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Latest News
Latest News - September 2009

Last updated 22.09.09

[ 18.09.2009 ] - «A Perfect Solution» details

«A Perfect Solution»
«A Perfect Solution»

We are happy to announce that long awaited mesh album «A Perfect Solution» (cat. no.: mind140) will out October 23rd, 2009 via Dependent (in Europe). Look at now available tracklisting:

[01] If We Stay Here 06:17
[02] Only Better 05:45
[03] Everything I Made 06:41
[04] Is It So Hard 05:58
[05] Hold It Together 04:55
[06] It's Gone 05:10
[07] How Long 06:22
[08] Who Says 06:34
[09] Hope Dreams 04:33
[10] Want You 03:56
[11] The Bitter End 04:59

Total time: 61:10

In other mesh news: band will perform in Moscow, Russia on February 20th, 2010 in «Tochka» club.

Info submited by official mesh web site.

[ 18.09.2009 ] - «Pussy» - new Rammstein single!


After four years of studio absence, the first single «Pussy» from new Rammstein album is coming out September 21st. Carried by a gigantic wave of testosterone, Rammstein unsheathes its sword and presents what makes man an animal. So start your engines. With pedal to the metal on the Autobahn of German clichés, where homage is paid to the hand-to-hand battle between the sexes with words like Bratwurst, Blitzkrieg, and Mercedes-Benz … to destinations abroad, past Heidi with her burgers and away from the German Fräuleinwunder. There, pleasure lurks like a yawning abyss….

A 2-track single «Pussy» with the song «Rammlied» as b-side is set to surface on both CD and vinyl formats. The CD will come as a Digipack with a poster, whereas the vinyl (strictly limited in number) will be issued in 7” & 12” forms, the 7” being etched and pressed on Viagra-blue vinyl. The vinyl will be hand-numbered and available exclusively from What Records.

New video directed by Jonas Åkerlund was premiered September 16th at German sex chat site.

Info submited by official Rammstein web site.

[ 18.09.2009 ] - «Live in Hamburg» - Limited Edition Box from Client

«Live in Hamburg»
«Live in Hamburg»

Our British favorite ladies Client are releasing «Live in Hamburg» - the strictly limited to 200 copies Limited Edition Box (every box is numbered). Paperbox includes: «Live in Hamburg» CD (pressed CD) and artprint picture booklet, including live and behind the scenes pictures, printed on really nice silk artpaper (size: 14,8 x 14,8 cm). Preorders will come with a personilised signature. It will available at the end of October.


[01] Son Of A Gun
[02] Satisfaction
[03] Client
[04] Make Me Believe In You
[05] Lights Go Out [06] Radio
[07] Lullabye
[08] Can You Feel
[09] Black Heart
[10] Pills
[11] Drive
[12] Your Love Is Like Petrol
[13] Rock And Roll Machine
[14] Don't Run Away
[15] Pornography
[16] In It For The Money
[17] Down To The Underground
18 Heartland

Info submited by official Client web site.

[ 18.09.2009 ] - «12345678 The Catalogue» from Kraftwerk

«12345678 The Catalogue»
«12345678 The Catalogue»

Electro pioneers, living legends and globally revered masters of electronic sound, German band Kraftwerk, celebrate the 35th anniversary of their landmark 1974 hit «Autobahn» by releasing digitally remastered versions of eight astounding albums on October 5th, 2009. Rolling back musical barriers with every forward-thinking phase of their career, Düsseldorf's masters of electronic minimalism laid the foundations for four decades of computerised pop and dance music. By chain reaction and mutation, they have influenced generations of artists in all genres, mapping musical futures yet to come. From Bowie to Daft Punk, Aphex Twin to Portishead, Dr Dre to LCD Soundsystem, and almost everyone in between, the mark of Kraftwerk is endless, really endless.

In 2009 Kraftwerk have upgraded their Kling Klang masters with the latest studio technology and these eight magnificent recordings still sound like nothing else in the history of music. Kraftwerk are unique, pristine, profound and beautiful. Decades may pass, but their streamlined synthetic symphonies stand outside time, as fresh as tomorrow, transcendent and sublime.

«12345678 The Catalogue» will be released via Mute/EMI in the following formats:

- 8 x individual CDs presented in special slipcases featuring newly expanded artwork, including many previously unseen images all of which have been reproduced to the highest technical standards.
- CD Box Set containing 8 x CDs in mini-vinyl card wallet packaging, plus individual large format booklets.
- 8 x individual heavyweight vinyl LPs with large format booklets.
- Digital downloads.


Disc 1 «Autobahn»

[01] Autobahn
[02] Kometenmelodie 1
[03] Kometenmelodie 2
[04] Mitternacht
[05] Morgenspaziergang

Disc 2 «Radio-Activity»

[01] Geiger Counter
[02] Radioactivity
[03] Radioland
[04] Airwaves
[05] Intermission
[06] News
[07] The Voice of Energy
[08] Antenna
[09] Radio Stars
[10] Uranium
[11] Transistor
[12] Ohm Sweet Ohm

Disc 3 «Trans Europe Express»

[01] Europe Endless
[02] The Hall of Mirrors
[03] Showroom Dummies
[04] Trans Europe Express
[05] Abzug
[06] Metal on Metal
[07] Franz Schubert
[08] Endless Endless

Disc 4 «The Man Machine»

[01] The Robots
[02] Spacelab
[03] Metropolis
[04] The Model
[05] Neon Lights
[06] The Man Machine

Disc 5 «Computer World»

[01] Computer World
[02] Pocket Calculator
[03] Numbers
[04] Computer World 2
[05] Computer Love
[06] Home Computer
[07] It's More Fun to Compute

Disc 6 «Techno Pop»

[01] Boing Boom Tschak
[02] Techno Pop
[03] Musique Non Stop
[04] The Telephone Call
[05] House Phone
[06] Sex Object
[07] Electric Cafe

Disc 7 «The Mix»

[01] The Robots
[02] Computer Love
[03] Pocket Calculator
[04] Dentaku
[05] Autobahn
[06] Radioactivity
[07] Trans Europe Express
[08] Abzug
[09] Metal on Metal
[10] Home Computer
[11] Music Non Stop

Disc 8 «Tour De France»

[01] Prologue
[02] Tour De France Étape 1
[03] Tour De France Étape 2
[04] Tour De France Étape 3
[05] Chrono
[06] Vitamin
[07] Aéro Dynamik
[08] Titanuim
[09] Elektrokardiogramm
[10] La Forme
[11] Régéneration
[12] Tour de France

Info submited by official Kraftwerk web site.

[ 18.09.2009 ] - New single from The Crüxshadows


Canadian goths The Crüxshadows returned on September 8th, 2009 with the b>«Quicksilver» EP, featuring three brand new tracks, as well as a radio edit and a club mix of the title track. «Quicksilver» is also the first release on the band's own Wishfire Records and offers an insight into what direction the band is going to take with their next album, to be released in 2010.


[01] Quicksilver 5:29
[02] Quicksilver (Edit) 4:12
[03] Quicksilver (Remix) 6:04
[04] Avalanche 8:21
[05] Roland

Total Length: 29:48

Info submited by official The Crüxshadows web site.

[ 18.09.2009 ] - «Beautiful People» from Pet Shop Boys

«Beautiful People»
«Beautiful People»

Pet Shop Boys will release «Beautiful People» on October 2nd, 2009 via Parlophone/EMI. It's third single from their recent album «Yes» (2009).


[01] Beautiful People
[02] Beautiful People (Vinny Vero Remix)
[03] Beautiful People (Demo)
[04] Fugitive (7" Mix)

Info submited by official Pet Shop Boys web site.

[ 18.09.2009 ] - «Celebration» - single and DVD

«Celebration» DVD
«Celebration» DVD

Madonna will release new video collection «Celebration» on September 25th, 2009 via Warner. Look a tracklisting:

[01] Burning Up
[02] Lucky Star
[03] Borderline
[04] Like A Virgin
[05] Material Girl
[06] Crazy For You
[07] Into The Groove
[08] Live To Tell
[09] Papa Don't Preach
[10] True Blue
[11] Open Your Heart
[12] La Isla Bonita
[13] Who's That Girl
[14] Like A Prayer
[15] Express Yourself
[16] Cherish
[17] Vogue
[18] Justify My Love
[19] Erotica
[20] Deeper and Deeper
[21] Rain
[22] I'll Remember
[23] Secret
[24] Take A Bow
[25] Bedtime Story
[26] Human Nature
[27] I Want You
[28] You'll See
[29] Frozen
[30] Ray Of Light
[31] The Power Of Good-Bye
[32] Beautiful Stranger
[33] American Pie
[34] Music
[35] Don't Tell Me
[36] What It Feels Like For A Girl
[37] Die Another Day
[38] Hollywood
[39] Love Profusion
[40] Hung Up
[41] Sorry
[42] Get Together
[43] Jump
[44] 4 Minutes
[45] Give It 2 Me
[46] Miles Away
[47] Celebration

«Celebration» (single)
«Celebration» (single)

In other Madonna news: she released new single «Celebration» on September 4th, 2009 via Warner Bros. Records.


[01] Celebration (Album Version)
[02] Celebration (Benny Benassi Remix)
[03] Celebration (Benny Benassi Dub)

Info submited by official Madonna web site.

[ 18.09.2009 ] - «Liebe Ist Für Alle Da» - cover and tracklisting!

«Liebe Ist Für Alle Da»
«Liebe Ist Für Alle Da»

New Rammstein album «Liebe Ist Für Alle Da» will released on October 16th. It will available as regular CD and 2 disk Special Edition.


[01] Rammlied 05:19
[02] Ich Tu Dir Weh 05:02
[03] Waidmanns Heil 03:33
[04] Haifisch 03:45
[05] B****** 04:15
[06] Früehling In Paris 04:45
[07] Weiner Blut 03:53
[08] Pussy 04:00
[09] Liebe Ist Für Alle Da 03:26
[10] Mehr 04:09
[11] Roter Sand 03:59

Total Time: 46:07

Bonus tracks (Special Edition only)

[12] Führe Mich 04:34
[13] Donaukinder 05:18
[14] Halt 04:21
[15] Roter Sand (Orchester Version) 04:06
[16] Liese 03:56

Total Time: 22:16

Info submited by official Rammstein web site.

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