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Latest News
Latest News - March 2003

Last updated 27.03.03

[ 27.03.2003 ] - Box set from Duran Duran

Duran Duran - «The Singles 81-85»
Duran Duran - «The Singles 81-85»

New wave classic Duran Duran will re-issue soon their early singles (1981-1985 yrs) as box set titled «The Singles 81-85». This box set includes 13 CDs and will go onsale on May 12th in Europe (on June 10th - in US). CD singles features the same stuff as original vinyl 12".

CD1 - «Planet Earth»

[01] Planet Earth
[02] Late Bar
[03] Planet Earth (Night Version)

CD2 - «Careless Memories»

[01] Careless Memories
[02] Khanada
[03] Fame

CD3 - «Girls On Film»

[01] Girls On Film
[02] Faster Than Light
[03] Girls On Film (Night Version)

CD4 - «My Own Way»

[01] My Own Way (Single Version)
[02] Like An Angel
[03] My Own Way (Night Version)

CD5 - «Hungry Like The Wolf»

[01] Hungry Like The Wolf
[02] Careless Memories (Live version)
[03] Hungry Like The Wolf (Night Version)

CD6 - «Save A Prayer»

[01] Save A Prayer (7" Edit)
[02] Hold Back The Rain (Re-Mix)
[03] Hold Back The Rain (12" Re-Mix)

CD7 - «Rio»

[01] Rio (part one)
[02] The Chauffeur (Blue Silver)
[03] Rio (part two)
[04] My Own Way

CD8 - «Is There Something I Should Know?»

[01] Is There Something I Should Know?
[02] Faith In This Colour
[03] Is There Something I Should Know? (Monster Mix)
[04] Faith In This Colour (Alternate Slow Mix)

CD9 - «Union Of The Snake»

[01] Union Of The Snake
[02] Secret Oktober
[03] Union Of The Snake (The Monkey Mix)

CD10 - «New Moon On Monday»

[01] New Moon On Monday (Album Version)
[02] Tiger Tiger
[03] New Moon On Monday (Dance Mix)

CD11 - «The Reflex»

[01] The Reflex (7" Version)
[02] Make Me Smile (Come Up And See me) (Recorded live at Hammersmith Odeon)
[03] The Reflex (Dance Mix)

CD12 - «The Wild Boys»

[01] The Wild Boys (7" Version)
[02] (I'm Looking For) Cracks In The Pavement
[03] The Wild Boys (Wilder Than Wild Boys) (Extended Mix)

CD13 - «A View To A Kill»

[01] A View To A Kill
[02] A View To A Kill (That Fatal Kiss)

Information submitted by Duran Duran record label.

[ 26.03.2003 ] - «American Life» single is on air!


Yesterday new Madonna's single «American Life» started to aired on radio stations around the world. Americans could listen this track one day earlie if they ordered it in MP3 format from her official webpage, as digital single. The MP3 was priced 1,49 USD. People who bought it found in their mailboxes on March 24th this track in the format of their choice, 128 or 192 Kbps, and special audio message from Madonna.

In related news, Madonna will write her children books published by Penguin. The deal holds the publishing rights for 5 books. The first will be called «The English Roses» and should be available in September.

Information taken from official Madonna web site.

[ 25.03.2003 ] - Press release regarding «American Life» album


Below you can find press release regarding «American Life» album, published by Warner Bros. Records on March 11th, 2003:

«A new Madonna album, «American Life», has been set for a worldwide release on April 22nd, it was announced today by Warner Bros. Records. The enduring icon's first new collection of original material since 2000's multi-platinum smash «Music», «American Life» is being hailed as Madonna's most accomplished, original and intensely personal album to date; a resonant and revealing emotional journey that marks a new highpoint in a career that has for all time redefined the expressive potential of contemporary music.

Recorded over a full year in London and Los Angeles, «American Life», the artist's tenth studio album, features eleven new Madonna compositions, including the title track and debut single, which ships to radio March 25th.

«All of these songs reflect my current state of mind. I feel like I have just woken up out of a dream. They range from dismay and anger to joy and certainty. Hopefully, I have taken the personal and made it universal,» stated Madonna regarding her new album which she wrote and produced with Mirwais Ahmadzai with whom she also collaborated on her previous release «Music».

The «American Life» CD includes the title track, as well as the following songs: «Hollywood», «I'm So Stupid», «Love Profusion», «Nobody Knows Me», «Nothing Fails», «Intervention», «X-Static Process», «Mother & Father», «Easy Ride» and «Die Another Day», the hit theme song from the James Bond film of the same name.

The «American Life» single is also the subject of a brilliant new video from the pioneering multi-media visionary, an artist who single handedly invented the short music film medium. In a stunning collaboration with director Jonas Akerlund, «American Life» expresses a panoramic view of our culture and looming war through the view of a female superhero portrayed by Madonna set against a backdrop of current cultural obsessions. It's a penetrating examination of our national psyche. The video is scheduled to air the first week in April.

Remixes of the «American Life» single by, among others, mega-hot hip hop diva Missy Elliott, Peter Rauhofer, Felix da Housecat and Maverick Records artist Paul Oakenfold will be available in various configurations over the next several months.

An extensive schedule of appearances, performances and special events has been set in conjunction with the release of «American Life» including an appearance on an episode of the hit NBC-TV comedy «Will And Grace».

One of the most original and innovative artists of the modern era, Madonna has sold hundreds of millions of albums, topped charts across two decades, created an enormously influential body of work in video and film and stood at the forefront of socially conscious artists worldwide. With «American Life», Madonna has once again reached deeply into her own life as the source and substance of her extraordinary artistry.»

Information taken from official Madonna web site.

[ 21.03.2003 ] - Martin Gore will do promo tour!

Martin Gore Tour 2003
Martin Gore Tour 2003

Martin Lee Gore will do his solo promo tour this summer. Titled «A Night With Martin L. Gore», tour will have just few European and American dates. At the moment you can see European dates here.

Information taken from official Martin Gore web site.

[ 21.03.2003 ] - Price for Dave Gahan's concert in Moscow

Recently we received information about ticket prices for Dave Gahan and Massive Attack concert in Moscow. As organizers said, tickets costs from 200 to 3500 rubles (around 6 to 110 USD), it depends from seat place. Dance parter will costs 1500 rubles (around 50 USD). You can order your own ticket right now at

Information taken from web site.

[ 21.03.2003 ] - New De/Vision single!

De/Vision will release single from their recent «Devolution» CD. It will be «Drifting Sideways» set to release on April 28th. US version of the single titled «Digital Dream Ep», it will contain an remix from DJRAM.

«Drifting Sideways» MCD
German Edition [E-Wave / BMG]

[01] Drifting Sideways (Radio Cut)
[02] Drifting Sideways (T.O.Y Radio Edit)
[03] Digital Dream (remix by Icon of Coil)
[04] Drifting Sideways (Alternative Mix)
[05] Miss You More (Telekommander Mix)
[06] Wrench (Instrumental)
[07] Drifting Sideways (Phobotaxis Mix)

«Digital Dream» EP
US Edition [A Different Drum]

[01] Drifting Sideways (T.O.Y Radio Edit)
[02] Digital Dream (remix by Icon of Coil)
[03] Drifting Sideways (Alternative Mix)
[04] Miss You More (Telekommander Mix)
[05] Wrench (Instrumental)
[06] Drifting Sideways (Phobotaxis Mix)
[07] Digital Dream (Electroclash Mix by DJ Ram)

In other news from De/Vision: Show in Rostock has been displaced. The new date is monday the April 14th 2003. Tickets are still valid for the new date. And one more cool info: During this tour De/Vision will record a live CD, the release should be Summer 2003.

Information taken from official de/vision web site.

[ 21.03.2003 ] - VNV Nation will release double DVD

«PastPerfect» is the title of the double DVD by VNV Nation that will be released around August 2003. The DVD will include footage from live concerts filmed in Europe and North America during the very successful Futureperfect Tour. Also it features interviews, exclusive footage, the history of VNV Nation, the making of «Futureperfect», a short film and much more.

Information taken from Side-Line magazine web site.

[ 21.03.2003 ] - New T.O.Y. album to be released in May

New T.O.Y. album «White Lights» will be released on May 26th in Germany. Limited fan-edition of the album will include a bonus CD with remixes made by In Strict Confidence, 18 Summers (ex-Silke Bishoff) and !Bang Elektronika. Steffen Keth (from De/Vision) will act as guest singer for the new song «The sky is the limit».


[01] Fly Away!
[02] Beyond Sleep
[03] White Lights
[04] The Sky Is The Limit
[05] Long Distance Ride
[06] Fairytale
[07] Charisma She Said
[08] The Liquid Circle
[09] Two Souls
[10] Inner Cinema
[11] Just You & Me
[12] Another Lovesong

Information taken from official T.O.Y. web site.

[ 21.03.2003 ] - Compilation DVD from Zillo

Zillo, one of the leading printed magazines for electronic and darkwave music in Germany, presents a DVD release called «The Dark Side» in co-operation with Universal on March 31th. The compilation DVD will feature over three hours of playing time with 35 video clips from many leading artists in the Zillo genres, for instance Einsturzende Neubauten, Paradise Lost, Apoptygma Berzerk, Mesh, Tiamat, Type O Negative, And One, Skinny Puppy, De/Vision, Wolfsheim and Deine Lakaien.

Information taken from Release Magazine web site.

[ 18.03.2003 ] - Melotron will tour US

Melotron will continue their WELTFRIEDEN TOUR - in the US! They will tour North America together with Swedish synth star Covenant at least 5 weeks in May and June. More details - soon.

Information taken from official Melotron web site.

[ 18.03.2003 ] - «Price of Love» - first single from Client

Client (first band signed at Andrew Fletcher's label Toast Hawaii) release their first single «Price of Love» on April 7th, 2003 on Toast Hawaii/Mute Records.

Client - «Price of Love»
Client - «Price of Love»


[01] Price of Love
[02] Client
[03] Leipzig


[01] Price of Love (extended mix)
[02] Client (Harder Sex mix)
[03] Price of Love (Sie Medway-Smith mix)

Information taken from official Client web site.

[ 10.03.2003 ] - «Paper Monsters» cover and tracklisting!

Hot info: we just received cover artwork of upcoming Dave Gahan's «Paper Monsters»:

«Paper Monsters»
«Paper Monsters»

Also now you can know its tracklisting:

[01] Dirty Sticky Floors
[02] Hold On
[03] A Little Piece
[04] Bottle Living
[05] Black And Blue Again
[06] Stay
[07] I Need You
[08] Bitter Apple
[09] Hidden Houses
[10] Goodbye

Info taken from our own sources.

[ 08.03.2003 ] - «American Life» cover!

Just look at front cover of new Madonna's single, «American Life»:

«American Life» single
«American Life» single

Look at some single details here.

Info taken from various sources.

[ 08.03.2003 ] - «Pulse» - new album of Front 242

The new Front 242 album is titled «Pulse» and will be released on April 28th in Europe (on French label XIII Bis Records) and on May 6th in USA (on Metropolis Records). Tracklisting:

[01] Seq666 P
[02] Seq666 U
[03] Seq666 L
[04] Seq666 S
[05] Seq666 E
[06] Together
[07] Triple X Girlfriend
[08] NoMore - NoMore
[09] Beyond the Scale of Comprehension
[10] Song Untitled
[11] Song StarCandy
[12] One - with the Fire
[13] One Reverse
[14] Matrix OpenStatic
[15] Matrix MegaHertz
[16] Never Lost Faust
[17] Never Lost Riley
[18] 7Rain Filter
[19] Pan Dhe
[20] Pan Mihk

Info taken from various sources.

[ 08.03.2003 ] - Virtual Server remixed The Echoing Green

News from Virtual Server: this international music project remixed track of American band The Echoing Green. Remix was out on «Fall Awake» single, released by A Different Drum. As said DJ RAM, although remix was done by him, it couldn't named as DJ RAM Mix, 'cos it was remixed by Virtual Server.

Information submitted by official Virtual Server web site.

[ 08.03.2003 ] - «NUN The Trilogy» box

For the upcoming Project Pitchfork Tour, there will be available a limited edition of «NUN The Trilogy». All three CDs («Inferno», «View From A Throne» and «Trialog») together in a nice cardboard slipcase for a very attractive price. The box will not be available in stores; it will only be available at the Pitchfork concerts.

Info taken from official Project Pitchfork web site.

[ 08.03.2003 ] - Bjork will tour Russia!


Great news for everybody who likes amazing Iceland star: Bjork will tour this year around world. And especially cool that she will visit Russia with two concerts! Bjork will perform on July 17th in Moscow at Olimpiyski and on July 19th in St. Petersburg at Ice Palace. All Russian concerts are organized by SAV Entertainment.

Current European Dates:


30 - Valencia, Spain - Eclectic Festival


01 - Madrid, Spain - Festival
06 - Verona, Italy - Amphitheatre
13 - Barcelona, Spain - Sonar Festival
16 - Paris, France - Bercy
17 - Paris, France - Bercy
21 - Hamburg, Germany - Hurricane Festival
26 - Werchter, Belgium - Werchter Festival
29 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Roskilde Festival


05 - Lisbon, Portugal - Lisbon Festival
10 - Arvika, Sweden - Arvika Festival
12 - Sopot, Poland - Sopot Festival
17 - Moscow, Russia - Olimpiyski
19 - St. Petersburg, Russia - Ice Palace

Info taken from official Bjork web site.

[ 08.03.2003 ] - Assemblage 23 on US tour

Assemblage 23

Defiance Tour 2003


03 - Seattle, WA - The Vogue
06 - San Francisco, CA - Studio Z
07 - Hollywood, CA - Whisky A Go-Go (w/ Cut.Rate.Box and Regenerator)
09 - Phoenix, AZ - The Bash on Ash
10 - Albuquerque, NM - Pulse
12 - San Antonio, TX - Sin 13
13 - Dallas, TX - The Lizard Lounge
14 - New Orleans, LA - Shim Sham Club
17 - Ybor City (Tampa), FL - Orpheum (w/ Negative Format & God Module)
18 - Atlanta, GA - Riviera
21 - Boston, MA - Man Ray
23 - Philadelphia, PA - Shampoo
26 - New York City, NY - Downtime
27 - Rochester, NY - The Club @ Water Street
30 - Pittsburgh, PA - Club Laga


02 - Detroit, MI - Alvin's
03 - Cleveland, OH - Phantasy
04 - Madison, WI - Club Inferno
06 - Minneapolis, MN - Ground Zero
07 - Kansas City, MO - Balanca's Pyro Room
08 - Denver, CO - Club Onyx
10 - Salt Lake City, UT - Sanctuary

Please note: All dates are subject to change!

Info taken from official sources.

[ 08.03.2003 ] - Apoptygma Berzerk will release Best Of album

As was announced some months ago, due to the fact that all earlier singles of Apoptygma Berzerk are out of print shortly, the band and Tatra (their record label) decided to collect all their singles on a special double CD and give old and new fans the possibility to listen this rare APB stuff. The title of the compilation is not decided yet and also the packaging might be a digipak. The two CD's will contains all singles from the very first 12”-only «Ashes to Ashes» up to their last single on Tatra - «Kathy’s Song».

Info taken from Side-Line magazine.

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