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Latest News
Latest News
Latest News - October 2003

Last updated 29.10.03

[ 29.10.2003 ] - New live album from Project Pitchfork

«Live 2003/2001»
«Live 2003/2001»

Project Pitchfork will release a new live CD on November 3rd, 2003 (via on WEA Records/Warner Music). This Live CD will be a kind of promo for the live DVD planned for release in early 2004. After the last live CD ('97), which was very limited and difficult to acquire, the new live CD will be the first official Pitchfork live album. The album will have 11 songs recorded during the last tour in Dresden, as well as, 2 bonus songs from the Daimonion Tour which are unreleased live versions.


[01] Timekiller
[02] God Wrote
[03] Trialog
[04] Inferno
[05] Awakening
[06] Terra Incognita
[07] The Spoken Mirror
[08] Entity
[09] IO
[10] I Live Your Dream
[11] Die Schlange
[12] Existence
[13] KNKA

Info taken from official Project Pitchfork web site.

[ 29.10.2003 ] - News from Colony 5

New music hit from Lorenz Macke - German synthpop band Colony 5 are working on their new CD, «Colonisation». This album is set to release on January 19th, 2004. At the moment you can see some dates of their Colonisation Tour:


26.12 - Rostock - LT Club - Depeche Mode Party
27.12 - Hanau – Audion-X - Festival
29.12 - Leipzig - Moritzbastei (together with L’image)
30.12 - Berlin – K17 - (together with L’image)


31.01 - Hannover - Musikzentrum

Order your ticket at!

Info taken from SPR/Kleefeld web site.

[ 29.10.2003 ] - «Seemann» by Apocalyptica and Nina Hagen


As you possibly heard Finnish band Apocalyptica and Nina Hagen recorded cover version of Rammstein's «Seemann» on October 6th (via Motor/Universal). Also they did promo video already aired a lot on VIVAplus.

«Seemann» Maxi CD
Apocalyptica feat. Nina Hagen


[01] Seemann (Radio Edit)
[02] Seemann (Album version)
[03] Heat
[04] Seemann (Video)

Info taken from various sources.

[ 14.10.2003 ] - A lot of De/Vision news!

De/Vision - Live in Moscow
De/Vision - Live in Moscow

On October 4th, 2003, for the first time in the band history, our German favorites De/Vision performed a live show in Russia - in Moscow club «Roxy». After the concert Steffen even played CDs as a guest DJ. You can see complete photo coverage of these event here, and even more!

In other news: as was announced recently De/Vision will go on road again in January 2004. The dates are fixed now and it will become a small but excellent Tour. The band and Pluswelt Promotion did everything they could to offer you tickets at the lowest price. Tickets advance booking started on October 6th, 2003 and the price for tickets is at 14 Euro (plus presale charge). Tickets are available from Headline Concerts, phone: +49-228-4039093 or email: To buy tickets at the box-office at the venue will cost 18 Euro!

De/Vision will be supported by the American band Iris.

On October 31st, 2003 Germans T.O.Y will do a gig at the Moritzbastei in Leipzig, Germany. As you for sure already know, Steffen sings the song «The Sky Is The Limit» on T.O.Y’s actual album «White Lights» and will perform the song as guest singer on this concert.

At the moment Thomas and Steffen are already working on new material for the forthcoming album. If everythings works fine, the new album might be released in Autumn 2004.

Info taken from various official sources.

[ 14.10.2003 ] - Aggressor Tour - dates!




January 2004

16 - Dresden - Alter Schlachthof
17 - Rostock - Stadthalle
19 - Bielefeld - Ringlokschuppen
20 - Düsseldorf - Stahlwerk
21 - Hamburg - Markthalle
23 - Leipzig - Haus Auensee
24 - Magdeburg - Factory
25 - Erfurt - Spot
27 - München - Alabamahalle
28 - Hannover - Capitol
29 - Mainz - KUZ
30 - Berlin - Columbiahalle

Order your ticket now at!

Info submitted by And One Propaganda.

[ 14.10.2003 ] - The Crüxshadows on European Tour

The Crüxshadows
The Crüxshadows

Soon, on October 24th, dark wave The Crüxshadows will release «Ethernaut», their new full length album. And a great news - they will tour Europe just after that! Look at dates and venues:



26 - Mainz, Germany - KUZ
27 - Konstanz, Germany - Contrast
28 - Genf, Switzerland - L'Usine/KAB
29 - Rimini, Italy - Bellaria, Gallery
30 - Rome, Italy - Circolo Degli Artisti


03 - Heidelberg, Germany - Schwimmbad Musik Club (with Zeraphine)
04 - Augsburg, Germany - Musikkantine
05 - Dresden, Germany - Bunker Strasse E
06 - Essen, Germany - Zeche Carl (early show)
07 - Cologne, Germany - Underground
08 - Brüssel, Belgium - Magazin 4
10 - Bremen, Germany - Tower
11 - Bielefeld, Germany - Forum
12 - Zwolle, Holland - Club Hedon
13 - Vlissingen, Holland - De Piek

Any tour information - at

Info taken from official The Crüxshadows web site.

[ 14.10.2003 ] - «101» DVD is delayed

«101» DVD
«101» DVD

As reported at official Depeche Mode web site, the forthcoming «101» DVD is delayed. The new release date will be November 10th (UK) and November 11th (USA).

Info taken from official Depeche Mode web site.

[ 02.10.2003 ] - «Lichtspielhaus» - upcoming Rammstein DVD release

As written on Herzeleid.Com, the title of upcoming Rammstein DVD release will be «Lichtspielhaus» and the release date is November 17th. It will be released in PAL and NTSC format.


Promo videos

[01] Du Riechst So Gut
[02] Seemann
[03] Rammstein
[04] Engel
[05] Du Hast
[06] Du Riechst So Gut 98
[07] Sonne
[08] Links 2,3,4
[09] Ich Will
[10] Mutter
[11] Feuer Frei
(featuring additional audio comments of the band)

Making Of

[01] Sonne
[02] Ich Will
[03] Links 2,3,4
[04] Du Hast
[05] Feuer Frei
[06] Du Riechst So Gut
[07] Interviews


[01] MTV US
[02] MTV Masters
[03] Kerrang Award

Live Shows

[01] Berlin Arena 96
[02] Rock am Ring 98
[03] Berlin Wuhlheide 98
[04] Mexico (Kiss Tour) 99
[05] Big Day Out (Australia)

Info taken from Herzeleid.Com fan site.

[ 02.10.2003 ] - «Loverman EP²» details

«Loverman EP²»
«Loverman EP²»

There are some details of upcoming release from Martin Lee Gore, second single from «Counterfeit²». New release titled «Loverman EP²» has cat. no. Mute322 and set to release on November 17th.

«Loverman EP²» (DVD + CD)


[01] In My Time Of Dying (4:32)
[02] Stardust (3:12)
[03] I Cast A Lonesome Shadow (4:13)
[04] Lost In The Stars (2:55)
[05] Loverman (6:47)
[06] Counterfeit² Interview (7:00)


[01] Loverman (Radio Edit (4:13)
[02] Loverman (Bola Remix (6:46)
[03] Das Lied Vom Einsamen Mädchen (Turner Remix) (5:04)
[04] Das Lied Vom Einsamen Mädchen (Lawrence Remix) (8:48)

There will also be a 12" single, again entitled «Loverman EP²».


[01] Loverman (Bola Remix) (6:46)
[02] Loverman (Bola Instrumental) (6:46)
[03] Das Lied Vom Einsamen Mädchen (Turner Remix) (5:04)
[04] Das Lied Vom Einsamen Mädchen (Lawrence Remix) (8:48)

Some details: Radio Edit was done by Anne Caruthers. All songs on the DVD were recorded live at Alcatraz in Milan earlier this year. The Bola mixes were done by Bola and Bolamachine. Bola appear courtesy of SKAM Records. Keni Mok did additional production on Turner Remix, and Peter M. Kersten did additional production on Lawrence Remix. The artwork was done by Anton Corbijn and designed by Four5one.

Info taken from various sources.

[ 02.10.2003 ] - «101» SACD delayed

According to Mute Records info service, «101» SACD will see the light of day on the November 10th. So it will be delayed few weeks after planned earlier date, together with «101» DVD.

Info taken from Mute Records web site.

[ 02.10.2003 ] - «Find You're Here» - complete info

Recently we received complete info about new Wolfsheim single, «Find You're Here». It will released on November 3rd by Strange Ways (Indigo) as Digipak maxi CD single.

«Find You're Here»
«Find You're Here»


[01] Find You're Here
[02] Find You're Gone
[03] Künstliche Welten (Live)
[04] Kein Zurück (Live)

Also it will available as Limited Edition (double CD set):

«Find You're Here» (Limited Edition)
«Find You're Here» (Limited Edition)

Disc 1

[01] Find You're Here (Single Edit)
[02] Find You're Here (Instrumental)
[03] Kein Zurück (Live)
[04] Find You're Here (Video)

Disc 2

[01] Find You're Gone (Single Edit)
[02] Find You're Gone (Instrumental)
[03] Künstliche Welten (Live)
[04] Find You're Gone (Video)

Info taken from various official sources.

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