo by Diane Zillmer

Daniel Miller (founder of Mute Records) met Gareth Jones, (the innovative and influential producer, engineer and artist) back when Daniel asked Gareth to work with him in late 1982 on Depeche Mode’s «Construction Time Again». After that, they continued to work on their own sessions, established in the mid-nineties Sunroof had emerged as remix project, made remixes for Can, MGMT, To Rococo Rot, Kreidler and Goldfrapp.

«Are we actually going to make a record together before we die?»

Gareth Jones

«With modular systems, you can just go on and on forever and never actually complete anything.»

Daniel Miller

Debute Sunroof album «Electronic Music Improvisations Volume 1», a collection of 8 improvised modular pieces live recorded in various studios across London in the Spring - Summer 2019, will be released on the newly revived Mute's Parallel Series on May 21st, 2021 as Limited Edition Clear Vinyl, CD and Digital.

Complete information about Sunroof «Electronic Music Improvisations Volume 1» tracklist and formats - here.

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