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Latest News
Latest News
Latest News - May 2002

Last updated 30.05.02

[ 30.05.2002 ] - New Garbage single in July!

We've a confirmed information that next Garbage single «Shut Your Mouth» will be out on July 8th.

Info from our own sources.

[ 30.05.2002 ] - Wolfsheim delayed their album and tour till next year...

Wolfsheim '2002
Wolfsheim '2002

.. and sad news for Wolfsheim fans... We've just received official information that the release of the forthcoming album «Close Enough» has been delayed until January 2003. Markus Reinhardt and Peter Heppner were bursting with new ideas for arrangements and lyrics and therefore not keeping the initially planned release date (September 2002). It caused delay of Close Enough Tour - until March 2003. Band promised that all tickets bought in advance are valid for the spring tour. New tourdates will be available on soon.

Info submitted by official Wolfsheim site.

[ 30.05.2002 ] - First ever DVD from Project Pitchfork!

Great news for each Project Pitchfork fan! On July 1st they will be able to grab their hands on first ever DVD of this great band. DVD titled «Collector – adapted for the screen» and will be released on Candyland/Warner Visions. It will be DVD single, containing the last 5 band's promo videos: «Steelrose», «Carnival», «I Live Your Dream», «Existence» and «Timekiller». As bonus DVD will feature song lyrics, complete discography with covers and tracklistings, a photo gallery with 25 previously unpublished photos and several unpublished live tracks.

In other news: planned live DVD from Daimonion Tour will not be released, 'cos band are very busy with the recordings of their newest album «Inferno». By now, there are no single planned to release before the new album.

Info taken from official Project Pitchfork site.

[ 30.05.2002 ] - Tickets for Rammstein Moscow show - on sale!

On May 24th, long awaited tickets for Rammstein Moscow show on Tushino Airfield were officially started to sale! Ticket prices: 1800 rubles (around 60 USD) for fan zone and 550 rubles (18 USD) for all field, you can order your own one here.

However, there a lot of problems still between concert promoters and Moscow Government.

Info from our own sources.

[ 19.05.2002 ] - Garbage cover Ramones and more.

Garbage will contribute a cover version of «I Just Wanna Have Something To Do» to forthcoming Ramones tribute album. Garbage are already playing it on their concerts.

By the way, Garbage plans to release the b-sides album (set to the end of this year). And - if you have a favorite Garbage b-side please let the band know by sending an email to and put word B Side in the subject line.

Info taken from Garbage Box fan site.

[ 19.05.2002 ] - First new Prodigy single in five years!

The Prodigy are set to release their first single in five years, titled «Baby's Got A Temper», an aggressive track with vocals by Keith Flint. The release date is set to July 1st, 2002. Liam says: «I haven't used my record collection as a source of sounds and samples and I've tried to bring in other musicians and play a lot of instruments myself».

In other news: Prodigy will be headlining on some summer festivals this year.

Info taken from The Prodigy fan site.

[ 15.05.2002 ] - «Fallen» - second single from Virtual Server

«Fallen» - second Virtual Server single
«Fallen» - second Virtual Server single

Yesterday, on 14th May, Virtual Server (DJ RAM project) released second single (on A Different Drum). It’s titled «Fallen» and features vocals by Chrissy Franklin (The Echoing Green & System 22). B-side track «Love Is Only» features vocals by Charlie Wollborg (Brave New World).

«Fallen» tracklisting:

[01] Fallen (Radio Edit)
[02] Fallen (Plazmatix's Embracing The Pain Mix)
[03] Love Is Only (Single Mix)
[04] Fallen (Neverwood Mix)
[05] Fallen (Deft's Soft Mix)
[06] Love Is Only (AN-2 Blue Air Mix)
[07] Fallen (Intuition Mix)

Credits on «Fallen»: music by DJ RAM, lyrics and vocals by Chrissy Franklin; credits on «Love Is Only»: music by DJ RAM, lyrics and vocals by Charlie Wollborg.

Reported that Virtual Server debut album «Installed» is set to release on July 23rd.

Info submitted by Official Virtual Server site.

[ 12.05.2002 ] - Some hot news about Gahan's solo album

David Gahan will be entering the studio in July, to begin work on the 15 songs he has demoed for his as-yet-untitled debut solo album, tentatively scheduled for release in March 2003. He will be working with producer/percussionist Ken Thomas (from Sigur Ros) and cellist/guitarist Knox Chandler (Siouxsie and the Banshees, Psychedelic Furs) on the album. He also plans to tour in support of the effort, including some possible surprise club dates around the end of the year.

Some tracks titles are already known: «Hold On» and «A Little Piece».

Info taken from recent MTV interview with Dave.

[ 12.05.2002 ] - EMI buys Mute Records!

Mute is no longer an independent label. On May 10th, 2002 EMI Recorded Music has acquired Mute, one of Europe’s leading independent record companies, extending an existing licensing relationship that Mute has had with EMI’s Virgin Records for over 15 years. The acquisition includes Mute’s catalogue and its operations in the UK, US and Germany.

Miller, executive chairman of Mute, will continue to be responsible for all of the company’s global activities. EMI will pay 23 million UK pounds for Mute, plus up to 19 million of potential performance-related payments, over a period of four years.

Info submitted by EMI Group.

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