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Latest News
Latest News - November 2004

Last updated 24.11.04

[ 24.11.2004 ] - Moby announces new releases


Moby has announced details of a brand new album and single, due for release on Mute in 2005. The album, «Hotel», Moby's fifth studio album, is out on March 14th and will be preceded by a single «Lift Me Up» on February 28th.

Recorded and mixed during 2004 at Moby's apartment, Electric Lady Studios and Loho Studios in Manhattan, «Hotel» continues in Moby's tradition of beautifully eclectic records and runs the gamut from quiet instrumentals, to anthems, to downtempo sultry jams, to uplifting electro-disco, to ballads.

The new fourteen track album features Moby's vocals on ten tracks and two duets and contains two instrumentals. This is his first album without vocal samples. Moby has played every instrument on the album (except for the live drums, played by Scott Frassetto) and is joined by Laura Dawn on vocals.

«Hotel», the album, was produced by Moby and engineered and mixed by Moby and Brian Sperber.

Info submited by Mute Records.

[ 24.11.2004 ] - Martin Gore is writing songs for Madonna

Madonna and Stuart Price had few meetings with Martin Gore, during recent Re-invention Tour. At that meetings Martin was given 2 songs to work on, and later Madonna was impressed by one of the tracks. Madonna is now going to rewrite some of the lyrics and she will also record some raw vocals for Martin. Note that information is still not confirmed officially.

In other related news: Madonna is currently also solliciting material from Lamb's Andy Barlow and Goldfrapp.

Info submited by Side-Line.

[ 24.11.2004 ] - Depeche Mode to meet for new album

Depeche Mode will be collectively gathering in Santa Barbara in early December, along with with Daniel Miller, Jonathan Kessler and producer Ben Hillier. In January 2005, after a holiday break, the band will start work on their new album.

By the way, Ben Hillier worked with various artists, such as U2, Duran Duran, Erasure and Blur.

Info taken from official Depeche Mode web site.

[ 24.11.2004 ] - NIN's «The Downward Spiral» (Deluxe Edition)

November 22nd, 2004 sees the release of Nine Inch Nails classic «The Downward Spiral» album as a Deluxe Edition set (via Universal). This two disc package features redesigned artwork / packaging, Hybrid SACD with the original album in stereo, high resolution stereo and high resolution 5.1 digital surround sound, and the second Bonus Disc features a brand new compilation of remixes, B-Sides, demos and non album tracks including previously unreleased material. Please note, this Hybrid SACD will play on both regular CD players and SACD players too.

«The Downward Spiral» (Deluxe Edition)
«The Downward Spiral» (Deluxe Edition)


Disc 1 (Hybrid SACD):

[01] Mr. Self Destruct
[02] Piggy
[03] Heresy
[04] March Of The Pigs
[05] Closer
[06] Ruiner
[07] The Becoming
[08] I Do Not Want This
[09] Big Man With A Gun
[10] A Warm Place
[11] Eraser
[12] Reptile
[13] The Downward Spiral
[14] Hurt

Disc 2 (CD):

[01] Burn (Soundtrack Version - Explicit)
[02] closer (Precursor)
[03] piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now)
[04] A Violet Fluid
[05] Dead souls
[06] Hurt (quiet)
[07] Closer To God
[08] All The Pigs, All Lined Up
[09] Memorabilia
[10] The Downward Spiral (bottom)
[11] Ruiner (Demo)
[12] Liar (Reptile Demo)
[13] Heresy (Demo)

Info submited by online store Music Non Stop.

[ 24.11.2004 ] - Surprising re-releases for Ministry fans

On November 23rd, 2004 there will see light of a day two surprising re-releases for Ministry fans: «Animositisomina» and «Sphinctour» albums as Dual Disks (one side is a CD and the other side a DVD)

«Animositisomina» tracklisting:

CD side:

[01] Animosity
[02] Unsung
[03] Piss
[04] Lockbox
[05] Broken
[06] The Light Pours Out of Me
[07] Shove
[08] Impossible
[09] Stolen
[10] Leper

DVD side:

[01] «Animositisomina» album in 24bit/96kHz DVD-Audio and 24bit/48kHz Dolby Digital 5.1
[02] The Devil In The Details («Behind The Scenes» video)
[03] Ministry: Past, Present And...
[04] Artist Photos

NTSC, Region Code 0 (all regions)

«Sphinctour» tracklisting:

CD side:

[01] Psalm 69
[02] Crumbs
[03] Reload
[04] Filth Pig
[05] Just One Fix
[06] N.W.O.
[07] Hero
[08] Thieves
[09] Scarecrow
[10] Lava
[11] Fall

DVD side:

[01] «Animositisomina» album in 24bit/96kHz DVD-Audio and 24bit/48kHz Dolby Digital 5.1
[02] Liner Notes
[03] Artist Photos

Both disks will be released by Silverline.

Info submited by online store Music Non Stop.

[ 24.11.2004 ] - The Cure - «Three Imaginary Boys» (Deluxe Edition)

On November 29th, 2004 Universal will release Double disc Deluxe Edition of The Cure's debut album «Three Imaginary Boys». Featuring the complete album (plus bonus track «The Weedy Burton») this version also includes a bonus disc of unreleased studio demos, live cuts, rare tracks and previously unreleased versions. A real treasure trove of rare material for The Cure fan!

«Three Imaginary Boys» (Deluxe Edition)
«Three Imaginary Boys» (Deluxe Edition)


Disc 1:

[01] 10:15 Saturday Night
[02] Accuracy
[03] Grinding Halt
[04] Another Day
[05] Object
[06] Subway Song
[07] Foxy Lady
[08] Meathook
[09] So What
[10] Fire In Cairo
[11] It's Not You
[12] Three Imaginary Boys
[13] The Weedy Burton

Disc 2:

[01] I Want To Be Old ( Sav Studio Demo 10/77)
[02] I'm Cold (Sav Studio Demo 11/77)
[03] Heroin Face (Live At The Rocket 12/77)
[04] I Just Need Myself (Psl Studio Demo 1/78)
[05] 10:15 Saturday Night (Home Demo W/Vox 2/78)
[06] The Cocktail Party (Group Home Demo 3/78)
[07] Grinding Halt (Group Home Demo 4/78)
[08] Boys Don't Cry (Chestnut Studio Demo 5/78)
[09] It's Not You (Chestnut Studio Demo 5/78)
[10] 10:15 Saturday Night (Chestnut Studio Demo 5/78)
[11] Fire In Cairo (Chestnut Studio Demo 5/78)
[12] Winter (3ib Studio Out-Take 10/78)
[13] Faded Smiles (Aka I Don't Know) (3ib Studio Out-Take 10/78)
[14] Play With Me (3ib Studio Out-Take 10/78)
[15] World War (From early copies Of Boys Don't Cry 1979)
[16] Boys Don't Cry (From Boys Don't Cry 1979)
[17] Jumping Someone Else's Train (From Boys Don't Cry 1979)
[18] Subway Song (Live In Nottingham 10/79)
[19] Accuracy (Live In Nottingham 10/79)
[20] 10:15 Saturday Night (Live In Nottingham 10/79)

Info submited by online store Music Non Stop.

[ 24.11.2004 ] - Third new single from Client


Client's third new single, «Pornography», featuring the Libertines' Carl Barat, will be released on January 10th, 2005. Tracklistings are as follows:


[01] Pornography (Radio Edit)
[02] In The Back Of Your Car


[01] Pornography (Extended Mix)
[02] White Wedding (live at the Notting Hill Arts Club)
[03] Video


[01] Pornography
[02] Tuesday Night

There will also be a promo 12" featuring exclusive remixes from Motor and The Zip.

Info taken from official Client web site.

[ 05.11.2004 ] - Rammstein started Reise Reise Tour!

«Mein Teil» Live 2004
«Mein Teil» Live 2004

On November 1st, 2004 our German electro-rock favorites Rammstein started their Reise Reise Tour. They performed first show for exciting fans at Maimarkthalle in Mannheim, Germany.

Show set list:

[01] Intro
[02] Reise, Reise
[03] Links 234
[04] Keine Lust
[05] Feuer Frei!
[06] Rein Raus
[07] Dalai Lama
[08] Morgenstern
[09] Mein Teil
[10] Stein um Stein
[11] Moskau
[12] Du riechst so gut
[13] Du hast
[14] Sehnsucht
[15] Amerika

Encore 1

[16] Ohne dich
[17] Los
[18] Amour

Encore 2

[19] Ich will
[20] Rammstein
[21] Sonne

Encore 3

[22] Stripped
[23] Outro

Next show in Antwerp, Holland was a bit shorter - band cutted off tracks «Moskau» and «Amour» from their set. Just can't wait to hear and to see what they will perform in Moscow on November 28th!

Info taken from various sources.

[ 05.11.2004 ] - Some news from Chris Ruiz

Chris Ruiz
Chris Ruiz

At the moment our German favorites And One again left us in silence, but we have some news from AO member Chris Ruiz. On October 16th, 2004 he played on keyboards in electronic duo Psyche - at Baltic Electro Waves Festival in Berlin. On October 31st he DJed in «Razzmatazz» club (Barcelona, Spain), and on November 13th he will DJing in Madrid.

Info taken from personal Chris Ruiz web site.

[ 04.11.2004 ] - Laibach - World Tour 2004

Laibach - World Tour 2004


04 - Washington, US - Nation
05 - Philadelphia, US - Theater Of The Living Arts
06 - New York, US - Downtime
07 - Boston, US - Paradise Rock Club
08 - Montreal, Canada - Cafe Campus
10 - Toronto, Canada - Lee's Palace
11 - Cleveland, US - Beachland Ballroom
12 - Detroit, US - Majestic Theater
13 - Chicago, US - Double Door
14 - Minneapolis, US - First Avenue
16 - Denver, US - Gothic Theater
18 - Portland, US - Sabala's
19 - Vancouver, US - Richards On Richards
20 - Seattle, US - Neumo's Crystal Ballroom
23 - San Francisco, US - DNA Lounge
24 - Los Angeles, US - Knitting Factory
28 - Warsaw, Poland - Proxima
30 - Berlin, Germany - Club D, Columbia Fritz


01 - Prague, Czech Republic - Music Bar
03 - Vienna, Austria - Arena
04 - Bratislava, Slovak Republic - Babylon
05 - Budapest, Hungary - E-Club
07 - Linz, Austria - Posthof
08 - Leipzig, Germany - Werk 11
10 - Fribourg, Switzerland - Frison
12 - Munich, Germany - Elser Halle
13 - Paris, France - La Locomotive
15 - Glasgow, UK - QMU
16 - London, UK - Ocean
17 - Antwerp, Belgium - CC Luchtball
18 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg

Info submited by Mute Records.

[ 03.11.2004 ] - Chemical Brothers announce new single and album!

On January 17th, 2005 great electronic band Chemical Brothers return with «Galvanize», featuring the vocal of American rap singer Q-tip. «Galvanize» is the first single to be taken from the forthcoming new studio album titled «Push The Button» due for release on January 24th, 2005.

«Push The Button»
«Push The Button»

«Push The Button»
Virgin UK (EMI)


[01] Galvanize
[02] The Boxer
[03] Believe
[04] Hold Tight London
[05] Come Inside
[06] The Big Jump
[07] Left Right
[08] Close Your Eyes
[09] Shake Break Bounce
[10] Marvo Ging
[11]Surface To Air


Virgin UK (EMI)


[01] Galvanize
[02] Rize Up

Info taken from official Chemical Brothers web site.

[ 02.11.2004 ] - Assemblage 23 on tour

Assemblage 23 on tour
Assemblage 23 on tour

Famous electro band Assemblage 23 are on their European Tour 2004 at the moment. Special guests: Rotersand and Run Level Zero.

November Dates:

02 - Munich, Germany - Feierwerk
03 - Heidelberg, Germany - Schwimmbad
04 - Fulda, Germany - Kulturzentrum
05 - Zapfendorf, Germany - Top Act
06 - Berlin, Germany - Kato
07 - Bremen, Germany - Tower
09 - Braunschweig, Germany - Jolly Joker
10 - Kiel, Germany - Tucholsky
11 - Cologne, Germany - Live Music Hall
12 - Edinburgh, UK - Teviot Union
13 - London, UK - Slimelight

Info submited by Pluswelt Promotion.

[ 02.11.2004 ] - «The Adventures of Abdi» - new Madonna's book

«The Adventures of Abdi»
«The Adventures of Abdi»

On November 4th, 2004 there will go onsale new Madonna's book titled «The Adventures of Abdi». 23 pages book to be published by Puffin Books costs around 21 EUR.

Info submited by online shop Amazon (Germany).

[ 02.11.2004 ] - «Ohne Dich» details

«Ohne dich», the third single from new Rammstein album «Reise, Reise», will be released on November 22nd, 2004 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. «Ohne dich» as always will be published in 3 CD formats: jewel-case maxi-single, limited edition digipak, and 2-track single.

«Ohne Dich»
«Ohne Dich»


[01] Ohne dich (Album Edit)
[02] Ohne dich (Mina Harker's Version)
[03] Ohne dich (Sacred Mix)
[04] Ohne dich (Schiller Mix)
[05] Ohne dich (Under Byen Remix)
[06] Ohne dich (Beta Version)

Track 2 remixed by Laibach
Track 3 remixed by Sven Helbig

The video was filmed in October with of Jorn Heitmann («Amerika», «Ich will», etc.) as the director.

Info taken from official Rammstein web site.

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