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Latest News
Latest News - September 2004

Last updated 28.09.04

[ 28.09.2004 ] - Rammstein will continue their Reise Reise Tour in 2005!


As we were informed, upcoming Rammstein's tour will continue in Winter-Spring 2005! It will be dates in Europe, including Germany, Austria and France. As soon as new dates are officially confirmed, you'll find them at our site here.

Info taken from various sources.

[ 28.09.2004 ] - «Personal Jesus» of Marilyn Manson

«Personal Jesus»

New single Marilyn Manson titled «Personal Jesus» was released on September 20th, 2004 via Interscope (Universal).


[01] Personal Jesus
[02] Mobscene replet (Bitteren Ende Mea Culpa Mix)
[03] Personal Jesus (Rude Photo Motor Remix)
[04] Personal Jesus (Video)(Data Track)

Info submited by Universal Music.

[ 20.09.2004 ] - Nick Cave in Russia - details

Below you can find Nick Cave's schedule in Russia:

20.09 - Arrival to St. Petersburg
21.09 - Concert in BKZ «Oktyabrsky»
22.09 - Arrival to Moscow. Nick Cave will celebrate his 47th Birthday
23.09 - 1st concert in Operetta Theatre
24.00 - 2st concert in Operetta Theatre

Info submited by T.C.I. concert agency.

[ 20.09.2004 ] - News from Melotron


The guys from Melotron has returned from their holidays and were meeting already to talk about a new studio album. The recording sessions started in September and will probably be finished until the end of the year. The release should be out before Summer 2005. Some of the new material will be played live at the show in Rome on September 25th.

In other news: Andy will be DJing on October 2nd in Lima (Pero) and on October 9th in Mexico City.

Info taken from official Melotron web site.

[ 20.09.2004 ] - «Classic Echo» for «Mein Herz brennt»


For the song cycle «Mein Herz brennt» by Torsten Rasch (based on lyrics and music from Rammstein), the Dresden Symphony Orchestra is to receive the «Classic Echo» in the category «Best debut recording». Our congratulations! The awards will take place in the Munich Philharmonic Hall on October 24th.

Info taken from official Rammstein web site.

[ 20.09.2004 ] - Laibach released new single

«Das Spiel Ist Aus»

Industrial legends Laibach just released new single on September 13th, called «Das Spiel Ist Aus». The second single to be taken from the recent album, «WAT», «Das Spiel Ist Aus» is included on and precedes the compilation album, «Laibach Anthems», due for release on September 27th alongside a DVD release, «Laibach Videos».


CD (Cat No.: CDMute319)

[01] Das Spiel Ist Aus (remix) 3:18
[02] Das Spiel Ist Aus (album version) 4:19
[03] Das Spiel Ist Aus (OUROBOROTS Mix) 4:04
[04] Das Spiel Ist Aus (DJ Bizzy Mix) 4:52
[05] Das Spiel Ist Aus (OUROBOROTS Instrumental Mix) 4:04
[06] Das Spiel Ist Aus (live) 5:07
[07] Das Spiel Ist Aus (Alternate album version) 4:59

12" (Cat No.: 12Mute319)

[01] Das Spiel Ist Aus (OUROBOROTS Mix) 4:04
[02] Das Spiel Ist Aus (Dj Bizzy Mix) 4:52
[03] Das Spiel Ist Aus (remix) 3:18
[04] Das Spiel Ist Aus (Alternate album version) 4:59

Info submited by Mute Records.

[ 20.09.2004 ] - New Hocico album

«Wrack And Ruin»

The brand new album from Mexican dark wave band Hocico titled «Wrack And Ruin» will released on October 11th via Out Of Line/SPV.

New album continues the evolution of this famous electro/industrial duo. Following the path laid down with «Signos De Aberracion» (2002), «Wrack And Ruin» delivers a storming set of ten essential compositions, cementing Hocico's position as possibly the biggest cult-electro act around today. Replete with their trademark sonic barrage of twisted dark electro-club assaults, blended off-kilter melodies and intense/hard as hell beats and rhythyms - all laced with Erk Aicrag's hatefilled and harsh distorted vocals - «Wrack And Ruin» sets a benchmark in new electro/industrial music.

Album will available in 3 versions: standart CD, Limited Edition (Double CD set, with Bonus CD) and Limited Vinyl Box Set. The super-limited vinyl version includes two full colour picture vynil LP discs (with a different image on each side) which include all tracks on the Standard and Limited Bonus CD's plus two additional, exclusive tracks unavailable elsewhere. The LP sized box also includes a large car-sticker and a big poster. All boxes come securely shrinkwrapped and are fully printed in glossy four colour print with the original album sleeve design. This ultimate collectors item box is limited to only 1000 copies worldwide.


Standard CD

[01] El Infierno Que Viene
[02] Tales From The Third World
[03] Bizarre Words
[04] Spirits Of Crime
[05] Born To Be ( Hated ) - Original Odium
[06] Love Posing As A Prostitute
[07] Ecos
[08] Oracion Nocturna
[09] Death As A Gift
[10] Padre No Nuestro

Bonus CD

[01] Spirits of Crime (bestializtik mix by DL)
[02] Pentaprisma
[03] Ladykiller (sick bastard version)
[04] La cara de la muerte

Limited Vinyl Box Set

Disc 1

Side A:

[01] El infierno que viene
[02] Tales from the third world
[03] Bizarre words
[04] Spirits of crime

Side B:

[01] Born to be (hated) - Original Odium
[02] Love Posing as a Prostitute
[03] Ecos
[04] Pentaprisma

Disc 2

Side A:

[01] Oracion Nocturna
[02] Death as a Gift
[03] Padre no Nuestro
[04] Spirits of Crime (bestializtik mix by DL)

Side B:

[01] Hatred
[02] Without a God (sin piedad version)
[03] Ladykiller (sick bastard version)
[04] La Cara de la Muerte

Info submited by online store Music Non Stop.

[ 12.09.2004 ] - Set list from 6 Feet Underground 2004 Tour


On September 9th our German progressive pop favorites De/Vision performed first show during their 6 Feet Underground 2004 Tour - in Duisburg, Germany at «Pulp» club.

Set list:

[01] Intro
[02] Take Me To Heaven
[03] Unputdownable (Acoustic Version)
[04] I'm Not Dreaming Of You
[05] Deliver Me (Rock-Version)
[06] Aimee
[07] Digital Dream
[08] Drifting Sideways
[09] You Are The One
[10] Heart-Shaped Tumor
[11] Turn Me On
[12] Your Hands On My Skin
[13] Take Me Over
[14] Try To Forget
[15] 6 Feet Underground
[16] Beside You

1st encore

[17] I'm Not Enough
[18] Endlose Traume
[19] I Regret

2nd encore

[20] Foreigner
[21] Strange Affection

Info taken from various sources.

[ 12.09.2004 ] - «Enjoy The Silence 2004» as digital single

«Enjoy The Silence 2004»

As we were informed, 1-track digital single for «Enjoy The Silence 2004» will be available on the September 27th, available from all online e-tail sites and also from

Info submited by official Depeche Mode web site.

[ 12.09.2004 ] - «Vertigo» - new U2 single!


New U2 single is called «Vertigo» and will be released on November 8th. Single was produced by Steve Lillywhite at the band’s Hanover Quay Studio in Dublin.

The single also features another brand new track, «Are You Gonna Wait Forever?», along with a cover of Kraftwerk's «Neon Lights», plus a remix by Jacknife Lee.

The DVD features all-new shots of the band taken in Lisbon recently by Anton Corbijn - as well as a stunning live performance of «Vertigo», shot at the studio and directed by Richie Smyth.



[01] Vertigo
[02] Are You Gonna Wait Forever?


[01] Vertigo
[02] Vertigo (Jacknife Lee 10”)
[03] Neon Lights


[01] Vertigo (HQ video)
[02] Vertigo (audio with photo gallery
[03] Are You Gonna Wait Forever? (audio only)
[04] Vertigo (Jacknife Lee 10”) (Lisbon video)

In other news: new U2 album «How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb» will be released on November 22nd.

Info taken from official U2 web site.

[ 06.09.2004 ] - «KMFDM 84-86 The 20th Anniversary Edition»

KMFDM 84-86

We are happy to inform you that our ultra heavy beats favorites KMFDM will release special 2-Disc Set titled «KMFDM 84-86 The 20th Anniversary Edition», with many rare and previously unreleased tracks.

As Sascha said, «previously unreleased official version means that these tracks are not exactly as the ones you may know from mp3 downloads and the shoddy cassette release.»


[01] Get It
[02] Disqusting Discovery
[03] Preisraetsel
[04] Don't Get Your (previously unreleased official version)
[05] Attention
[06] Moon
[07] Add
[08] #1 (Ichiban)
[09] TV-TV (previously unreleased official version)
[10] Too Much
[11] East German American Killed
[12] Fleisch Sehen
[13] I Can Absolutely Not (previously unreleased official version)
[14] Bewitched
[15] Indo (previously unreleased official version)
[16] Turn


[17] Laminated Love
[18] To Sascha
[19] O.T.
[20] Links In Die Ecke (never before released)
[21] Bad Turn (never before released)
[22] Very Bad Boys (never before released)
[23] TV-TV [Kopfschmerz Variante] (previously unreleased official version)
[24] Preisraetsel [Wuerstchen Mix] (previously unreleased official version)
[25] Schnell Raus - Kartoffeln (never before released)
[26] Big Shit [Live October1985] (never before released)
[27] Liquid Pigs Under Pressure [Live May1984] (never before released)

Around 100 minutes playing-time.

The first 1,000 copies will be hand-stamped and numbered collectors' items. Appropriately priced at $20.00, you will be able to purchase these at our upcoming shows during the KMFDM 20th Anniversary Tour.

Info taken from official KMFDM web site.

[ 06.09.2004 ] - Martin Gore and New Order on Gwen Stefani's solo album

Martin Gore

Gwen Stefani from No Doubt is currently finishing up her first solo album. Stefani recruited several artists for her upcoming solo album, including Martin Lee Gore and New Order. Martin contributed guitar work to the song «It's A Wonderful Life».

Info taken from Rolling Stone web site.

[ 02.08.2004 ] - Hocico - Wrack and Ruin Tour 2004


As you already know, Mexican dark wave band Hocico will perform two shows in Russia during their upcoming Wrack and Ruin Tour 2004:


08 - Manchester, UK *
09 - London, UK *
10 - Paris, France *
15 - Copenhagen, Danmark
16 - Helsinki, Finland
17 - Tallinn, Estonia
20 - Budapest, Hungary
22 - St.Petersburg, Russia
24 - Moscow, Russia - Tochka
28 - Kantine, Germany *
29 - Berlin, Germany - K 17*
31 - Porto, Portugal *


01 - Barcelona, Spain *
04 - Eindhoven, Netherlands *
05 - Mechelen, Belgium *
06 - Strassbourg, France *
07 - Lyon, France *
10 - Krefeld, Germany - Kufa*
11 - Frankfurt/M., Germany - Batschkapp*
12 - Leipzig, Germany - Werk 2*
13 - Hamburg, Germany - Markthalle *
14 - Poznan, Poland *
18 - Roma, Italy *
19 - Pordenone, Italy *
20 - Reggio Emilia, Italy *
21 - Zurich, Switzerland - Abart*
25 - Haifa, Israel


03 - Capetown, Southafrica
04 - Johannesburg, Southafrica
10 - Athens, Greece

Shows marked by * supported by Spetsnaz.

Info submited by official Hocico web site.

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