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Latest News
Latest News
Latest News - March 2004

Last updated 28.03.04

[ 28.03.2004 ] - Long awaited new album from Skinny Puppy

«The Greater Wrong of the Right»
«The Greater Wrong of the Right»

Long awaited new Skinny Puppy's album, eight years after their last complete work («The Process» released in 1996), is «The Greater Wrong of the Right» and set to release on May 24th via Synthetic Symphony / SPV.


[01] I'mmortal
[02] Pro-test
[03] EmpTe
[04] Neuwerld
[05] Ghostman
[06] dOwnsizer
[07] Past Present
[08] Use Less
[09] Goneja
[10] DaddyuWarbash

Skinny Puppy Line-Up 2004:

cEvin Key + nivek Ogre

With guests musiciants:

Danny Carey (from TOOL): acoustic drums on track 8
Wayne Static (from STATIC X): second vocal on track 8
Statik (from COLLIDE) : synthesis / programming on tracks 1/2/3/6/8
Omar Torres: synthesis / programming on tracks 2/5/7/ partly of 4
Otto Von Schirach: sound design on tracks 1 and 9, synthesis / programming partly of 5
Cyrus Rex: synthesis / programming partly of track 9
Dre Robinson: synthesis on track 10
Pat Sprawl: guitar on tracks 1/2
Saki Kaskas: second guitar on track 8
Traz Damji: synthesis on track 1

Info taken from SPV record label.

[ 28.03.2004 ] - Karl Bartos in Russia!

Karl Bartos
Karl Bartos

«Tinkoff» presents two exclusive concerts in Russia of electronic legend and icon of modern electro-pop - Karl Bartos (ex-Kraftwerk and founder of famous techno-project Electric Music). Shows will take place at «Tinkoff» beer houses - April 15th in Moscow and April 16th in St. Petersburg.

Detailed information about tickets you will find here very soon.

Info submitted by official Karl Bartos web site.

[ 27.03.2004 ] - Some hot news from KMFDM

«From The Land Of Volcanos»
«From The Land Of Volcanos»

Lucia Cifarelli, long-time vocal contributor of KMFDM, will release her own solo album. Titled «From The Land Of Volcanos», it will out May 13th via Universal Music.

[01] So Clever (3:58)
[02] I Don't Care (3:59)
[03] Northern Star (4:07)
[04] Fear (4:53)
[05] Feels Like Summer (4:30)
[06] What You Become (4:05)
[07] We Are Angels (4:06)
[08] Who Asked You (4:52)
[09] I Will (4:26)
[10] Monkey Puzzle Tree (3:50)
[11] Little Rose (4:02)
[12] Ordinary Girl (4:23)

Total time: 51:13

In other news from KMFDM: KMFDM Records will NOT be releasing «Pigmartyr» by WATTS.

Info submitted by official KMFDM web site.

[ 25.03.2004 ] - Madonna goes The re-Invention World Tour 2004!

The re-Invention Tour
The re-Invention Tour

On March 22nd, in New York, Caresse Henry (long time Madonna's manager) announced that Madonna will be going out on tour this Spring and Summer. Clear Channel Entertainment is the promoter of Madonna's worldwide tour, which begins in Los Angeles on May 24th. The tour will sweep across major markets in the US including Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta and Miami and then continue with stops in London, Paris and proposed visits to Israel and Ireland.

According to Ms. Henry, «Madonna has already started rehearsals for The re-Invention Tour and she can't wait to get back on stage to recreate her songs from the earliest days of her career up until the present. There is no doubt that this tour will be the pinnacle of her long standing and well deserved reputation as one of the most exciting live performers of our time. And as a special treat to her fans, existing Icon fan club members will have access to tickets prior to the on-sale dates in local markets.»

The current schedule follows with additional shows announce at a later date:


24 - Los Angeles - Forum
29 - Las Vegas - MGM Grand


08 - San Jose - HP Pavilion
13 - Washington, DC - MCI Center
16 - New York - Madison Sq. Garden
17 - New York - Madison Sq. Garden
27 - Boston - Worcester Centrum


04 - Philadelphia - Wachovia Center
11 - Chicago - United Center
18 - Toronto - Air Canada Centre
24 - Atlanta - Philips Arena
28 - Fort Lauderdale - Office Depot Center


01 - Miami - American Airlines Arena
18 - London - Earls Court


01 - Paris - Bercy

On-sale dates to be announced in local markets.

Info taken from official Madonna web site.

[ 22.03.2004 ] - Quotes from Alan Wilder's interview!

Below you can read some quotes from exclusive Alan Wilder interview, taken by Bernard Van Isacker (Side-Line):

«SL: How is the family Wilder doing?

AW: Stan is 2, he's a proper boy - loves cars, football, builds things. Paris is 8 and is the opposite of Stan, not surprisingly. She's just started at a new school and is very busy learning piano, riding and so on. They are both adorable - but I would say that wouldn't I?

SL: What have you been doing in these past couple of years of silence? I don't expect you have started taking up gardening?

AW: I've been enjoying all the things I never seemed to have time for when I was in the studio. They include travelling (around Europe), re-kindling relationships with other members of the Wilder family (my brother Stephen in particular), spending time with my kids and helping with their upbringing, spending time with Hep and taking her out occasionally, building a new glass courtyard, entertaining friends, playing tennis, walking, watching cricket, decorating, and drinking Campari while enjoying the best English summer we've had for a century.

SL: As I understood from some of your most recent comments, your relation with Mute is somewhat troubled? Did the lack of promotion leave such a harsh feeling?

AW: For me, writing and producing albums is an intense experience, something I have to put every ounce of thought and creativity I have into. I'm a perfectionist and that tends to make each project that little bit harder - you feel you must improve upon what you've done in the past. Making «Liquid» was probably the most grueling time I've ever spent in the studio. I was encamped there for sometimes 20 hours a day, for a year or so. Naturally, the rest of your life suffers as a result.

Frankly, I found it quite demoralising when the record was eventually released to find that certain marketing promises were broken (for example, an independent internet campaign was shelved) and CDs weren't available in even the most major record shops in the major cities during the weeks following the release, and this, despite picking up some promising radio play. For any artist, having people write or 'phone in asking why they can't find the product is THE single most frustrating thing.

The problem is that I find it impossible to make music in any other way and, even though shifting units is not necessarily the main reason for producing records, I'm just not prepared, at this time, to shut myself away for another year making another record that people won't get to hear. Not whilst I have young children that I wish to see grow up. I want to enjoy my kids and I want to be there for them when they need their father most. This is the reason I waited until I'd finished touring before having any children in the first place.»

You can read more here (free registration is needed). Please note that the online version is different to the printed as it holds totally different questions. Printed version available in Side-Line Magazine (#46). You can order your own copy in the shop section at

Info submitted by Side-Line web site.

[ 22.03.2004 ] - New DVD from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds release a DVD on March 29th, 2004. «The Videos» (cat. no. DVDSEEDS2) is a collection of twenty promotional films, including classics such as «The Mercy Seat», «The Ship Song» and «Where The Wild Roses Grow» (featuring Kylie Minogue). The DVD includes two videos directed by Bad Seed Mick Harvey («Deanna» and «Wanted Man») as well as Anton Corbijn's video for «Straight To You» and many directed by long time collaborator John Hillcoat. «The Videos» is a vivid portrait of one of the most critically acclaimed songwriters of recent times.

Featuring introductory links by the band themselves, it provides an informative, provoking, illuminating and passionately intimate journey through some of the very best of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds videos.

«The Videos»
«The Videos»


[01] Stagger Lee
[02] Where The Wild Roses Grow (with Kylie Minogue)
[03] Into My Arms
[04] Are You The One That I've Been Waiting For?
[05] Henry Lee (with PJ Harvey)
[06] Red Right Hand
[07] Loverman
[08] Do You Love Me?
[09] Deanna
[10] The Ship Song
[11] Tupelo
[12] In The Ghetto
[13] Jack The Ripper
[14] What A Wonderful World (with Shane MacGowan)
[15] Straight To You
[16] The Mercy Seat
[17] The Weeping Song
[18] The Singer
[19] I Had A Dream Joe
[20] Wanted Man

Info taken from official Mute Records web site.

[ 22.03.2004 ] - News from Rammstein studio

Rammstein - Album recording
Rammstein - Album recording

As reported in Rammtein Fan Area, Rammstein have recorded strings and choir vocals for their new album. It took place in Studio 1 in Berlin.

Rammstein in studio
Rammstein in studio

Also there are some very believable rumours that Rammstein will work with Russian girl duo TATU on a song called «Moskau». As one girl from TATU said recently they even have plans to film video for this song in Germany, together with Rammstein!

Information from various sources.

[ 16.03.2004 ] - Hot news from Joke Jay!

As we were informed, Joke Jay's band Fiasko Deluxe will release their first single «angefixt» in the middle of May. It will contain 6 remixes, total playing time 30 minutes!

The band have just signed to Wannsee Records. Distribution will be done by Edel.

German music magazine Zillo will feature a 1 page long interview in the May issue plus a contribution of the song «angefixt» (Zillo Mix) on the enclosed Zilloscope Sampler.

Information from official sources.

[ 16.03.2004 ] - «Six Feet Underground» - new De/Vision album!

At the moment our German favorites De/Vision are in the Berlin Mikrokosmos Studios, recording their new album with Josef Bach and Arne Schumann as production team. New album titled «Six Feet Underground» and most possible release date will be June 28th. Seems that band's upcoming release will have no real guitars and drums, and will sounded completely electronic.

Information from various sources.

[ 14.03.2004 ] - Andy Krüger will be with us on May 9th!

Andy Krüger - Live
Andy Krüger - Live

On May 9th, 2004 there will take place annual Russian convention of DM fans - in Moscow club «Infinity».

Special guest of traditional celebration of Dave Gahan's birthday - our favorite guy Andy Krüger (Melotron). Andy will DJ Depeche Mode stuff, and even will perform with exclusive concert.

Further details - later.

Information from own own sources.

[ 13.03.2004 ] - More dates in Kraftwerk World Tour 2004

As we already reported, German legends Kraftwerk are doing at the moment their World Tour 2004 - very extensive, first time for many years. Look at current updated list of dates and venues:




06 - Helsinki,Finland - Helsingin Jäähalli
08 - Stockholm, Sweden - Cirkus
09 - Stockholm, Sweden - Cirkus
10 - Stockholm, Sweden - Cirkus
12 - Oslo, Norway - Rockefeller Music Hall
13 - Oslo, Norway - Rockefeller Music Hall
14 - Kopenhagen, Danmark - KB Hallen
15 - Kopenhagen, Danmark - KB Hallen
24 - Osaka, Japan - Namba Hatch
25 - Osaka, Japan - Namba Hatch
26 - Nagoya, Japan - Kinro Kaikan
28 - Tokio, Japan - Zepp Tokyo
29 - Tokio, Japan - Zepp Tokyo


02 - Tokio, Japan - Shibuya
03 - Tokio, Japan - Shibuya
04 - Tokio, Japan - Shibuya
15 - Dublin, Ireland - Olympia Theatre
16 - Glasgow, UK - Carling Academy
17 - Manchester, UK - Carling Apollo
18 - London, UK - Royal Festival Hall
20 - London, UK - Brixton Academy
22 - Paris, France - Grand Rex
23 - Brussels, Belgium - Ancienne Belgique
25 - Berlin, Germany - Tempodrom
27 - Cologne, Germany - Palladium
28 - Hamburg, Germany - CCH 3
29 - Amsterdam, Holland - Heineken Music Hall
31 - Barcelona, Spain - Razzmatazz 1


01 - Madrid, Spain - La Riviera
02 - Lisbon, Portugal - Coliseu dos Recreios
05 - Munich, Germany - Muffathalle
06 - Munich, Germany - Muffathalle
07 - Frankfurt, Germany - Jahrhunderthalle
08 - Dresden, Germany - Alter Schlachthof
23 - Toronto, Canada - Ricoh Coliseum
24 - Montreal, Canada - Metropolis
26 - Seattle, USA - Paramount
28 - San Francisco, USA - Warfield


01 - Indio, California, USA - Coachella Music Festival
05 - Reykjavik, Iceland - Laugardalsholl Sports Hall
15 - Vienna, Austria - Gasometer
17 - Roma, Italy - Gran Teatro
18 - Torino, Italy - Lingotto, Auditorium Gianni Agnelli
19 - Bern, Switzerland - Reithalle
20 - Bern, Switzerland - Reithalle
22 - Prague, Czech Republic - T-Mobile Arena
24 - Ljubljana, Slovenia - Krizanke Monastery
25 - Budapest, Hungary - Budapest Sportarena
27 - Warsaw, Poland - Sala Kongresowa
29 - Riga, Latvia - Skonto Hall
30 - Tallinn, Estonia - Exhibition Hall


01 - St. Petersburg, Russia - DS Yubilenny
03 - Moscow, Russia - DS Luzhniki

Info submitted by official Kraftwerk web site.

[ 09.03.2004 ] - Digital singles from Client

9 previously vinyl-only Client tracks have now been released as digital singles. Each track costs 1 pound to download, and comes with high quality cover and label artwork to print. The available singles are:

iTH001C iTH002A iTH002B
iTH002C iTH004A iTH004B

[01] Price Of Dub ( iCLIENT1A)
[02] Price of Love (Extended Mix) ( iTH001A)
[03] Client (Harder Sex Mix) ( iTH001B)
[04] Price of Love (Sie Medway-Smith Mix) ( iTH001C)
[05] Rock and Roll Machine (Extended Mix) ( iTH002A)
[06] Rock and Roll Machine (Sie Medway-Smith Mix) ( iTH002B)
[07] Rock and Roll Machine (Droyds Mix) ( iTH002C)
[08] Here and Now (Cicada Vocal Mix) ( iTH004A)
[09] Here and Now (Extended Mix) ( iTH004B)

You can also buy all nine songs as a single bundle for 5 pounds as a remix album entitled «Going Down».

«Going Down»
«Going Down»

To buy these tracks, click here.

Info taken from official Client web site.

[ 08.03.2004 ] - Icon Of Coil: new release and tour

Norwegian synth-band Icon Of Coil will tour Europe in Spring 2004. There are some dates:


25 - Duisburg, Germany - Pulp
27 - Sheffield, UK - Corporation
28 - London, UK - The Garage
30 - Halle, Germany - (S) Easy Schorre
31 - Stuttgart, Germany - Rohre


01 - Winterthur - Endstation
02 - Milan, Italy - Transilvania Live
03 - Firenze, Italy - Anomalia
04 - Roma, Italy - Blackout
06 - Munich, Germany - Elserhalle
07 - Hannover, Germany - Faust
08 - Frankfurt, Germany - Batschkapp
09 - Dresden, Germany - Bunker
10 - Erfurt, Germany - Gewerkschaftshaus
11 - Berlin, Germany - Colombia Fritz

They released their new album, «Machines Are Us», on February 16th via Out of Lin (SPV). There 2 editions: ordinary and limited.

«Machines Are Us»
«Machines Are Us»

Ordinary edition:

[01] Comment v.2.0
[02] Remove/replace
[03] Consumer
[04] Shelter
[05] Mono:overload?
[06] Existence in progress
[07] Faith: not important
[08] Transfer: complete
[09] Dead enough for life
[10] Wiretrip
[11] Android
[12] Sleep:less
[13] Pursuit
[14] Release the frequency

«Machines Are Us»
«Machines Are Us»

Limited edition:

Disc 1

[01] Comment v.2.0
[02] Remove/replace
[03] Consumer
[04] Shelter
[05] Mono:overload?
[06] Existence in progress
[07] Faith:not important
[08] Transfer:complete
[09] Dead enough for life
[10] Wiretrip
[11] Android
[12] Sleep:less
[13] Pursuit
[14] Release the frequency

Disc 2

[01] Then and us
[02] Sleep:less (8am version)
[03] Transfer complete (Delobbo remix)
[04] Transfer complete (Pitch black mix by D.r.i.v.E.)
[05] Consumer (no sign of JD on mars mix by moonitor)
[06] Wiretrip (Isle of crows remix)

Info taken from official Icon Of Coil web site.

[ 06.03.2004 ] - American release of «Love Profusion»

«Love Profusion»
«Love Profusion»

American release of «Love Profusion» to be released March 16th as CD Maxi, and March 23th as 12" vinyl Maxi.

CD Maxi

[01] Love Profusion (Blow Up Mix) 6:08
[02] Love Profusion (The Passengerz Club Profusion) 9:34
[03] Love Profusion (Ralphi Rosario House Vocal) 7:29
[04] Love Profusion (Craig J's "Good Vibe" Mix) 7:14
[05] Love Profusion (Ralphi Rosario Big Room Vox) 9:25
[06] Love Profusion (Ralphi Rosario Big Room Dub) 8:57
[07] Nothing Fails (Peter's Lost In Space Mix) 8:36

12" Vinyl Maxi

[01] Love Profusion (The Passengerz Club Profusion) 9:34
[02] Love Profusion (Blow Up Mix) 6:08
[03] Love Profusion (Ralphi Rosario House Vocal) 7:29
[04] Love Profusion (Ralphi Rosario Big Room Dub) 8:57
[05] Love Profusion (The Passengerz Dub Profusion) 8:04
[06] Love Profusion (Craig J's "Good Vibe" Mix) 7:14
[07] Love Profusion (Ralphi Rosario Big Room Vox) 9:25

Info taken from official Madonna web site.

[ 06.03.2004 ] - De/Vision - festival appearances '2004

Our German favorites De/Vision announced some festival appearances this year:


7 - Gent, Belgium - The Invitation Festival


30 - Leipzig, Germany - Wave Gotik Treffen


8 - Hildesheim, Germany - Mera Luna Festival

Info taken from official De/Vision web site.

[ 06.03.2004 ] - Rammstein: new releases and tour!


As rumoured and seems to be true, new Rammstein single will be called «Rosenrot» and set to be released at the end of May. Album possibly will out in late August or early September. A tour should follow in Autumn, although it will only be in Europe with one show per country aside from two in Germany. Our sources in Russian concert agency T.C.I. confirmed that Rammstein will perform in Moscow in October or November.

Info taken from various sources.

[ 06.03.2004 ] - 20th anniversary of KMFDM

20th anniversary of KMFDM
20th anniversary of KMFDM

Greatest industrial stars KMFDM celebrates their 20th anniversary. At the same time they decided to establish their own record label KMFDM Records. First signing is Watts - new project from Pig mastermind and KMFDM member Raymond Watts. Watts' debut album, «Pigmartyr», will be released on May 17th.


[01] Suck Spit Shit
[02] Here To Stay
[03] Reject
[04] Situation
[05] Kundalini
[06] Vitriol Vice & Virtue
[07] Take (Featuring Harry)
[08] Arbor Vitate
[09] Stage Slut
[10] Junky

By the way, possibly KMFDM will perform in Moscow, Russia in July.

Info taken from official KMFDM web site.

[ 03.03.2004 ] - «Live Monsters» as digital album!

«Live Monsters»
«Live Monsters»

As announced by VIVA TV web site, now you can purchase as digital download any track from just released «Live Monsters» DVD, or pay for complete list of tracks and burn your own audio CD with Dave Gahan's concert!

Available tracks:

[00] Soundtrack To Live Monsters 51:37
[01] Hidden Houses (live) 05:31
[02] Hold On (live) 04:08
[03] Dirty Sticky Floors (live) 04:23
[04] Bitter Apple (live) 05:18
[05] Black And Blue Again (live) 05:44
[06] Stay (live) 04:48
[07] A Little Piece (live) 06:17
[08] I Need You (live) 05:23
[09] Bottle Living (live) 04:09
[10] Goodbye (live) 05:56

All music were encoded into Media Audio Format (WMA) with Digital Rights Management (DRM), so it's playble with Microsoft Windows Media Player (Version 9). Also you can download artwork (2 cover art versions and disc image, in PDF format).

«Live Monsters»
«Live Monsters»

Each track costs 1.49 euro, full album - 12.99 euro. You can buy your own copy via EMI Download Shop - use direct link at VIVA TV!

Info taken from VIVA TV web site.

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