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Latest News - March 2007

Last updated 28.03.07

[ 28.03.2007 ] - Special Minerve release in Russia


German band Minerve will release «Love Traces» - special compilation for Russia only consists of best tracks from their last album «Sensefiction» plus selected club mixes, exclusive remixes from Iris, Lowe, Altera Forma and absolutely new Minerve track «Forbidden Love»!

CD will released on May 9th, 2007 by Q-Code. Cover art and tracklisting - a bit later!

Info submitted by Q-Code Records.

[ 28.03.2007 ] - New Ladytron releases at Major Records


Ladytron will release their latest album «Witching Hour» in a special Digipack with a bonus - Remix CD on April 5th, 2007 via Major Records! The first single from that album «Destroy Everything You Touch» will be released on March 30th.

Other Ladytron news: at the moment they are supporting Nine Inch Nails on their current European Tour.

Info submitted by Major Records.

[ 28.03.2007 ] - «We Are The Night» - new The Chemical Brothers album

The Chemical Brothers
The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers are set to return with the release of their eagerly anticipated 6th album, titled «We Are The Night» to be released on July 2nd via Freestyle Dust / Virgin Records / EMI in Europe and Astralwerks in North America.

«We Are The Night» it is the follow-up to the highly successful longplayer «Push The Button» (2005). For the new album Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons were joined in the studio by Klaxons, Midlake, Ali Love and Willy Mason.


[01] No Path To Follow
[02] We Are The Night
[03] All Rights Reserved (Feat. The Klaxons)
[04] Saturate
[05] Do It Again (Feat. Ali Love)
[06] Das Spiegel
[07] The Salmon Dance (Feat. Fatlip)
[08] Burst Generator
[09] A Modern Midnight Conversation
[10] Battle Scars (Feat Willy Mason)
[11] Harpoons
[12] The Pills Won't Help You Now (Feat. Midlake)

The first single will be «Do It Again» (featuring Ali Love) and should be out by June 18th.

Info submitted by official The Chemical Brothers web site.

[ 28.03.2007 ] - New Recoil album is finished!

Alan Wilder
Alan Wilder

According to Mute Records, the new Recoil album is now finished and should be released very soon. They don’t say anything about the title, style or release date though, but you can find out yourself by sending questions to Alan Wilder via Messages at official Recoil Myspace page. Answers will be posted there at Blog area.

Info submitted by Mute Records.

[ 22.03.2007 ] - New single from IAMX


The next single from IAMX's critically acclaimed «The Alternative» album is «Nightlife». A remix contest will be held, and the winner get to have his or her remix on the single. Single set to release in the beginning of June. More details - later.

Info submitted by Major Records.

[ 22.03.2007 ] - Solo album of Dolores O’Riordan

Dolores O’Riordan - songstress, smoldering icon and critically acclaimed voice of The Cranberries – is back. Her first-ever solo album «Are You Listening?» will released on May 7th in Europe and May 15th in the USA, and features the stunning new single «Ordinary Day» (out April 30th in Europe). Co-produced by Youth, Dan Brodbeck and engineered by Rich Chycki, the eagerly anticipated album is a 12-track tour de force and marks her first release in four years.

Written and recorded between her homes in Canada and Dublin, the album is a striking return to form, punctuated with angular chords and that crystalline voice. Folk-tinged, electric and deftly powerful, it’s also a relentlessly melodic success. «My time after The Cranberries was a clean slate – no pressure and no contracts», Dolores enthuses. «It was the first time in my life I was a free agent. I had no inhibitions, which is how I felt when I first started out. That’s all visible here.»

Two of the tracks – «Apple of My Eye» and the forthcoming single «Ordinary Day» - were produced by BRIT Award winner, Youth, whose previous credits include The Verve, Embrace, Primal Scream, U2 and Paul McCartney. «He certainly brought his own vision to the table and softened the tracks without affecting their integrity or passion.»

Ultimately, the CD was a process inspired by personal experiences, both light and dark. «My mother-in-law died of cancer shortly after I left The Cranberries, which was devastating. It was like watching a beast attack from the inside out, so the song «Black Widow» is a metaphor inspired by that. At the other end of the spectrum «Apple Of My Eye» was written about my husband and «Ordinary Day» reflects the birth of my third baby, Dakota

Other album highlights include the hypnotic «In the Garden», with its shimmering guitar-rock crescendo, the delicateness of «Watch the Stars», and «Loser», which bristles with loops, layered vocals and an instant, razor-sharp hook. «It was a very organic, natural experience.» Dolores adds, «I play guitar and have four fantastic musicians... a great bass player, a stellar drummer and an immaculate guitarist. Once the first 7 songs were penned, we went into the studio and recorded them first. We didn’t rush it. In total, the writing and recording was a four-year period.»

«The album was an awakening for me in my life – a journey that I completed. It’s like I crossed a bridge, which is a great new plateau to be on. My life is so different to how it was 10 years ago and there’s a great sense of acceptance. It’s a very exciting time to be releasing music again too. Song-writing is truly coming back.»

«Are You Listening?»
«Are You Listening?»


[01] Ordinary Day
[02] When We Were Young
[03] In The Garden
[04] Human Spirit
[05] Loser
[06] Stay With Me
[07] Apple Of My Eye
[08] Black Widow
[09] October
[10] Accept Things
[11] Angel Fire
[12] Ecstasy

«Ordinary Day»
«Ordinary Day»


[01] Ordinary Day
[02] Without You
[03] Ordinary Day (Video)

Info submitted by official Dolores O’Riordan web site.

[ 22.03.2007 ] - «I Could Fall in Love With You» - new Erasure single

Erasure are set to release a new single «I Could Fall in Love With You» on April 2nd via Mute. The single will be available on CD, LCD, 7" picture disc and Digital Download.

Vince: «This is one of the few songs that existed in part before the Maine hotel room writing sessions. Before we started this album, I was really keen for it not to be mid-tempo - I'm having a mid-tempo crisis! Our albums seem to have got slower and slower, so I started searching for classic funk or disco basslines, put some ideas together with chord changes and basslines underneath, and emailed them to Andy for him to sing over the top. The song, like this album, is quite 'up' and uptempo because we're both in good spaces right now.»


«I Could Fall in Love With You» (CD)
«I Could Fall in Love With You» (CD)

Cat. no.: CDMUTE366

[01] I Could Fall In Love With You (Jeremy Wheatley Radio Mix) 4:00
[02] I Could Fall In Love With You (Monteverde Radio Edit) 3:33

«I Could Fall in Love With You» (LCD)
«I Could Fall in Love With You» (LCD)

Cat. no.: LCDMUTE366

[01] I Could Fall In Love With You (Jeremy Wheatley Extended 12 Inch Mix) 5:58
[02] I Like It 4:22
[03] I Could Fall In Love With You (Monteverde Vocal Extended Remix) 6:24

7" picture disc
Cat. no.: MUTE366

[01] I Could Fall In Love With You (Jeremy Wheatley Radio Mix) 4:00
[02] I Like It 4:22

Info submitted by Mute Records.

[ 22.03.2007 ] - Hot news from De/Vision

Our German favorites De/Vision announced that the work on the new album is proceeding well and they're currently recording the first few vocals with Steffen. The songwriting for the upcoming album is already finished. They decided to write and produce the whole album together with producers Schumann & Bach and the release is currently scheduled for end of August 2007, with extensive tour in Autumn.

In other news: De/Vision are confirmed for this years Wave Gotik Treffen.

Info taken from official De/Vision web site.

[ 22.03.2007 ] - New single from Melotron

«Liebe ist Notwehr»
«Liebe ist Notwehr»

Our German favorites Melotron released second (promo only) single from their «Propaganda» album. It's titled «Liebe ist Notwehr» and released on March 13th via Synthetic Symphony / SPV.


[01] Liebe ist Notwehr (Radio Edit)
[02] Liebe ist Notwehr (DRP Remix)

Band filmed promo video for this single, directed by Mark Feuerstake.

In other news: Andy Krüger will be DJ at this years Wave Gotik Treffen.

Info submitted by SPV.

[ 22.03.2007 ] - Douglas McCarthy at Kloq single

«We're Just Physical»
«We're Just Physical»

Recently Nitzer Ebb's Douglas McCarthy contributed his vocals to UK electro act Kloq. You can hear him at «We're Just Physical» single, out on March 9th via Out of Line.


[01] We're Just Physical (Full Length Version)
[02] Push it!
[03] We're Just Physical (Radio Edit)
[04] We're Just Physical (The Ascii.Disko Remix)
[05] We're Just Physical (The Kloqremix)

Info submitted by official Kloq MySpace page.

[ 22.03.2007 ] - Red Flag is come back!

Chris Reynolds
Chris Reynolds

Famous US synthpop band Red Flag, the project by brothers Chris Reynolds and late Mark Reynolds (vocals) is back. The band which ceased to exist in 2003 after Mark Reynolds' death is now up and running again and is anno 2007 centered around Chris Reynolds. A new Red Flag album will be released this Summer and will hold «a true Red Flag sound - as true as it can be without my brother Mark», Chris says in the recent interview. Also official Red Flag web site is online again and full of nice features: Red Flag music, photos, articles, interviews, blogs, video clips and place to post your comments. As a gift to Red Flag fans there is also a free Red Flag ring tone available for download on the website. New Red Flag album will be pre-viewed there too, so check it time to time!

Info submitted by official Red Flag web site.

[ 22.03.2007 ] - «Super Ready / Fragmenté» - new The Young Gods album

«Super Ready / Fragmenté»
«Super Ready / Fragmenté»

On April 16th, 2007 the Swiss act The Young Gods return with a brand new album «Super Ready / Fragmenté» - via Pias in Europe and via Ipecac< in the US. It was produced by ex-Swans Roli Mosimann, recorded at Relief Studio and TYG Studio Artamis Switzerland.


[01] I'm The Drug 3:05
[02] Freeze 2:37
[03] C'est quoi c'est ça 4:04
[04] El Magnifico 3:28
[05] Stay With Us 4:36
[06] About Time 5:19
[07] Machine Arrière 1:04
[08] The Color Code 5:31
[09] Super Ready / Fragmenté 9:00
[10] Secret 3:42
[11] Everythere 3:48
[12] Un Point C'est Tout 5:19

Info submitted by official The Young Gods web site.

[ 22.03.2007 ] - «Please» feat. Robert Smith


The Cure's frontman Robert Smith has recorded a song titled «Please» with former Orbital mainman Paul Hartnoll. It will be released on April 30th, 2007 as 7", 12", CD and Digital Download. Tracklistings:

Cat. no.: KIDS013

[01] Please
[02] Please44 (Culprit 1 Remix)

Cat. no.: KIDS012RMX

[01] Please (Remember 1992?) (Paul Hartnoll Remix)
[02] Please (The Whip Remix)
[03] Please (Boss Boss Remix)
[04] Please (Delafonz Remix)

Cat. no.: KIDS013CD

[01] Please
[02] Old School Tie
[03] Please (Statik remix)
[04] Please (KGB remix)

«Please» will be second single from upcoming Paul Hartnoll's solo album «The Ideal Condition» set to release on May 28th. It will be his first major release since he and his brother disbanded their band Orbital three years ago.

Info submitted by official Paul Hartnoll web site.

[ 22.03.2007 ] - Nine Inch Nails: new single and album!

«Year Zero»
«Year Zero»

On April 16th, 2007 cult industrial rockers Nine Inch Nails will release their new album «Year Zero» (via Interscope), following two years after «With Teeth» (2005). A concept album dealing with sci-fi end-of-the-world and totalitarian themes «Year Zero» presents 16 more minamilistic and perhaps immediate Nine Inch Nails diatribes - nothing like «With Teeth», this is compact, more lyrically inventive and possibly Trent Reznor's most personal output to date.


[01] Hyperpower!
[02] The Beginning Of The End
[03] Survivalism
[04] The Good Soldier
[05] Vessel
[06] Me, I'm Not
[07] Capital G
[08] My Violent Heart
[09] The Warning
[10] God Given
[11] Meet Your Master
[12] The Greater Good
[13] The Great Destroyer
[14] Another Version Of The Truth
[15] In This Twilight
[16] Zero-Sum


Album will be preceded by new single «Survivalism» set to release on April 9th via Interscope as UK 2-track CDS, 4-track MCD and UK Limited 9" Vinyl.


UK Limited 9" Vinyl

[01] Survivalism
[02] Survivalism_OpalHeartClinic_Niggy_Tardusted (Escaped…)

UK 2-track CDS

[01] Survivalism
[02] Survivalism_Tardusted

4-track MCD

[01] Survivalism
[02] Survivalism_Tardusted
[03] The Greater Good (Instrumental)
[04] Survivalism (Video)

Info submited by Music Non Stop online music store.

[ 13.03.2007 ] - Updated release plan for Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode
Depeche Mode

Mute/EMI announced updated release plan for Depeche Mode:


«Speak And Spell» (Remastered - Deluxe Vinyl)
«A Broken Frame» (Remastered - Deluxe Vinyl)
«Music For The Masses» (Remastered - Deluxe Vinyl)
«Violator» (Remastered - Deluxe Vinyl)
«Songs Of Faith And Devotion» (Remastered - Deluxe Vinyl)


Box Set 1-6 (Additional Release)


«The Best Of Videos. Volume 1» (DVD)
«Black Celebration» (Remastered - CD/SACD+DVD)
«Construction Time Again» (Remastered - CD/SACD+DVD)


«Some Great Reward» (Remastered - Deluxe Vinyl)
«Construction Time Again» (Remastered - Deluxe Vinyl)
«Black Celebration» (Remastered - Deluxe Vinyl)


«Ultra» (Remastered - CD/SACD+DVD)
«Ultra» (Remastered - Deluxe Vinyl)
«Exciter» (Remastered - CD/SACD+DVD)
«Exciter» (Remastered - Deluxe Double Vinyl)

Info submitted by Mute Records.

[ 13.03.2007 ] - «Aviator» - new Funker Vogt album


«Aviator» is the title of the newest Funker Vogt album out on April 30th on Synthetic Symphony/SPV. Whereas «Navigator» already indicated Funker Vogt’s new direction, «Aviator» will continue that sound through 12 brand new tracks. A Limited Edition will also be available holding 2 exclusive bonus tracks («Deathmachine» and «Snow was falling»), but also a special DVD including videoclips, an interview, a Making Of, a Picture Gallery and a trailer for the PC-Game «Grabenkrieg in Europa» for which Funker Vogt contributed some music. The DVD comes in Surround Sound 5.1., PAL, Region Code 0.



[01] Welcome To Destruction
[02] Paralyzed
[03] Child Soldier
[04] City Of Darkness
[05] My Fortune
[06] Hostile Waters
[07] Thanatophobia
[08] Frozen In Time
[09] One
[10] Darwin's Nightmare
[11] Blind Rage
[12] Babylon
[13] Death Machine (Limited Edition only)
[14] Snow Was Falling (Limited Edition only)

DVD (Limited Edition only)

[01] Hostile Waters
[02] Child Soldier
[03] Frozen in Time
[04] City of Darkness
[05] Babylon
[06] Electronic Press Kit (interview)
[07] Making of / Photo Shoot
[08] Picture Gallery
[09] Trailer For PC Game «Grabenkrieg In Europa»

Info submited by Music Non Stop online music store.

[ 13.03.2007 ] - New compilation from Drakkar

«Schattenreich Vol. 4»
«Schattenreich Vol. 4»

On May 25th, 2007 German record label Drakkar will release the fourth part of their famous compilation «Schattenreich». It will released as usual on 2 CDs and DVD.

More than two and a half hours of music and a lot of specials will serve the enthusiasts of the diversified gothic scene again with all their hearts desire. This time there are among others top acts like Rammstein, Oomph! feat. Marta Jandová, Xandria, Nightwish, Placebo, In Extremo, Moby, And One, Apoptygma Berzerk, Letzte Instanz, Within Temptation, ASP, The 69 Eyes, De/Vision, Covenant, L'Âme Immortelle, Jesus On Extasy, Lovex and a lot more.

Also «Schattenreich - Vol. 4» presents itself again as flagship of the good taste of the scene and offers a bunch of club- and underground highlights, hardly missed on commercial compilations, such as Straftanz, Qntal, IAMX, Welle:Erdball, Strip Music or Suicide Commando. The excellent profile throughout the scene, which has become the most demanded subculture of this land, has worked out very well in any case!

Just as well the DVD ties in the quality of the previous «Schattenreich» compilations. More than 20 video clips of the crème de la crème of the dark scene plus bonus material with Within Temptation, Jesus On Extasy, Apoptygma Berzerk, IAMX, Lovex and Oomph! turn the DVD again into a pure highlight. «Schattenreich - Vol. 4» easily keeps the level of high standards, even ups the ante and stays the ultimate compilation from the scene for the scene!

Full tracklistings will follow within the next weeks, check our site for updates!

Info submitted by Drakkar.

[ 13.03.2007 ] - «Relikt» - Best Of from Das Ich!


Soon after the release of their latest and very succesful 13th album entitled «Antichrist», the German titans of the gothic/industrial genre, Das Ich, made the decision to release a Best Of album. This release shows and definately proves their creativety, uniqueness and impact over the last musical decade all on one album, «Relikt». This is the definitive collection of their most famous tracks and underground club hits. It contains an illustrated 32 page booklet with snapshops of their long lasting career. The limited edition version features many extras including a 48 page booklet and an extra CD with unreleased material and some suprise rare tracks including the winner of this years Das Ich remix competition from the Das Ich homepage. Das Ich, formed in 1989, is most known for their brilliant and dark musical style. This is achieved by combining classical and electronic/industrial elements in an experimental and breathtaking collage, without forgetting their ability to express their views in a harsh and ornate German language. All these elements make Das Ich what they are today, world renowned, underground heroes for more than a decade.

«Relikt» will released on April 27th via Danse Macabre Records.



[01] Mann und Frau gehen durch die Krebsbarracke
[02] Kleine Aster
[03] Saal der kreissenden Frauen
[04] Schöne Jugend
[05] Requiem
[06] Negerbraut
[07] Mutter
[08] Der Arzt I – III
[09] Erde ruft
[10] Der Schrei (Lab X Remix)
[11] Das Ich Im Ich (And One Remix)
[12] Unschuld Erde (Funker Vogt Remix)
[13] Destillat (VNV Nation Remix)
[14] Das ewige Licht
[15] Kokon
[16] Zweisamkeit
[17] Epilog
[18] Bin ich es denn?


[01] Destillat (Extended Club)
[02] Chroma (Soldano Version)
[03] Kindgott (Extended Version)
[04] Kindgott (Childhood)
[05] Gott ist tot (Nietzsche Edit)
[06] Von der Armut (Extended Version)
[07] Von der Armut (Reverse Edit)
[08] Der Schrei
[09] Jericho (live)
[10] Dein Leben (Live)
[11] Des Satans neue Kleider (Live)
[12] Irrlicht
[13] Ein Tag vergeht
[14] Gefallener Engel (Demo)
[15] Exorzist (Demo)

Info submitted by Danse Macabre Records.

[ 05.03.2007 ] - New life of «Let's Get Together»

Vince Clarke
Vince Clarke

Just imagine - Erasure's Vince Clarke has re-written the song called «Let's Get Together» for the Boston pop girl band Girl Authority! The track will be featured on their forthcoming album «Road Trip» (out on March 13th on Rounder Records). This song is actually one of the first Vince Clarke ever recorded, even prior his work with Depeche Mode, and a bit later it was rehearsed for Depeche Mode live gigs in 1981. Some of the original lyrics ave been ammended so that they are more appropriate for the target young female audience. Also, as an homage to that period, Vince Clarke has re-played his signature keyboard riff from the cult Depeche Mode «Just Can't Get Enough» as part of the chorus.

Info taken from Side-Line online magazine.

[ 05.03.2007 ] - Covenant - Skyshaper Tour Russia


We are happy to announce that great Swedish electro band Covenant will do extended Skyshaper Tour in Russia! Look at some already confirmed dates:


14 - Kaliningrad - Megacenter
15 - Moscow - Gorog (+ Haujobb + Combichrist)
17 - Volgograd - Ibisa (+ Haujobb)
18 - Saratov - tba (+ Haujobb)
19 - Samara - Aura
20 - Ufa - Ogni Ufy
21 - Ekaterinburg - PV
23 - Novosibirsk - Rock City
25 - Perm - tba (+ Haujobb)
27 - St.Petersborg - Red Club (+ Haujobb)

Info submitted by Project Management.

[ 05.03.2007 ] - III Orkus Festival Tour cancelled

As we were informed, III Orkus Festival Tour is cancelled, due to many circumstances, therefore it will not be taking place in March. Tickets purchased for this tour will be refunded.

Info submitted by Project Management.

[ 05.03.2007 ] - Mesh are working on their first live DVD


Our Bristol favorites mesh are back in the studio at the moment piecing together all the audio tracks of the live show they did in Krefeld, Germany for the DVD. The video footage is being edited in Hamburg. The show itself was fantastic and the crowd response was great.

Info submitted by official mesh web site.

[ 01.03.2007 ] - Depeche Mode's Remastered Editions delayed

Depeche Mode
Depeche Mode

As we were informed, Remastered Editions (CD / SACD+DVD) for Depeche Mode «Construction Time Again» and «Black Celebration» will be delayed for a week and will released on March 26th instead March 19th. Remastered Edition for «Ultra» will go onsale May 21st instead March 19th and April 30th.

Info submitted by Mute Records.

[ 01.03.2007 ] - What does KMFDM do for you?


Happy Birthday to KMFDM!!! KMFDM is officially 23 years old today. The Ultra Heavy Beat began with a live show in Paris, France back in 1984 and is still going strong! In appreciation of their fans on 23rd KMFDM birthday, they would like to invite everybody to be on the next KMFDM album. Just call 1-206-388-3298 and tell, simply and honestly, what does KMFDM do for you? Band is not looking for you to just shout out some KMFDM slogans or come up with more acronyms for their name. Hit them with something original. If you leave a good message KMFDM may end up using it on our new album. We wish you good luck, and of course, wish a lot of luck to our favorite KMFDM!!!

In other KMFDM news: at the moment band is continuing to re-release the KMFDM classics, recording a new album and planning some touring.

Info taken from official KMFDM web site.

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