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Latest News
Latest News - September 2007

Last updated 30.09.07

[ 30.09.2007 ] - «Archive #01» from Camouflage

«Archive #01»
«Archive #01»

On November 30th, 2007 Germans Camouflage will release «Archive #01» - a double disc compilation of rare and previously unreleased remixes, b-sides and demo versions. The extensive booklet to the release will include rare and unseen photos of Camouflage as well as extensive liner notes to each of the tracks included on the CDs.



[01] The Great Commandment (Original Us 12" Mix)(6:11)
[02] Love Is A Shield (Lexy & K-Paul Remix)(6:04)
[03] Me And You (Kaycee's Downbeat Mix)(5:47)
[04] Every Now And Then (4:30)
[05] Strangers' Thoughts (Longer)(6:00)
[06] The Story Of The Falling Fighters (Extended Version)(5:36)
[07] Handsome (Mosaic Mix)(6:14)
[08] Computer Liebe (Live 1989)(5:59)
[09] Heaven (I Want You) (Club Mix)(6:59)
[10] In Cold Blood (5:49)
[11] Kling Klang (3:51)
[12] Crime (Ray & Ito Version)(4:31)
[13] Mr. X (Demo Version)(4:03)


[01] Love Is A Shield (Orbit Dub Mix)(7:34)
[02] The Great Commandment 2.0 (Very. Mix)(4:53)
[03] That Smiling Face (German Band Version)(6:03)
[04] Isolation (5:49)
[05] Perfect (Huntemann & Bodzin Mix)(4:39)
[06] Winter (5:07)
[07] Thief (Der Dritte Raum Mix)(5:48)
[08] One Fine Day (Daylight-Mix)(6:03)
[09] Telephone Sensor (4:18)
[10] They Catch Secrets (They Catch More Secrets)(4:33)
[11] Suspicious Love (Live At Bear Music Days)(7:07)
[12] Wet Electronics (4:03)
[13] Camou Says Abdulu (6:01)

Info submited by official Camouflage web site.

[ 30.09.2007 ] - 9th album of Diary of Dreams

«Nekrolog 43»
«Nekrolog 43»

On October 26th, 2007 German darkwave band Diary of Dreams will release their 9th album, «Nekrolog 43» - via Accession Records. The new work consists as usual of 13 tracks and has a total running time of more than 70 minutes. Three years after «Nigredo», band is releasing new work, even more intense, profound and extremely diversified. The music varies from quiet passages to sections with strong dynamics and almost explosive rhythms. Songs take the listener on a seductive journey through incredible emotional ups and downs: through a dark and melancholy world as only Diary Of Dreams know how.

First Limited Edition presented in special «ecolbook» packaging with 32 pages booklet, special deep black CD and exclusive photos.


[01] Nekrolog 43
[02] the Plague
[03] Son Of A Thief
[04] Tears Of Joy
[05] UnWanted?
[06] Matching Lives
[07] Remedy Child
[08] Malice
[09] The Darkest Of All Hours
[10] Congratulations
[11] Hypo)Cryptick(Al
[12] Allone
[13] The Valley

Russian licensed edition will be released by Irond record label.

Info submited by official Diary of Dreams web site.

[ 30.09.2007 ] - «New York City» - second Emigrate single

«New York City»
«New York City»

New Emigrate single will be track «New York City», which is set to release on October 12th in Germany and October 15th in UK. Video was filmed in New York City by P.R. Brown and was premiered at MTV programme «Brand:Neu» on September 20th.


[01] New York City
[02] Blood
[03] My World
[04] New York City - «Eat your heart out» (Alec Empire RMX)
[05] My World «Resident Evil: Extinction» Video

Info submited by official Emigrate web site.

[ 30.09.2007 ] - 25-th anniversary collection from Die Krupps

«Too Much History : The Electro Years + The Metal Years»
«Too Much History»

One of the originators of a pioneering industrial electro metal sound, German band Die Krupps rose to prominense throughout the 80's and early 90's and are frequently name-checked as a major influence by many of todays modern electro, metal and industrial artists.

«Too Much History : The Electro Years + The Metal Years» gathers together 23 of their classic tracks spread over 2 seperate discs and is presented in a Deluxe Digipak. Includes classic Die Krupps electro metal tracks such as «Metal Machine Music», «Crossfire», «Fatherland», «To The Hilt», «Odyssey Of The Mind», «Machineries Of Joy», «Hi Tec Low Life», «Goldfinger», «Germaniac» and many more.

«Too Much History» will out October, 26th 2007 via Premiere. Both CDs («The Electro Years» and «The Metal Years») can either be obtained separately or in a Limited Edition double CD set.


«The Electro Years»
«The Electro Years»

«The Electro Years»

[01] Machineries Of Joy
[02] Für Einen Augenblick
[03] Volle Kraft Voraus
[04] Goldfinger
[05] Gladiators
[06] Der Amboss
[07] Germaniac
[08] Hi Tech Low Life
[09] Alive
[10] 5 Millionen
[11] The Great Divide

«The Metal Years»
«The Metal Years»

«The Metal Years»

[01] Metal Machine Music
[02] The Dawning Of Doom
[03] Crossfire
[04] Fahterland
[05] Bloodsuckers
[06] To The Hit
[07] Isolation
[08] Scent
[09] Odyssey Of The Mind
[10] Black Beauty White Heat
[11] Ich Bin Ein Ausländer
[12] The Great Divide

Info submited by official Die Krupps web site.

[ 30.09.2007 ] - Duran Duran are ready to «Red Carpet Massacre»

«Red Carpet Massacre»
«Red Carpet Massacre»

UK legends Duran Duran are ready to release their new album «Red Carpet Massacre», due out November 12th in the UK and a day later in the US.

First single will be track «Falling Down» set to release on October 29th (Europe) and November 5th (UK). It will not be released as a physical single in the US, only as Digital Download.

The video for the track «Falling Down», co-written and produced by Justin Timberlake, was inspired by a photo shoot in a fashion magazine that depicted models in rehab. The video was directed by Anthony Mandler known for his work with 50 Cent, The Killers, Beyonce and other popstars. Two version have been made, an X-rated version featuring topless models, and a normal one.

Info submited by official Duran Duran web site.

[ 30.09.2007 ] - News from Junkie XL

Junkie XL
Junkie XL

Newest Junkie XL single «Fuck More» is free downloadable from his official MySpace page. Vocals contributed by female singer Lauren Rocket. «Fuck More» will be featured on the soundtrack of the newest version of the legendary racegame «Need for Speed» to be released in November 2007. The single is a teaser for the 2008 album to be released on Artwerk in the US.

In related news, Junkie XL recorded the track «Clash» for the EA videogame «FIFA 08». You can hear new tracks live during upcoming Junkie XL Need for Speed World Tour:

20.10.07 - Amsterdam - Melkweg
26.10.07 - Brisbane - The Met
27.10.07 - Auckland - St James Theater
02.11.07 - Perth/ Freemantle - The Metro
03.11.07 - Sydney - Home
04.11.07 - Gold Coast - Bedroom
05.11.07 - Melbourne - Queensbridge
09.11.07 - Beijing - Tang Club
10.11.07 - Shanghai - G Plus
30.11.07 - Tokyo - Unit
01.12.07 - Osaka - Saza E

Info taken from official Junkie XL MySpace page.

[ 30.09.2007 ] - Solo album for Morten Harket

Morten Harket
Morten Harket

A-ha singer Morten Harket will release a new solo album at the end of the 2007 via Universal Records Germany. Harket has collaborated with Kjetil Bjerkstrand at Bjorn Nesjos Studio in Trondheim.

More details - soon!

Info submited by official A-ha web site.

[ 30.09.2007 ] - «The First Mix» from Quantum Dub

«The First Mix»
«The First Mix»

German remix services Quantum Dub releases their first remix compilation «The First Mix» on September 1st, 2007. Pretty good set of nice remixes done for such indie synthpop bands as Color Theory, Obsc(y)re, !Distain, Waiting For Words and more. We would like to recommend this release to everyone who like to listen something new and interesting from current synthpop scene.


[01] 1 UR - Karma Planet (The First Mix) 06:54
[02] Deadline Project - Create And Believe (Gabriel remix) 6:41
[03] Color Theory - Zero Crossing (Quantum Remix) 6:36
[04] Obsc(y)re - Aus Der Traum (10 dreams remix) 5:03
[05] Dierdre - Firefly (Pleiad Dreams Remix) 3:45
[06] Interlude 0:52 [07] Quantum Dub - Stripped (Cover) 5:53
[08] !Distain - You Mean Everything (Beyond Remix) 5:25
[09] Waiting For Words - Cause I Do Believe (Beyond Mix Edit) 4:20
[10] Obsc(y)re - Aus Der Traum (UR Mix) 5:32
[11] Ken Freeman - The Tripods Theme (Two Decades Remix Part 1 + 2) 5:32

You can buy this CD at POPoNAUT online music store.

Info submited by Quantum Dub Records.

[ 30.09.2007 ] - «Itís Not Over» - third new Client single

«Itís Not Over»
«Itís Not Over»

Our favorite British girls Client return with «Itís Not Over», the third single from their chart-approved album «Heartland». With a stomping shuffle beat, a lushly whispered verse part, and an ultra-catchy chorus, this minimalist electro pop song is destined to blow you away. Includes the exclusive b-side track «Donít Look At Me Like That», as well as 3 remixes.


[01] It's Not Over (Youth Radio Mix)
[02] Don't Look At Me Like That
[03] It's Not Over (Azzido Da Bass Remix)
[04] It's Not Over (Marsheaux Mix)
[05] It's Not Over (Cherrystone Mix)
[06] It's Not Over (Mark Moore & Kinky Roland Remix)

«Itís Not Over» will out October 5th, 2007 via Out of Line.

Info submited by official Client web site.

[ 30.09.2007 ] - New releases from Lowe


Swedish electro pop band Lowe are currently in the studio working on their long awaited second album «Kino International». The recordings are going really well, and they're hoping for a release in October. The band is co-producing the new album together with studio genius Tobias Ersson from Rezonance. The first single, «A 1000 Miles», will be out in the beginning of October. Stay tuned for more information!

Info submited by official Lowe web site.

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