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Latest News
Latest News
Latest News - May 2003

Last updated 28.05.03

[ 28.05.2003 ] - mesh: autograph session and perform on Russian MTV!

Information for Russian mesh fans (maybe someone doesn't know it yet): on May 30th band will take part in programme of Russian MTV «Totalnoye Show», to be aired live at 4 pm. In the same date at 8 pm there will be autograph session in record store «VseSOYUZny centr muzyki i kino», address: Moscow, Leninsky pr-t, dom 11, metro «Oktyabrskaya».

Information submitted by concert organizers.

[ 26.05.2003 ] - Client: second single and album


As written on Toast Hawaii site, second Client's single «Rock and Roll Machine» (Cat. no.: ICDTH2) will out on June 26th, and an album - on August 18th. Single offers 4 versions of the title song and the tracks «Daredevil» and «Pills»

Album tracklisting (unofficial):

[01] Client
[02] Rock And Roll Machine
[03] Price Of Love
[04] Happy
[05] Diary Of A 18-Year-Old Boy
[06] Civilian
[07] Here And Now
[08] Sugar Candy Kisses
[09] Pills
[10] Leipzig
[11] Love All Night

Info taken from various sources.

[ 26.05.2003 ] - Melotron: new single and album!

Our big German friends Melotron are currently on tour in US and Canada (together with Covenant). Recently they re-released their debut album «Mörderwerk», originally printed by Zoth Ommog in 1999, and now it out on Melotron’s own label Plattenkombinat, with brand new artwork, completely remastered and featuring 3 bonus-tracks. «Mörderwerk» tracklisting (cat. no. PLATTE001):

«Mörderwerk» - Re-release
«Mörderwerk» - Re-release

[01] Tränen aus Staub
[02] Der blaue Planet
[03] Glühendes Spiel
[04] Dein Meister
[05] Angst
[06] Maschinen aus Stahl
[07] Kindertraum
[08] Sehnsucht
[09] Traumzeit
[10] Die Maske
[11] Es ist vorbei
[12] Im Kreis
[13] 2 young 2 die
[14] Nur ein Licht
[15] Außer Kraft

As we were informed, their new album titled «Sternenstaub» will released in October, and first new single «Kein Problem» set to release on September 8th.

Info taken from our own sources.

[ 26.05.2003 ] - A lot of DVDs from Bjork!

Exciting news for all Bjork fans! She released a lot of stuff on DVDs in June and July:

- «Minuscule» (Behind-the-scenes from Vespertine Tour 2001)

- «The Southbank Show» (documentary for longest running arts program on UK TV)

- «Live on «Later With Jools Holland» (5 different performances in hugely popular BBC/UK TV show, from 1995 to 2001)

- «Inside Bjork» (documentary)

- «Live Box Set», including: Debut, Post, Homogenic and Vespertine Live CDs and a Bonus DVD

- «Vessel»


(Cat.No. Bjork513DVD)

[01] Prologue
[02] Programming
[03] Playing
[04] Singing
[05] Touring
[06] Performing
[07] Epilogue

«The Southbank Show»
(Cat.No. Bjork501DVD)

[01] Introduction (Hyperballad)
[02] Reykjavik
[03] The Anchor Song
[04] Childhood
[05] First Album
[06] Violently Happy
[07] Iceland: ancient and modern
[08] Unravel
[09] Icelandic Character
[10] Icelandic Punk Scene
[11] The Sugarcubes
[12] London
[13] Come to Me
[14] Fame
[15] Spain
[16] Strings
[17] Hunter
[18] Beats
[19] Electricity (Pluto)
[20] Five Years
[22] Joga

«Later With Jools Holland»
(Cat.No. Bjork516DVD)

Bjork Television Performances Volume 1

[01] Aeroplane (with D'Influence)
[02] Hyperballad
[03] Venus As A Boy
[04] Possibly Maybe
[05] Bachelorette
[06] Hunter
[07] Joga
[08] So Broken
[09] Interview with Jools Holland

«Inside Bjork Documentary»
(Cat.No. Bjork517dvd)

Bjork Television Performances Volume 2

[01] Introduction (Human Behaviour)
[02] Iceberg Lagoon (It's Not Up To You)
[03] Reykjavik Childhood
[04] First Album
[05] Early Bands
[06] Punk and Surrealism
[07] The Sugarcubes (Birthday)
[08] 808 State
[09] The Anchor Song (Church Organ)
[10] Debut
[11] Big Time Sensuality
[12] Violently Happy
[13] Venus as a Boy
[14] Musical characters and song stories
[15] Isobel
[16] Sonic experiments (Enjoy)
[17] Image
[18] Homogenic
[19] Bachelorette
[20] Joga
[21] Beats
[22] Pluto
[23] Nature
[24] Hunter
[25] Classical influences
[26] Musicals
[27] Dancer in the Dark
[28] Vespertine (Hidden Place)
[29] Microbeats / Matmos
[30] Arctic Passion (Aurora,Pagan Poetry)
[31] Generous Palmstroke
[32] Credits

«Debut Live»
(Cat.No. tplp363cd)

[01] Human Behaviour
[02] One Day
[03] Venus As A Boy
[04] Come To Me
[05] Big Time Sensuality
[06] Aeroplane
[07] Like Someone In Love
[08] Crying
[09] Anchor Song
[10] Violently Happy

«Post Live»
(Cat.No. tplp362cd)

[01] Headphones
[02] Army Of Me
[03] One Day
[04] The Modern Things
[05] Venus As A Boy
[06] You’ve Been Flirting Again
[07] Isobel
[08] Possibly Maybe
[09] I Go Humble
[10] Big Time Sensuality
[11] Hyperballad
[12] Enjoy
[13] Human Behaviour
[14] Anchor Song
[15] I Miss You
[16] Crying
[17] Violently Happy
[18] It’s Oh So Quiet

«Homogenic Live»
(Cat.No. tplp356cd)

[01] Visur Vatnsenda-Rosu
[02] Hunter
[03] You've Been Flirting Again
[04] Isobel
[05] All Neon Like
[06] Possibly Maybe
[07] 5 Years
[08] Come To Me
[09] Immature
[10] I Go Humble
[11] Bachelorette
[12] Human Behaviour
[13] Pluto
[14] Joga
[15] So Broken
[16] Anchor Song

«Vespertine Live»
(Cat.No. tplp361cd)

[01] Frosti
[02] Overture
[03] All Is Full Of Love
[04] Cocoon
[05] Aurora
[06] Undo
[07] Unravel
[08] I've Seen It All
[09] An Echo, A Stain
[10] Generous Palmstroke
[11] Hidden Place
[12] Pagan Poetry
[13] Harm Of Will
[14] It's Not Up To You
[15] Unison
[16] It's In Our Hands

Bonus DVD
(Cat.No. oli355boxdvd)

[01] One Day
[02] It’s Oh So Quiet
[03] Joga
[04] Aurora
[05] It’s Not Up To You


[01] Human Behavior
[02] Atlantic
[03] One Day
[04] Venus As A Boy
[05] Come To Me
[06] Aeroplane
[07] Anchor Song
[08] Big Time Sensuality
[09] There's More To Life Than This
[10] Violently Happy
[11] Crying

Info taken from official Bjork web site.

[ 21.05.2003 ] - New release from VIRTUAL SERVER - «UPGRADED»


Follow after successful debut VIRTUAL SERVER «Installed», new project features re-newed and upgraded version. Since date of «Installed» release it's creator DJ RAM made a new look on some tracks, and as result we have «UPGRADED». Songs sounds more harder and darker, they have different atmosphere and energy, their sound has more future-pop and techno elements. «UPGRADED» album consist of two logically splitted parts. «Upgrade Pack#1: Upgraded by DJ RAM» - new versions, made by DJ RAM, and «Upgrade Pack#2: «Fallen» - club-oriented versions of «Fallen» track, which received a lot of good from various DJ around the globe. Among remixers, who worked on 2 part of release, were famous Russian trance projects Cosmonautica and Alina Sequence.

In the same time DJ RAM is working on next album of VIRTUAL SERVER, which will feature a lot of stars of electro scene. DJ RAM said that new product will be different to «Installed», and it will be excellent work. Release date is not set yet, but two tracks, with COLONY 5 and Darrin Huss from PSYCHE are already done.

[ Look details about «UPGRADED» - here ]

Info submitted by DJ RAM.

[ 18.05.2003 ] - «Sensor» tracklisting

Camouflage - «Sensor»
Camouflage - «Sensor»

As we were informed by Universal Music, new Camouflage album «Sensor» will out on May 26th, 2003 via Island (Universal). Tracklisting:

[01] Me And You
[02] Perfect
[03] Harmful
[04] Here She Comes
[05] I Can't Feel You
[06] Lost
[07] I'll Follow Behind
[08] Adrenalin
[09] Blink
[10] Thief
[11] Together
[12] 74 Minutes
[13] Your Turn

Info submitted by Universal Music.

[ 18.05.2003 ] - MARILYN MANSON: Golden Age of Grotesque

Bizzare mega dark star Marilyn Manson released on May 12th his new album, «Golden Age of Grotesque» (via Interscope (Universal)).

«Golden Age of Grotesque»
«Golden Age of Grotesque»


[01] Thaeter
[02] This Is The New Shit
[04] Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag
[05] Use Your Fist Not Your Mouth
[06] The Golden Age Of Grotesque
[07] (s)AINT
[08] Ka-boom Ka-boom
[09] Slutgarden
[10] Spade
[11] Para-noir
[12] The Bright Young Things
[13] Better Of Two Evils
[14] Vodevil
[15] Obsequey (The Death Of Art)
[16] Tainted Love

Special limited version include DVD with «Doppelherz» (Video).

First single from album was «mOBSCENE», released on April 28th.



[01] mOBSCENE (Album Version)
[02] Tainted Love (Re-Tainted Interpretation)
[03] mOBSCENE (Sauerkraut Remix)
[04] Paranoiac

Info submitted by Universal Music.

[ 11.05.2003 ] - Psyche's recording new album

Psyche live
Psyche live

Psyche is currently recording their 10th official album entitled «Babylon Deluxe». 11-track CD-single release named «The Quickening» will available via Accession Records in Europe in June. The album will follow in September.

Info taken from official Psyche web site.

[ 11.05.2003 ] - News from Dave Gahan

Dave Gahan
Dave Gahan

On current week Dave Gahan's first solo was premiered on Russian MTV. «Dirty Sticky Floors» was filmed on Malibu Beach. Directors were Stefan Arni and Siggi Kinski (both from Gus Gus).

By the way, single delayed for release till May 26th (not May 19th as previously stated). The album release dates June 2nd (UK) and 3rd (USA) remains.

Info submitted by Mute Records info service.

[ 11.05.2003 ] - «Dark Trilogy» from The Cure

The Cure - «Dark Trilogy»
The Cure - «Dark Trilogy»

Long awaited The Cure's «Dark Trilogy» DVD will be released on June 2nd in Europe and on June 3rd in US via Eagle Vision (UK). The 31 live songs filmed at Tempodrom, Berlin are also accompanied by 3 bonus tracks and 30 minutes of interviews. The Cure is currently recording their new studio CD for ARTISTdirect Records/BMG (US).

«Dark Trilogy» DVD content:

Disc One : Pornography Set / Disintegration Set
Disc Two : Bloodflowers Set / Encore Set / Interview

Pornography Set:

[01] One Hundred Years
[02] A Short Term Effect
[03] The Hanging Garden
[04] Siamese Twins
[05] The Figurehead
[06] A Strange Day
[07] Cold
[08] Pornography

Disintegration Set:

[01] Plainsong
[02] Pictures Of You
[03] Closedown
[04] Lovesong
[05] Last Dance
[06] Lullaby
[07] Fascination Street
[08] Prayers For Rain
[09] The Same Deep Water As You
[10] Disintegration
[11] Homesick
[12] Untitled

Bloodflowers Set:

[01] Out Of This World
[02] Watching Me Fall
[03] Where The Birds Always Sing
[04] Maybe Someday
[05] The Last Day Of Summer
[06] There Is No If...
[07] The Loudest Sound
[08] 39
[09] Bloodflowers

Encore Set:

[01] If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
[02] The Kiss


25 min

3 hidden tracks (2 on disc 1 and 1 on disc 2)

Robert Smith: voice, guitar, 6 string bass
Simon Gallup: bass, 6 string bass
Perry Bamonte: guitar, 6 string bass, keyboard
Jason Cooper: drums, percussion
Roger O'Donnell: keyboard, percussion

Tech Info:

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1, PCM Stereo
Format: DVD9
Screen: 16:9
Zone: PAL 0
Language: English

Running times:

Disc 1 : 122 mins
Disc 2 : 101 mins
Total : 223 mins

Info taken from various sources.

[ 05.05.2003 ] - Hot news from Madonna


Video for next Madonna's single, «Hollywood», will be filmed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino (he was director of «Don't Tell Me», «Human Nature», «Open Your Heart»). Video shoot will take place on May 19-20th in LA.

In other news: recently Madonna confirmed that she would be touring in 2004.

Info taken from various sources.

[ 05.05.2003 ] - Live DVD from KMFDM

«Sturm & Drang Tour» T-Shirt
«Sturm & Drang Tour» T-Shirt

A live DVD commemorating KMFDM's «Sturm & Drang Tour» is now expected to be released through Metropolis on June 03rd.

Info taken from official KMFDM web site.

[ 05.05.2003 ] - Ministry on «Fornica Tour»

Al Jourgensen
Al Jourgensen

Dark monsters Ministry is on US leg of their «Fornica Tour» started in March after some promo gigs in Europe in February. At middle of tour Ministry have replaced drummer Tia Sprockett with Rey Wisham (ex-Jesus Lizard). Special guests have consisted of Jello Biafra (Lard), Gibby Haynes (Butthole Surfers) and Chris Connelly (Revolting Cocks) on certain dates of this tour. Fans attended May 4th show in New York City saw an Ogre appearance.

Their extremely loud & classic set is mixed up of a song from «Twitch» («We Believe»), 1000 Homo DJs' «Supernaut» and their last six studio releases.

Current days:


06 - Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory (w/ Anthrax)
07 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
08 - Norfolk, VA - The Norva
09 - North Myrtle Beach, SC - House Of Blues
11 - Atlanta, GA - Earthlink Live
12 - Winston Salem, NC - Millenium
14 - Orlando, FL - HOB
15 - Tampa, FL - Masquerade
16 - Boynton Beach, FL - Ovation
17 - Jacksonville, FL - Plush
24 - Somerset, WI - Float Rite Park Amphitheatre

Info taken from official Ministry web site.

[ 05.05.2003 ] - Soft Cell's «The Willing Sinner» - on audio CD

Marc Almond
Marc Almond

Following on from the success of their «The Willing Sinner» DVD, Soft Cell are releasing it as CD album of the highly acclaimed acoustic show recorded at the Passionkirche, Germany. The tracklisting is:

[01] Fun City
[02] Stories Of Johnny
[03] Where The Heart Is
[04] Waifs And Strays
[05] A Woman’s Story
[06] Torch
[07] If You Go Away
[08] Youth
[09] Toreador In The Rain
[10] Mr Sad
[11] In My Room
[12] Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart
[13] Orpheus In Red Velvet
[14] Kept Boy
[15] A Man
[16] Say Hello Wave Goodbye

The CD is set to release of June 23rd.

In other news: Marc will be appearing at a jubilee concert of the Orchestra Rossiya at the Concert Hall Rossiya in Moscow on May 22nd. Marc will be performing a duet with Russian icon Lyudmila Zykina.

Info taken from official Marc Almond web site.

[ 05.05.2003 ] - T.O.Y. - White Lights (special edition)

T.O.Y. - White Lights
T.O.Y. - White Lights

Recently T.O.Y. announced tracklisting of «White Lights» (special edition), their new album set to release on May 26th, 2003 via E-Wave/BMG.

[01] Fly Away!
[02] Beyond Sleep
[03] White Lights
[04] The Sky Is The Limit
[05] Long Distance Ride
[06] Fairytale
[07] Charisma She Said
[08] The Liquid Circle
[09] Two Souls
[10] Inner Cinema
[11] Just You & Me
[12] Another Lovesong

bonus tracks:

[13] 18 Summers - Virgin Mary (T.O.Y. club remix)
[14] In Strict Confidence - When The heart Starts To Bleed (remix)
[15] !Bang Elektronika - Aktivierung (T.O.Y. club remix)
[16] T.O.Y. - Fairytale (special edition club mix)

Info taken from official T.O.Y. web site.

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