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Actions 2002

Last updated 26.12.02

Just before announcement of lucky people who win our newest CDs, we wanna publish some brief results of our quick survey:

So, we have results of CD giveaway, taken part since December 1st till December 25th, 2002 ć. Prizes - 7 original CDs - will be given to 7 lucky persons, random choosen from all giveaway participants, which sent their e-mails with answers for all 7 poll questions.

Rammstein - «Feuer Frei!»Olesja, Kiev (ramm_girl@...)
Victor, Moscow (line2001@...)Rammstein - «Mutter»
Project Pitchfork - «View From A Throne»Vitaly, Moscow (vbogdanov@...)
Anne, Stockholm (anne.johansson@...)Virtual Server - «Wide Awake»
Virtual Server - «Fallen»Konstantin, Moscow (kost_ja@...)
Alex, St. Petersburg (moon1980@...)Boole - «Pheromones»
Mana ERG - «Borderliners»Max, Hamburg (darkmix@...)

We sent e-mails to all these lucky people, with request to send us their full post addresses. CD will be send by post (air post parcels) during first two weeks of January 2003. People from Moscow have unique chance to take their Cds from alex davie's hands ;)

We wanna thank everybody for taking part in survey!

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