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Latest News
Latest News
Latest News - October 2002

Last updated 31.10.02

[ 31.10.2002 ] - «DEVOLUTION» tracklisting!

As just officially announced by De/Vision management, the tracklisting of «DEVOLUTION» album:

[01] Sadness (4:52)
[02] When The World Disappeared (5:11)
[03] Miss You More (4:21)
[04] Drifting Sideways (4:27)
[05] A New Dawn (5:58)
[06] Far Too Deep (5:15)
[07] Digital Dream (3:50)
[08] You Say... (4:54)
[09] Mary Jane (3:50)
[10] The Day's Not Done (6:13)

Info taken from official De/Vision web site.

[ 22.10.2002 ] - New Wolfsheim single!

Finally here are some Wolfsheim news! Peter and Markus played 6 tracks from the upcoming album to selected journalists from German musicmagazines (Orkus, Zillo and Sonic Seducer). The new single will be «Kein zurueck» which will be released in Germany on Feb 3rd, 2003.

Info submitted by official Wolfsheim mailing list.

[ 22.10.2002 ] - Some hot news from Madonna

«Die Another Day» Soundtrack
«Die Another Day» Soundtrack

«Die Another Day» tracklisting:

[01] Die Another Day - Madonna
[02] Bond Vs. Oakenfold - (Oakenfold mix)
[03] Gun Barrel / On The Beach
[04] How Do You Intend To Kill Me Now, Mr. Bond?
[05] Hovercraft Chase
[06] Kiss Of Life
[07] Peaceful Fountains Of Desire
[08] Welcome To Cuba
[09] Jinx Jordan
[10] Wheelchair Access
[11] Jinx And James

By the way, in recent CNN interview («Larry King Live», October 10th), Madonna said that her new album would be called «Ein Sof», which means «infinity» (on old jewish language). Album planned to be released in March 2003.

Info taken from M-Girl fan site.

[ 12.10.2002 ] - UK version of «Feuer Frei!»

In addition to the officially announced version of «Feuer Frei!», there seems to several others that will be available. Like «Ich Will» released before it, «Feuer Frei!» will have a special 3-part UK edition.

[01] Feuer Frei!
[02] Mutter (album version)
[03] Kokain

Enhanced with: «Feuer Frei!» (video), making of and interview.

[01] Feuer Frei (Junkie XL remix)
[02] Mutter
[03] Feuer Frei! (Rammstein remix)

Enhanced with: the making of the «Sonne» video, interview, and a photo gallery with 7 pictures.


videos for «Feuer Frei!», «Du hast», «Buck dich», interview footage, history, and more photos.

Info taken from Herzeleid fan site.

[ 12.10.2002 ] - Second new single from Project Pitchfork!

On October 28th, 2002 (in Europe), the second part of «nun» trilogy of Project Pitchfork will appear. The single entitled «View from a Throne».

«View from a Throne»
«View from a Throne»

It will contain five non-album tracks:

[01] View From A Throne (4:40)
[02] Die Schlance vs. (Damon Der Atwort) (3:49)
[03] Corpus Hermeticum (6:22)
[04] Outside (3:52)
[05] Metamorphosis (3:57)

The title song will be have a videoclip.

Info taken from official Project Pitchfork site.

[ 12.10.2002 ] - «Die Another Day» tracklisting

«Die Another Day» single
«Die Another Day» single

New Madonna's single - «Die Another Day» - will be released by Warner Brothers on October 22nd, 2002. There will be 4 commercial formats in US: CD Maxi, 2 disc-12" vinyl, 2 track and 3 track international CD singles. See detailed information here.

Info taken from official Madonna site.

[ 12.10.2002 ] - 3 The Cure live shows in Germany!

There will be three dates:

09.11 - Hamburg, Colorline Arena

11 and 12.11 - Berlin, Tempodrom - «Trilogy Show» (at these two shows The Cure plans to play all songs from their 3 classics: «Pornography», «Disintegration» and «Bloodflowers», both shows will be filmed on video, for further DVD)

Show set list:

[01] One Hundred Years
[02] A Short Term Effect
[03] The Hanging Garden
[04] Siamese Twins
[05] The Figurehead
[06] A Strange Day
[07] Cold
[08] Pornography

20 mins break

[09] Plainsong
[10] Pictures Of You
[11] Closedown
[12] Lovesong
[13] Last Dance
[14] Lullaby
[15] Fascination Street
[16] Prayers For Rain
[17] The Same Deep Water As You
[18] Disintegration
[19] Homesick
[20] Untitled

20 mins break

[21] Out Of This World
[22] Watching Me Fall
[23] Where The Birds Always Sing
[24] Maybe Someday
[25] The Last Day Of Summer
[26] There Is No If...
[27] The Loudest Sound
[28] 39
[29] Bloodflowers

Booking and information on following sites:

Info taken from Close To Cure fan site.

[ 12.10.2002 ] - KMFDM started to record new album

Few weeks earlier KMFDM are pleased to announce that recording sessions for a new album cycle have begun. New album titled «World War III» will be released on Metropolis Records in 2003. In the studio are: Lucia Cifarelli, Joolz Hodgson, Andy Selway, Bill Rieflin, Raymond Watts and Sascha Konietzko.

Info taken from official KMFDM site.

[ 07.10.2002 ] - De/Vision tour plans in April 2003

Thomas and Steffen at Megaradio (Aug 2002)
Thomas and Steffen at Megaradio (Aug 2002)

Attention to all De/Vision fans: Band announced that their German Tour will be somewhere inbetween April 8th and April 21st, 2003. Possible cities for shows are Braunschweig, Bielefeld, Berlin, Bochum, Dresden, Erfurt, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich and Rostock. Maybe there will be 2 support acts and prices between 14 and 19 Euro.

Exact dates, venues etc will be announced on official De/Vision web site.

Info taken from De/Vision fan area.

[ 07.10.2002 ] - Re-release «The Videos 86>98» on 2 DVDs!

The Videos 86>98 +
The Videos 86>98 +

As confirmed by Mute, a new version of the Depeche Mode «The Videos 86>98» DVD will be released on November 18th. Titled «The Videos 86>98 +», it will be 2 DVDs: original remastered DVD plus an extra DVD with the following bonus items: the videos for «But Not Tonight» (from the Film «Modern Girls»), «Strangelove '88» (US Version), «One Caress» (US Video), «Condemnation» (Paris Mix) and 3 EPK shortfilms from «Violator», «Songs Of Faith And Devotion» and «Ultra». Running time for this second DVD is set on 87 mins. Look for detailed information here.

Info submitted by Mute Records.

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